Mental Health Nursing Enhanced Edition,
1st Edition

Gylo (Julie) Hercelinskyj, Louise Alexander

ISBN-13: 9780170458610
Copyright 2022 | Published
560 pages | List Price: USD $80.25
ISBN: 9780170458610

Mental Health Nursing: Applying Theory to Practice covers how you treat and manage people suffering from mental illness. You’ll learn how to work practically, and how to carry out a Mental State Examination (MSE) and risk assessment. It provides coverage of contemporary mental health issues, the Mental Health Act (2014), and criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). Critical thinking and review questions challenge you to apply theory to practice, and pharmacology is discussed in each disorder-chapter, helping to contextualise your learning. This enhanced edition now also includes discussion around mental health as it pertains to the effects that COVID-19 and the global pandemic have had on consumers and practitioners.

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1. Mental health nursing – then and now
2. Theoretical frameworks underpinning practice
3. Ethics, law and mental health nursing practice
4. Treatment modalities utilised in contemporary mental health service delivery
5. Mental health nursing as a therapeutic process
6. Using evidence to guide mental health nursing practice
7. Assessment and Diagnosis
8. Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders
9. Bipolar and related disorders
10. Depressive disorders
11. Anxiety disorders
12. Personality disorders
13. Eating disorders
14. Substance-related and addictive disorders
15. Neurodevelopmental disorders
16. Neurocognitive disorders
17. Obsessive-compulsive & related disorders
18. Trauma and stress-related disorders
19. Other disorders of clinical interest
20. Suicide and non-suicidal self-injury
21. Recovery and resilience in mental health
22. The family’s role in contemporary mental health service delivery
23. The multidisciplinary team
24. Community mental health context
25. Cultural Context in Practice in Australia
26. Mental health first aid

  • Gylo (Julie) Hercelinskyj

    Gylo Hercelinskyj, PhD, is a registered nurse and experienced nursing academic. Her clinical, teaching and research expertise and areas of publication are in mental health, inter-professional learning, innovative educational approaches to learning and teaching, identity and social inclusion. She has extensive experience in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is a senior lecturer in Nursing and deputy head of school at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne.

  • Louise Alexander

    Dr Louise Alexander is a mental health nursing academic, currently working as a lecturer at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. She has a background in forensic mental health nursing and a passion for education. Louise has recently completed a PhD, with a focus on improving nursing students' attitudes towards the mentally ill, and in particular, reducing perceived dangerousness through simulation. She has published in the area of simulation in mental health nursing, written chapters in nursing texts and presented at conferences both nationally and internationally.

  • Updated Instructor's Manual to reflect changes made in the Enhanced edition

  • NEW 'Reflect on this' boxes introduce an activity for student reflection, either on the chapter topic or a specific reflection on their own mental health during times of traumatic national and global upheaval such as pandemics, natural disasters, or wars

  • Updates to selected case studies

  • This enhanced edition now also includes discussion around mental health as it pertains to the effects that COVID-19 and the global pandemic have had on consumers and practitioners.

  • Updated Instructor's Manual

  • NEW reflection activities

  • NEW cases studies

  • NEW content - Covid-19 impacts

  • Diagnostic criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) with evidence for practice and critical thinking, ensure that students succeed academically and that they are clinically safe in an environment where preparedness is critical

  • ‘Learning from practice’ vignettes give students the personal context of mental health from a range of perspectives (consumers, families, and clinicians), so that they can learn about mental health from those who have experienced challenging mental health situations, cared for a loved one and/or supported a person as a professional clinician; these are revisited at the end of chapters to teach about recovery and provide a personal reflection on the experience

  • Mental State Examination' (MSE) for each diagnosis offer mental state examination and risk assessments with practical applications for students, along with material on the therapeutic relationship and integration of communication skills

  • 'Nursing care plans' guide students through the details of an individual’s case and the process of planning care, performing interventions and evaluating outcomes for that individual

  • 'Evidence-based practice' boxes emphasise the importance of evidence and clinical research in nursing by linking theory to practice. As a learning tool, they focus attention on current issues and trends in nursing

  • 'Cultural considerations' boxes outline potential considerations students need to think about in relation to a patient’s cultural background

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