Introduction to Veterinary Science, Soft Cover,
3rd Edition

MeeCee Baker

ISBN-13: 9781337904650
Copyright 2019 | Published
448 pages | List Price: USD $139.95

INTRODUCTION TO VETERINARY SCIENCE, Third Edition, provides a solid foundation in this dynamic field for those studying animal and veterinary sciences or preparing for careers as veterinary assistants or technicians. The text begins with an overview of cellular and tissue physiology, followed by chapters dedicated to individual body systems to enable easy comprehension. The authors then investigate crucial topics such as nutrition, disease, surgeries, cost analysis of procedures, safety, and professionalism. Throughout the text, real-life examples are integrated with chapter material to provide practical context, and both small and large animals are featured to expose students to the variety of cases they may encounter in the field. Each chapter opens with a "Day in the Life" preview that explores relevant applications of upcoming content, and chapters conclude with a description of clinical significance.


1. Basic Cell Biology.
2. Tissue Types and Functions.
3. The Musculoskeletal System.
4. The Circulatory System.
5. The Respiratory System.
6. The Renal System.
7. The Digestive System.
8. The Reproductive System.
9. The Nervous System.
10. The Endocrine System.
11. The Immune System.
12. Basic Nutrients.
13. Species Comparison.
14. Principles of Infectious Disease.
15. Disease Prevention.
16. Classification of Diseases.
17. Zoonoses.
18. Diagnosis of Disease.
19. Principles of Surgery.
20. Safety.
21. Careers and Decision Making in Veterinary Science.

  • MeeCee Baker

    MeeCee Baker, Ph.D., spent over 20 years teaching high school agriculture and supervising student teachers before accepting an appointment to serve in the executive office of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Dr. Baker was the first female to be elected president of the National Association of Agricultural Educators (formerly known as NVATA), and she was also named Penn State Alumni Fellow. Currently, Baker owns and operates Versant Strategies, an agricultural government relations firm, and lives on a working farm in Central Pennsylvania. She earned her B.S. and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, and her M.S. from University of Delaware.

  • Chapters now feature additional hands-on activities that incorporate easy-to-find materials, helping reinforce student learning using a variety of applications.

  • A new chapter dedicated to safety provides guidelines to help ensure student safety in the classroom and field laboratories, as well as establishing safe and effective habits students can apply in their professional careers.

  • Veterinarian and author Dr. James Lawhead has updated and expanded explanations of technical material to help students master advanced concepts more easily.

  • New photos and figures throughout the text help bring veterinary practice into the classroom, providing valuable real-world context and stronger engagement for today’s visual learners.

  • The new Third Edition discusses current technology used in veterinary practice, providing information on recent advances in the field of veterinary medicine and the latest tools and techniques used by practicing professionals.

  • Drawing on his own professional experience, co-author and veterinarian Dr. James Lawhead describes relevant mixed practice cases to illustrate key concepts and bring the material to life for students.

  • "A Day in the Life" features introduce each chapter by presenting a relevant clinical example to provide useful real-world context and connect theoretical material to practical, professional considerations.

  • The text begins with information at the basic level of cell units and proceeds to a systems approach, creating a learning path that is sequentially logical and highly effective.

  • Chapter-opening activities provide relevant hands-on experiences to engage students’ interest immediately and lay the groundwork for more effective understanding and mastery of upcoming material.

  • A robust image gallery allows instructors to enliven classroom sessions, group activities, and student assignments with visual aids designed to enhance understanding and engagement.

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