Clinical Psychomotor Skills,
8th Edition

Joanne Tollefson, Elspeth Hillman

ISBN-13: 9780170452649
Copyright 2022 | Published
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ISBN: 9780170452649

Clinical Psychomotor Skills: Assessment Tools for Nurses offers a unique blend of solid theoretical knowledge, linking it to clinical practice. The combined theory and workbook text covers the key clinical skills and knowledge that nursing students need, facilitating your mastery of provable competencies that fulfil the required standards. This edition uses a 5-point Assessment Scale. Your instructor will have a 3-point version available if preferred. The latest evidence-based material from nursing and associated literature – and reflecting The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Registered Nurse Standards for Practice – make this the essential guide for students of registered nursing programs.

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Part 1. Introduction, Ch 1-4
Part 2. Aseptic non touch technique, Ch 5-9
Part 3. Assessment, Ch 10-24
Part 4. Professional communication, Ch 25-27
Part 5. Assisting with fluid and nutritional status, Ch 28-32
Part 6. Assisting with elimination, Ch 33-36
Part 7. Medication administration, Ch 37-48
Part 8. Pain management, Ch 49-51
Part 9. Perioperative care, Ch 52-54
Part 10. Assisting with personal hygiene and skin integrity, Ch 55-59
Part 11. Respiratory skills, Ch 60-64
Part 12. Transfusion and blood products, Ch 65-66
Part 13. Wound management, Ch 67-70
Part 14. Advanced skills, Ch 71-80

  • Joanne Tollefson

    Joanne Tollefson was Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of the School of Nursing Sciences at James Cook University. She is a registered nurse with many years of clinical experience in several countries and extensive experience in nursing education at both the hospital and tertiary levels. Her research interests include competency-based education and clinical assessment, development of reflective practitioners for a changing work environment, chronic pain and arbovirus disease in the tropics. Joanne is also a two-time recipient of the National Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (Carrick Award, 2007 and Australian Teaching and Learning Council Award, 2008). She is now retired from formal teaching but continues to engage in nursing via researching, writing and editing nursing texts.

  • Elspeth Hillman

    Elspeth Hillman is a lecturer and Academic Lead: Professional Practice in nursing at James Cook University, with an interest in nursing education research. She has extensive experience in several Australian states in a range of clinical situations from rural to critical care nursing. Her experience includes facilitation of both undergraduate nursing students in various clinical facilities, and of postgraduate nursing students in high-dependency units.

  • 'Look/listen/feel' icons offer a practical call to action for students to reflect upon and apply a skill

  • Increased content and guidance on PPE and handwashing

  • Additional content on elder care, with an icon to highlight

  • Additional content on bariatric care

  • Reorganised chapter sequence to streamline text flow based on reviewer feedback

  • Students easily assess their clinical performance and progress using the clinical skills assessment table at the end of every chapter. These tables list the key performance criteria for an entire skill, not just a task or procedure, and include the relevant NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice 2016. There is space for both students and clinical assessors to rate performance and progress

  • Spiral binding and clear design make it easy to use

  • Includes advanced skills chapters, assessment tables and more, for students to access 24/7 in the student website

  • Safety icons indicate where students need to be aware of particular safety issues relevant to performing a clinical skill

  • 'If ... then' boxes present common challenges students may face when performing a clinical skill and suggestions for addressing these

  • Instructor Website - Your #1 resource for your course. This tailored collection of teaching tools includes an Instructor's Manual, and Test Bank with customisable questions for quizzes and assessments. New to this edition are Clinical Skills Assessment tables with both 3- and 5-point assessment scales, video quizzes, and revision quizzes for student practice. The Instructor's Manual is packed with content that helps you set up and administer your class. Log in or request an account to access instructor resources at for Australia or for New Zealand.

  • Cognero Test Bank - Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero for Tollefson/Hillman's Clinical Psychomotor Skills Instant Access for 2 Terms

  • Student Website for Tollefson's Clinical Psychomotor Skills. This collection of bonus online tools includes advanced skills chapters and links to videos

  • Video Collection for Tollefson/Hillman's Clinical Psychomotor Skills, 6-Term Instant Access. A suit of 70 clinical skills videos demonstrating best practice, mapped to the 2016 NMBA Registered nurse standards for practice.

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Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero for Tollefson/Hillman's Clinical Psychomotor Skills Instant Access for 2 Terms

Cengage Testing, powered by Cognero for Tollefson/Hillman's Clinical Psychmotor Skills

Clinical Psychomotor Skills Instructor's Manual

Clinical Psychomotor Skills Video Collections SSO

Instructor Website for Tollefson's Clinical Psychomotor Skills

Student Website for Tollefson's Clinical Psychomotor Skills

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Video Collection for Tollefson/Hillman's Clinical Psychomotor Skills, 6-Term Instant Access