Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching,
6th Edition

Dr Sue Duchesne, Dr Anne McMaugh

ISBN-13: 9780170410823 | ISBN-10: 017041082x

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 720 pages

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Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching introduces you to key theories of development and learning to help you understand how learners learn, and how educators can be more effective in their teaching practice. Featuring current research on the various dimensions of learning and teaching alongside traditional theories, it provides a clear framework of theory and evidence that supports modern education practices. Taking a comprehensive approach, this text investigates how to apply psychology principles to education contexts to enhance learning and teaching quality, particularly for accommodating individual student needs. This wholly Australian and New Zealand text caters for those who are planning to work with any age range from early childhood to adolescence and beyond. With a focus on resilience in education settings, the discussion of creativity alongside intelligence and a broader discussion on diversity, this new edition is up-to-date for the pre-service teacher.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr Sue Duchesne is a Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Wollongong and coordinates the teacher education programs at the University of Wollongong's Bega Campus. She has experience teaching in primary and secondary schools, as well as in the tertiary sector, and currently lectures in educational psychology, child development and pedagogy.

Dr Anne McMaugh is a Lecturer of Educational Psychology in the School of Education, Macquarie University. Anne currently teaches in educational psychology, child development, social development and inclusive education. In addition Anne has teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools and has conducted research in school, hospital and community education settings.

  • Explicit discussion of resilience in educational settings and student wellbeing
  • NEW MindTap for Duchesne’s Educational Psychology: An interactive online teaching and learning platform, integrating course readings, videos, interactive activities, Search Me! activities, apps, and assessments into a learning path that guides students through the course. Instructors can easily modify content, integrate their own content, and follow student progress with powerful analytics and reports
  • Expanded discussion of professional reflection, encouraging students to develop their own personal philosophies of learning and teaching
  • Keep up to date with key developments in educational psychology with substantial new and revised material in this 6th edition. New treatments include: NEW section on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) for learning (Chapter 5), expanded coverage of mindfulness and mindfulness research (Chapter 7), expanded coverage of creativity (Chapter 9), NEW section on high ability learners and expansion on differentiation (Chapter 10), expansion on Bronfenbrenner as well as risk and resilience (Chapter 11), an increased focus on positive learning environments (Chapter 14); and much more
  • 'About…’ boxes profile leading contemporary and historical psychologists and their theories
  • Answering the ‘Think about’ questions throughout the chapters allows students to reflect critically on the processes of learning and teaching and on their beliefs about these processes
  • A twelve-month subscription to Search Me! Education provides students with 24-hour access to full-text articles from hundreds of scholarly and popular periodicals for wider reading and assignments. Search Me! Education keywords at the end of each chapter guide students to explore topics further and find current references
  • Students apply their knowledge by attempting the activities at the end of many boxed items
  • Visualise how each chapter is organised and how key topics are connected by exploring the chapter opening ‘Concept maps’ and ‘Key questions’
  • Connect theory to practice via examples of research or applications of theory in classroom settings in the ‘Classroom Links’ boxes
  • Examine important and current research in teaching and learning in specific studies highlighted in the 'Research Links’ boxes
  • Analyse ‘Case studies’ present real issues in context, encouraging learners to integrate and apply the concepts discussed in the chapter to the classroom
  • Help your students to review, practise and extend their knowledge using the revision quizzes and video activities in the CourseMate Express online platform. Margin notes in the text direct readers to a rich array of materials online, including videos, case studies, interactive activities and more
  • Module concept maps and core questions introduce each of the chapters within the part and give an overview of how the chapters in the module relate to each other. ‘Putting it together’ sections at the end of modules encourage a holistic view of children, of learning and of teaching by highlighting links across groups of chapters, complementing the connections given at the end of each chapter
  • Consider the implications of theory on classroom practitioners with learning and teaching examples in the ‘Implications for Educators’ boxes

Table of Contents

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1. Educational psychology for learning and teaching
MODULE 1 The learner developing over time
2. Emerging skills
3. Cognitive development
4. Social, emotional and moral development
MODULE 2 The learning process
5. Behavioural views of learning
6. Cognitive explanations of learning
7. Humanist approaches to learning
MODULE 3 Individual difference in the inclusive classroom
8. Motivation and engagement
9. Intelligence and creativity
10. Learning support needs and inclusive education
11. Sociocultural factors in the learning process
MODULE 4 Educational psychology in contemporary classrooms
12. Information and communication technology (ICT) in learning and teaching
13. Assessment and reporting
14. Creating a positive classroom

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Instructor videos for Duchesne's Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching, 2-term Instant Access

Students often struggle with understanding real-world educational psychology terminology and concepts, without real-world examples. These videos provide examples of real-world students and classrooms to contextualise theory for students. Real-world classroom examples illustrate how the key chapter concepts are applied in context of the chapter. These include discussion questions which encourage students to further apply their knowledge.

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