Microeconomics: Case Studies and Applications,
4th Edition

Jeff Borland

ISBN-13: 9780170439268 | ISBN-10: 0170439267

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 352 pages

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Microeconomics: Case Studies and Applications contains case studies that explore core microeconomics concepts by focusing on current events in economics. Each case study presents a different application of a core concept or theory and contains a range of extra material. A ‘Theory refresher’ section helps you to revise a key concept or theory that is important for your understanding of the application in that case study.

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Meet the Authors

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Jeff Borland is Truby Williams Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne. He has been teaching microeconomics for 25 years. He is a past winner of The University of Melbourne's Ed Brown Teaching Award, and has received a Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. His main research interests are analysis of the operation of labour markets in Australia, program and policy evaluation and design, Australian economic history, and sports economics. His current teaching is in the areas of microeconomics, sports economics, and Australian and world economic history.

  • NEW and updated case studies that use contemporary examples to reflect core microeconomics concepts (Cases 2.4 and 2.10 are brand new to this edition)
  • NEW correlation grid that maps the cases against the Gans, Principles of Microeconomics textbook allows academics to easily identify where a case could be introduced to support a topic
  • NEW case study database for instructors that consolidates compelling cases from previous editions into one location
  • Borland, 4e saves instructors time by providing cases already suited to microeconomics courses that include pedagogy with solutions. The text’s structure allows Gans, Principles of Microeconomics/Economics adopters to easily incorporate the resource into their courses with the help of the correlation grid.
  • Each case is written specifically for introductory microeconomics students with Key Lessons that directly link the cases to key concepts, and discussion questions to help students develop their understanding of how theory is applied in a practical setting.

Table of Contents

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Section 1 Scarcity, decision making, incentives and trade: an introduction to key concepts in economics
Section 2 Demand, supply and equilibrium in competitive markets
Section 3 International trade
Section 4 Market failure and government policy
Section 5 Theory of the firm and managerial economics
Section 6 Game theory
Section 7 Labour markets
Section 8 Economics of information

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Microeconomics: Case Studies and Applications Instructor Solutions Manual


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Microeconomics: Case Studies and Applications

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