A New Way to Deliver e-Textbooks on VitalSource Bookshelf Platform

What is VitalSource Bridge?

A cloud-based content provisioning platform that allows institutions to organize Cengage ebooks and manage what users can access and how.

How VitalSource Bridge Works?

VitalSource Bridge facilitates a simple connection between the ebooks in VitalSource and the specific audiences institutions need to reach in specific ways

  1. Institutions build ebook assets with Cengage titles
  2. VitalSource Bridge provides an administrative platform for institutions to manage desired asset and user groupings
  3. 3.Institutions decide how to present selected collections of assets to desired audiences, such as titles that can be accessed by a specific group of users, number of concurrent users, and duration, etc

Why VitalSource Bridge?

  1. Subscribe to Cengage ebooks by total collection, subject collection or pick and choose titles of your choice
  2. Flexible control over who has access
  3. Customizable branding and style for institutions and libraries
  4. Usage report
  5. And much more

Total Collection / Subject Collection / Pick & Choose Titles

Business & Economics: Accounting, Business Communication, Business Law, Business Statistics, Economics, Finance, General Business, Management, Marketing

Humanities & Social Sciences: Anthropology, Arts, Communication Studies, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Developmental English, Education, English and Literature, History, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, World Languages

Computing & Information Technology: Computer Concepts, Computer Science, Information Security, Microsoft Office Applications, MIS, Programming, Web Design and Development

Engineering: Engineering, Mechanical/Industrial & General Engineering

Sciences: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physics, Sciences, Sports/ Health/Recreation/Leisure

Mathematics & Statistics: Developmental Math, Mathematics, Statistics

Skills: Beauty & Wellness, Health Science/Nursing, Professional/Careers, Trades

For pricing and ordering information, please contact your Cengage representative or email us at asia.info@cengage.com