Paul Bierman, Richard Hazlett, Dee D. Trent

ISBN-13: 9780357851654

In Bierman/Hazlett/Trent’s GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: LIVING WITH A DYNAMIC PLANET, 8th EDITION, explore the relationship between humans and geology, including the hazards, processes and resources that surround us. With hundreds of new photographs and completely updated, rewritten and condensed text, this student-friendly book is filled with interesting and relevant...

Reed Wicander, James S. Monroe

ISBN-13: 9780357730690

The overarching goal of Physical Geology: Investigating Earth is to provide students with a basic understanding of geology and its processes and, most importantly, with an understanding of how geology relates to the human experience—that is, how geology affects individuals, society, and nation-states.

Joseph J. Hobbs

ISBN-13: 9780357034071

Equipping you with a real-world understanding of geography-related concepts, Hobbs' WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY, 7th Edition, introduces you to the eight world regions by providing the historical, cultural, economic, political and physical context that makes each unique, while MindTap empowers you with anywhere, anytime digital learning tools and interactive ArcGIS-powered mapping...

James F. Petersen, Dorothy Sack, Robert E. Gabler

ISBN-13: 9780357142448

Take a unique look at the Earth as you examine its natural processes, complex systems and the reciprocal relationship between people and Earth’s natural environment. Written by three of today's most respected geographers, Petersen/Sack/Gabler’s PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, 12E introduces geography from three perspectives: as a physical science, a spatial science and...

Mark Hendrix, Graham R. Thompson

ISBN-13: 9780357116562

Designed in direct response to student surveys, focus groups and interviews, Hendrix/Thompson's EARTH SCIENCE: AN INTRODUCTION, 3rd Edition, delivers concise yet comprehensive coverage in an engaging and accessible format for majors and non-majors alike. The revised text brings concepts to life with current research and examples, a new-and-improved art program,...

Reed Wicander, James S. Monroe

ISBN-13: 9780357117330

Wicander/Monroe's Geology: Earth in Perspective, 3rd edition, brings geology to life while accommodating your busy lifestyle--and at a value-based price. It provides a complete overview of introductory geology in a succinct, engaging format. Online videos, animations, interactive mapping, and other learning tools further your understanding of physical geology and its...