Beth Vanhorn

ISBN-13: 9781305499218

Vanhorn's VETERINARY ASSISTING: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, 2ND EDITION, equips you with the knowledge and skills you need for success in real-world practice. Offering step-by-step explanations, the text begins with the basics of veterinary medical terminology and office procedures before advancing to more advanced skills, such as anatomy, restraint, nursing care,...

Janet Amundson Romich, Sarah Wagner

ISBN-13: 9780357361474

Want to be indispensable to your veterinary care team? Instead of memorizing drug names, elevate your understanding of the drugs used to treat animal patients with Romich’s FUNDAMENTALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS, 3E. Following a body-systems approach, you build a foundation knowledge about important drugs, their actions and potentially...

L. DeVere Burton

ISBN-13: 9780357020425

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of the agricultural industry and industry-based sciences, the Precision Exams Edition of Burton’s AGRISCIENCE: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, Sixth Edition, aligns to Precision Exams’ Agricultural Science exam. The text covers essential topics such as agriscience in the information age, natural resources, integrated pest management,...

Rick Parker

ISBN-13: 9781305949720

This engaging, informative text provides a thorough introduction to equine care and management. EQUINE SCIENCE, Fifth Edition, features a full–color layout, numerous photos, and vivid illustrations that help bring chapter material to life, as well as a logical, easy-to-understand sequence of topics. Following an introduction to the equine industry, you’ll...

Dr. Charles P. Griner

ISBN-13: 9781337390705

Master the basics of constructing floral arrangements and explore your creativity with this engaging, reader-friendly text. FLORICULTURE: DESIGNING AND MERCHANDISING, Fourth Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to the floral design industry and includes step-by-step instructions--complete with high-quality images and detailed material lists--for a wide range of floral design projects. Projects...

Ray V Herren

ISBN-13: 9781337390866

Presenting up-to-date information in a highly visual, reader-friendly manner, THE SCIENCE OF ANIMAL AGRICULTURE, Fifth Edition, provides a thorough introduction to basic science concepts involved in the production of agricultural animals. By combining scientific principles with practical applications, this proven resource clearly demonstrates how science and agriculture are integrally related....

Jack Ingels, Alissa F. Smith

ISBN-13: 9781337403429

LANDSCAPING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES, Eighth Edition, provides a solid foundation in three areas of modern professional practice: landscape design, contracting and management. Updated to reflect today’s industry, the text includes new information, new practical learning features, and all-new photos and illustrations. Coverage begins with an overview of landscape design principles...

Ray V Herren

ISBN-13: 9781337918701

Beyond providing a thorough introduction to the field of agricultural mechanics, the Precision Exams Edition of this trusted text aligns to Precision Exams’ Agricultural Systems Technology, Level 1 exam. The text covers fundamental mechanical and engineering theory, common tools and materials, and practical applications including shop orientation and procedures, woodworking...

MeeCee Baker

ISBN-13: 9781337904650

INTRODUCTION TO VETERINARY SCIENCE, Third Edition, provides a solid foundation in this dynamic field for those studying animal and veterinary sciences or preparing for careers as veterinary assistants or technicians. The text begins with an overview of cellular and tissue physiology, followed by chapters dedicated to individual body systems to...

Dr. Ray V. Herren

ISBN-13: 9781305949706

Discover the exciting world of agriculture through EXPLORING AGRISCIENCE, Fifth Edition, the resource that continues to inspire and inform middle school students across the nation. The new, updated Fifth Edition of this respected text combines a strong grounding in fundamentals with information on the latest advances in the field and...

Cliff Ricketts, John Ricketts

ISBN-13: 9781305953819

If your goals include a successful career in agriculture--and a leadership role in tomorrow's food, fiber, or natural resources fields--this is the ideal resource for you. LEADERSHIP: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER SUCCESS, Fourth Edition, explores the leadership skills that are most important in agricultural industries, helping you define and reinforce...

Ray V Herren

ISBN-13: 9781337271585

THE SCIENCE OF AGRICULTURE: A BIOLOGICAL APPROACH, Fifth Edition, masterfully introduces the biological sciences and explores the influences of these sciences on modern agricultural practices and the agricultural industry. Reader-friendly and superbly illustrated, this highly practical text explains not only the “how” of agriculture, but also the “why” behind agriscience,...

L. Devere Burton

ISBN-13: 9781337904568

Practical, easy to understand, and up-to-date, INTRODUCTION TO FORESTRY SCIENCE, Third Edition provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of forest management that are commonly practiced in the United States. Appropriate for anyone interested in forestry or natural resources, this book is filled with visual aids...

Cliff Ricketts, PhD., Kristina G. Ricketts

ISBN-13: 9781337904575

Agribusiness: Fundamentals and Applications, second edition, discusses the broad spectrum of the agribusiness world. Several chapters focus on the agricultural input sector, which are the supplies and services needed by ranchers, farmers, and or other production agriculturists. Some examples include the feed, seed, fertilizer, chemical, and farm machinery agribusinesses. Once...

Edward Plaster

ISBN-13: 9781337904599

Gain a practical understanding of soil properties and the soil management techniques most important for the effective use of soils with SOIL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT, 6E. This non-technical, reader-friendly book details all aspects of effective soil usage, including management techniques, composition, fertility, erosion, conservation,and irrigation in this practical guide. This...