The Road to Social Work & Human Service Practice,
6th Edition

Lesley Chenoweth, Donna McAuliffe

ISBN-13: 9780170446860 | ISBN-10: 0170446867

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 384 pages

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The Road to Social Work and Human Service Practice gives you a comprehensive introduction to the professions of social work and the human services, with a focus on practice. It outlines the key areas of knowledge, skills, values, ethics, practice contexts and contemporary debates. Perspectives from both clients and practitioners offer reflections on real-life social work and human services interventions, while new case studies show how theory can be applied to practice. Fully updated and revised, this text is an invaluable tool for those starting a career in the social work and human services sector.

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Meet the Authors

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Lesley worked for more than 25 years as an academic after a long career in human service in the disability and health sectors. Now retired, she continues to engage with research and writing in social work practice, disability and new models and approaches to disadvantage and social exclusion. Lesley has taught numerous courses in social work theory and practice and disability studies over many years. Lesley Chenoweth AO is Emeritus Professor of Social Work at Griffith University, is a consultant to many government and community organisations and now serves on several boards of community organisations.

Donna McAuliffe is Professor and Academic Lead in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work at Griffith University. Her social work practice experience was in the fields of community development, mental health and legal social work. She now specialises in the teaching and research of professional ethics, with a focus on inter-professional practice, ethical decision-making and codes of ethics. She provides ethics consultation, training and supervision to social work and human service practitioners and management.

  • Strengthened coverage of indigenous and cross-cultural approaches throughout, such as coverage of Indigenous worldviews
  • Case study matrix for easy student identification of valuable detailed real-life examples of social work and human services practice
  • ‘Watch your language’ boxes give quick reminders to students of appropriate language use
  • Expanded coverage of reflection and critical reflection in social work and human services practice throughout the text and especially through the use of activity boxes
  • Visual chapter overviews provide a brief introduction to each chapter and illustrate the journey that social work and human services practice students are about to embark upon
  • Margin links guide students to more in-depth coverage of challenging and complex concepts covered later in the text
  • An increase in the depth of underpinning theory in practice approaches throughout, such as added coverage on epistemology for social work, setting up a human service organisation, and roles in human services organisations
  • Conceptualise how the theory relates to real-life contexts with ‘Case studies’ that illustrate the key themes in the chapter.
  • Extend student understanding through the suggested ‘Recommended reading’ boxes throughout the chapters
  • Personalised viewpoints on aspects of practice with ‘Practitioner perspectives’ from a range of industry professionals support student learning
  • ‘Client perspectives’ extend students' critical thinking and offer opportunities to consider issues from the service consumer’s point of view
  • Review questions at the end of chapters encourage students to revise and reflect on what they have learned
  • Learners reflect on what they have read and explore the complexities of practice by completing questions in the ‘Activity’ boxes
  • Provides comprehensive, practice-oriented coverage of introductory social work and human service practice issues in the Australasian context
  • Additional case studies spanning multiple chapters of the text show how various topics impact on practice, helping students to apply critical thinking skills to real-life scenarios

Table of Contents

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1. Starting the journey: An introduction to social work and human service practice
2. Surveying the landscape: Historical and philosophical foundations for practice
3. Locating the lighthouse: Values and ethics in practice
4. Treading carefully: Professional practice and ethical standards
5. Finding the right maps: The knowledge base of practice
6. Travelling many paths: Practice fields and methods
7. Negotiating the maze: The organisational context of practice
8. Plunging in: Engagement, assessment, intervention, termination and review
9. Different landscapes: Working with difference and diversity
10. New journeys

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