Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary & Drainage,
2nd Edition

Peter Wenning

ISBN-13: 9780170362009 | ISBN-10: 0170362000

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 432 pages

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Introduce students to the knowledge and fundamental skills they need in the sanitary and drainage areas. End-of-chapter theoretical and practical tasks enable students to demonstrate their understanding of key topics and to engage in practical tasks. Regular WHS references focus on important issues faced in the industry and the workplace. This 2nd edition has been updated to meet the requirements of the AS/NZS 5601:2013 standards and the training requirements from the CPC Training Package. Includes: - CPCPCM2047A Carry out levelling - CPCPSN3011B Plan layout of a residential sanitary plumbing system - CPCPSN3022A Install discharge pipes - CPCPSN3023A Fabricate and install sanitary stacks - CPCPSN3024A Install and fit off sanitary fixtures - CPCPSN3025A Install pre-treatment facilities - CPCPSN3026A Install sewerage pumpsets - CPCPDR2021A Locate and clear blockages - CPCPDR2022A Install domestic treatment plants - CPCPDR2024A Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems - CPCPDR2025A Drain work site - CPSPDR2026A Install prefabricated inspection openings and enclosures - CPCPDR3021A Plan layout of a residential sanitary drainage system - CPCPDR3022A Install below-ground sanitary drainage system - CPCPDR3023A Install on-site disposal systems The Plumbing Skills series provides learners with the knowledge, skills and awareness they will need to be successful in the plumbing industry. It develops problem-solving skills, combining safe work practices with professional skills and a thorough understanding of how and why things are done in a certain way. WHS boxes identify critical points for concern; Sustainability boxes lead on up-to-date environmental information; and Employability boxes outline the responsibilities of employees. References to AS/NZS 3500:2015, referred to in the Plumbing Code of Australia, prompts familiarity with the codes throughout their training.

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Meet the Authors

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Peter Wenning has been a Plumbing and Services teacher at Chisholm Institute of TAFE in Victoria since 2006. He is also an RPL assessor at Skills Tech QLD. Peter is an active contributor to the Plumbing Connection Magazine where he has published numerous articles and learning guides since 2003. He has a great reputation and recognition in the plumbing industry in Australia where he is the Victorian state representative of Institute of Plumbing Australia and a member of the National Plumbing Services Training Advisory Group (NAPSTAG).

  • Robust Instructor Supporting Resources to help with teaching, including additional worksheets, solutions, PowerPoint presentations, test banks and more
  • Covering new Australian Industry Standard AS/NZS 5601:2013
  • Sustainability plumbing boxes for up-to-date environmental information
  • Employability boxes to outline the responsibilities of employees, including skills they need to acquire and real-life challenges they may face at work
  • Addresses core and elective units of competency from the CPC Training Package
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) boxes to help identify critical points for concern
  • Student Companion website for additional study and revision tools, including worksheets, weblinks, crosswords and more
  • References AS/NZS Standards throughout the text
  • Chapter to competency table shows what unit is covered in which chapter, as a qick reference guide
  • Testbank questions that Instructors can customise and repurpose for their classrooms
  • Detachable Worksheets at the end of each chapter to enable students to write-in and submit their work as assessment evidence

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to managerial accounting
2. Basic managerial accounting concepts
3. Cost behaviour
4. Job-order costing
5. Process costing
6. Activity-based costing
7. Master budget and behavioural issues
8. Standard costing: a managerial control tool
9. Flexible budgets and overhead analysis
10. Resource management
11. Cost-volume-profit analysis: a managerial planning tool
12. Short-run decision making: relevant costing
13. Long-run decision making
14. Performance evaluation, decentralisation, transfer pricing and rewards systems
15. Environmental and social management accounting: its contribution to business sustainability

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Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary & Drainage

  • ISBN-10: 0170362000
  • ISBN-13: 9780170362009

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