Equine Science,
5th Edition

Rick Parker

ISBN-13: 9781305949720
Copyright 2019 | Published
640 pages | List Price: USD $157.95

This engaging, informative text provides a thorough introduction to equine care and management. EQUINE SCIENCE, Fifth Edition, features a full–color layout, numerous photos, and vivid illustrations that help bring chapter material to life, as well as a logical, easy-to-understand sequence of topics. Following an introduction to the equine industry, you’ll learn about horses’ unique anatomy and needs; how to care for, train, and manage horses; and key business aspects of the industry. This all-new edition also clearly connects text content to National AFNR (Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources) Standards, key math and science concepts, and current references, helping prepare you for success in the classroom and beyond.


1. History and Development of the Horse.
2. Status and Future of the Horse Industry.
3. Breeds, Types, and Classes of Horses.
4. Cells, Tissues, and Organs.
5. Functional Anatomy.
6. Biomechanics of Movement.
7. Unsoundness.
8. Selecting and Judging Horses.
9. Determining Age, Height, and Weight of Horses.
10. Genetics.
11. Reproduction and Breeding.
12. Digestion and Nutrition.
13. Feeds and Feeding Horses.
14. Health Management.
15. Parasite Control.
16. Common Management Practices.
17. Shoeing and Hoof Care.
18. Buildings and Equipment.
19. Horse Behavior and Training.
20. Equitation.
21. Business Aspects.
22. Career Opportunities.

  • Rick Parker

    Dr. R.O. Parker is currently director and journal editor for North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) and president of the National Agricultural Institute. He is a past director of AgrowKnowledge, the National Center for Agriscience and Technology Education, a project funded by the National Science Foundation. As a former division director at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI), Dr. Parker worked in agriculture, information technology, drafting, and electronics, and taught computer, agriculture, and writing classes. In 1992, he received an honorary state Future Farmers of America (FFA) degree from Idaho, and in 2005, he received an honorary American FFA degree at the 78th National FFA Convention. From 2005 to 2008 he served as a board member of The National Council for Agricultural Education (The Council), and he is the 2008 recipient of the NACTA Distinguished Educator Award and the 2010 recipient of the NACTA Murray Brown Leadership Award. Dr. Parker has authored several Cengage textbooks, including PLANT & SOIL SCIENCE, AQUACULTURE SCIENCE, INTRODUCTION TO PLANT SCIENCE, and INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE & FOOD SYSTEMS, among other contributions). He earned his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in reproductive physiology from Iowa State University, and he completed post-doctoral work at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and the University of Wyoming, Laramie.

  • The Fifth Edition carefully aligns to current National Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) Standards for Animal Systems, correlating chapter content to knowledge and skills that the National Council for Agricultural Education considers essential to prepare students for success in the industry.

  • Integrated throughout the text, “Math Connections” and “Science Connections” features demonstrate how key academic concepts relate to the equine industry, drawing important connections between classroom work and practical applications.

  • Listicles included in the new edition offer quick reference tools for various activities associated with the care and management of horses, providing a convenient and useful complement to the core text.

  • A new, visually appealing layout and new and updated photos and illustrations throughout the text help bring the material to life, connecting key concepts to real-world applications and offering valuable insights into today’s industry.

  • MindTap Agriscience for Parker’s EQUINE SCIENCE, Fifth Edition, is an integrated course offering a complete digital experience for the student and teacher. This highly customizable resource combines an enhanced ebook with engaging interactivities, such as auto-graded activities and quizzing, games, PowerPoint® presentations, visual flashcards, video clips, and more.

  • Reader-friendly and logically organized, this trusted text provides a thorough introduction to equine care and management, providing the foundational knowledge students need for success in the classroom and beyond.

  • In addition to abundant full-color photos and illustrations, the text features informational tables, charts, graphs, and other visuals to provide context for key concepts and explain scientific principles related to horse care and management.

  • Each chapter includes short-answer questions, critical thinking/discussion questions, student activities, and other special instructional features designed to help assess and reinforce student learning.

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