Contemporary Mathematics for Business & Consumers, 9th,
9th Edition

Robert Brechner, George Bergeman

ISBN-13: 9780357026441 | ISBN-10: 0357026446

Copyright 2020

| Published 2019

| 816 pages

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Gain a strong understand of today's key mathematical concepts and learn how to use math for success in business today with Brechner/Bergeman's CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS FOR BUSINESS AND CONSUMERS, 9E. This reader-friendly approach helps you overcome any math anxiety and confidently master mathematical concepts. A proven step-by-step instructional model allows you to progress through one topic at a time without being intimidated or overwhelmed. Learning features connect the topics you're learning to the latest business news and even provide helpful personal money tips. You can immediately practice concepts and hone essential skills with more than 2,000 exercises. Jump Start problems introduce each new topic and provide worked-out solutions to help you start homework, while Master-it Problems offer detailed interactive explanations. In addition, author-created videos walk you step-by-step through sample problems to ensure understanding.

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Meet the Authors

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Robert A. Brechner was Professor Emeritus, School of Business, at Miami Dade College -- the largest multi-campus community college in the country. For 42 years he taught business math, principles of business, marketing, advertising, public relations, management and personal finance. He was Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton; International Fine Arts College, Miami; and Florida International University School of Journalism and Mass Communications. In addition to CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS, Mr. Brechner authored numerous successful texts highlighting annuities, management, business math and applied math, and he consulted widely with industrial companies.

George Bergeman's teaching career of more 25 years began as a Peace Corps Volunteer at a small college in West Africa and continued at Northern Virginia Community College, one of the largest multi-campus colleges in the country. Teaching awards include Faculty Member of the Year honors at his campus. From the first edition onward, Mr. Bergeman closely collaborated with Mr. Brechner in support of CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS. He developed the MathCue.Business™ software package. which accompanied the first six editions of the text, and began co-authoring the text in the seventh edition. Mr. Bergeman continues to strengthen the book's support package with improvements, such as videos to accompany each text objective. In addition to his work on CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS, Mr. Bergeman has authored and developed a variety of software packages, including a statistics software/workbook combination and packages to support finite math, math of finance, calculus and developmental math.

  • HOMEWORK PROBLEMS AND SUPPORTING FEATURES NOW OFFER WORKED-OUT SOLUTIONS TO HELP STUDENTS IDENTIFY AND ANALYZE ERRORS. This edition's homework problems now offer worked-out solutions for self-help error analysis. In addition, Master-It Exercises in WebAssign correspond with exercises in the text to guide students to mastery in each step of the solution process. Accompanying videos created by author George Bergeman provide further detailed explanations of how to solve these problems.
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  • A UNIQUE MODULAR APPROACH DELIVERS STRONG SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS AT ALL SKILL LEVELS. Each chapter is separated using specific, discrete performance objectives. For each objective, the text guides students to mastery by using a carefully designed learning system that includes a clear discussion of the topic, a step box describing the solution steps in detail, an example with a complete step-by-step solution and a Try-It Exercise with solution so that students can immediately test their understanding.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES ENGAGE STUDENTS AND CONNECT BUSINESS MATH TOPICS TO ISSUES FROM EVERYDAY LIFE AND BUSINESS. This book's reader-driven approach incorporates striking visuals to engage and appeal to today’s student. “Business Math Journal” and “In the Business World” features stimulate student curiosity as they highlight the most current news and statistics related to chapter topics. Numerous captivating real-life examples illustrate each chapter’s key concepts, while “Dollars and Sense” features provide helpful personal finance and business money tips.
  • SECTION REVIEW EXERCISES IMMEDIATELY REINFORCE LEARNING WITH JUMP START PROBLEMS THAT HELP STUDENTS START HOMEWORK. Each new topic set in every Section Review includes a worked-out solution for the first question that allows students to check their understanding. Students have the advantage of reviewing this completed problem to help them begin assignments with success.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TEST BANK OFFERS COMPLETE, TIME-SAVING ASSESSMENTS. This edition's extensive, secure test bank provides both printed and online quizzes and exams that reflect the latest content.
  • BUSINESS DECISION EXERCISES INTEGRATE MULTIPLE CONCEPTS. Business Decision Exercises in each section give students the opportunity to apply multiple concepts within a detailed, realistic business scenario. These proven exercises sharpen students’ critical-thinking skills, provide a solid review of topics and help students see the usefulness of the concepts they are learning.
  • WEBASSIGN COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OFFERS FULL-FEATURED SUPPORT FOR INSTRUCTION. This widely used, highly acclaimed system delivers homework, testing, and course management. Homework problems with worked-out solutions facilitate self-help error analysis, while Master-It exercises offer step-by-step solutions. Videos created by the text author offer detailed explanations of steps for solutions. WebAssign makes it simple to create your course, build assignments, test, grade and even share assignments and question as well as communicate with students. It integrates with popular LMS systems and offers unmatched security and reliability.

Table of Contents

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1. Whole Numbers.
2. Fractions.
3. Decimals.
4. Checking Accounts.
5. Using Equations to Solve Business Problems.
6. Percents and Their Applications in Business.
7. Invoices, Trade and Cash Discounts.
8. Markup and Markdown.
9. Payroll.
10. Simple Interest and Promissory Notes.
11. Compound Interest and Present Value.
12. Annuities.
13. Consumer and Business Credit.
14. Mortgages.
15. Financial Statements and Ratios.
16. Inventory.
17. Depreciation.
18. Taxes.
19. Insurance.
20. Investments.
21. Business Statistics and Data Presentation.

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