Preparing for Nursing Practice,
1st Edition

Helen Donovan

ISBN-13: 9780170460453
Copyright 2023 | Published
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ISBN: 9780170460453

Preparing for Nursing Practice provides clear and practical information about what it is to be a Graduate Registered Nurse (GRN), how to become the best registered nurse that you can be and how to consistently move toward your personal and professional goals. It includes contextual information, strategies, and reflective opportunities for you to develop your understanding of transitioning to professional practice as a GRN. The text explores professional concepts, plus context-based aspects of practice, policies and processes to ensure safe practice for both you as a GRN and the patient. Workbook-style activities with space to note your thoughts and progress enable you to keep this text as part of your portfolio and reflect on your growth as a nurse.

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Part 1: Being practice ready
1. Professional practice readiness
2. Identity change and its implications for personal and professional development
3. Embracing the roles and responsibilities of being a beginner RN

Part 2: Preparing for the health care environment
4. Preparing for a new health care environment as a GRN
5. Preparing for the changing health care environment
6. Proactively preparing for your transition to practice as a GRN

Part 3: Finding your professional space
7. Finding the best RN graduate position for you
8. Morphing into the RN you want to be
9. Socialisation and professional development

Part 4: Leadership as an early career RN
10. Leadership and being a change agent
11. Interprofessional collaborative leadership
12. Being a leader in a chaotic health care environment

  • Helen Donovan

    Dr. Helen Donovan, SFHEA (Formal Mentor), RN/RM, MEd PhD, FACN; Foundation Member, International Consortium for Occupation Resilience (ICOR); Adjunct Researcher & Member of Health Workforce Academy CQU; SIGMA Phi Delta (Office bearer). As an experienced university lecturer and clinician in the health disciplines of nursing, midwifery and child health, Helen Donovan brings both knowledge and experience to the learning environment. Her experience ranges across many areas of clinical practice in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote centres, and includes working in acute medical and surgical areas of practice, chronic diseases in paediatric and adult health care situations, plus gynaecology and running child health clinics. Helen is particularly interested in professional practice in the clinical setting with a focus on transition to practice and resilience in practice for the beginning registered nurse and midwife, and how health environments can challenge the beginning RN/RM, and impact the care provision on both consumers and members of the health care profession.

  • Visual overview outlines learning outcomes for each part and depicts the flow of information between each chapter and between key concepts in each of the chapters

  • Case studies link the theory to real-world situations, prompting beginner RNs to evaluate how they will manage similar situations

  • 'Safety in nursing' helps students to identify client health and safety issues and the appropriate response to a critical situation

  • 'Practical applications' provide practical information about being a nursing professional in the workplace

  • 'Reflection' sections encourage students to reflect on or connect with their own practice, experiences and ambitions. Space is included for students to make notes, plans and review their thinking with the intention of creating a career portfolio

  • 'How did you go?' offers prompts for students to consider their responses to activities

  • At the end of each chapter, there is a summary, a set of discussion questions and useful resources for the beginner RN

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