Rock and Roll: An Introduction,
3rd Edition

Michael Campbell

ISBN-13: 9780357042748 | ISBN-10: 0357042743

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| Published 2018

| 416 pages

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ROCK AND ROLL: AN INTRODUCTION, 3RD EDITION takes advantage of online delivery of recorded music. For your study of a playlist of 115 rock-era songs discussed in the text. The extensive book companion website, includes timed listening guides, a multimedia-enhanced glossary, links to chapter playlists on both iTunes and Rhapsody for those songs not included on the CD set, and clearly organized recommendations for further listening.

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Michael Campbell is a writer and pianist. A California native, he is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Amherst College and holds a doctorate from Peabody Conservatory, where he studied piano with Leon Fleisher. As a commercial musician, he has assisted such artists as Angela Lansbury, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Bob Hope, Redd Foxx, Ethel Merman, and Don McLean. As a concert pianist, he has performed a broad range of repertoire, including his own transcriptions of recordings by Art Tatum, Jelly Roll Morton, and other legendary jazz pianists. He also performs all of the piano selections included with this textbook.

  • A more comprehensive overview of rock's roots and antecedents, supported by 27 excerpts of pre-rock music.
  • A more richly developed historical perspective on the music of the rock era, with emphasis on evolutionary, revolutionary, and devolutionary trends, patterns of influence, and connections and contrasts between musical examples.
  • More detailed, yet non-technical, musical analyses of all the rock-era listening examples, including a list of key features.
  • Far more extensive coverage of recent music: 34% of play list is music released since 1976; 10% since 1990.
  • More extensive discussion of the connection between rock music and its social and cultural context, smoothly integrated into the narrative.
  • An extensive and representative play list of 115 rock-era songs.
  • Extensive book companion website, including active listening guides, a multimedia-enhanced glossary, links to chapter playlists on both iTunes and Rhapsody for those songs not included on the CD set, and clearly organized recommendations for further listening.
  • An accessible opening chapter that defines and illustrates basic rock concepts and key terms.
  • Activities and features that encourage readers to go beyond course content. Each chapter ends with several "applying chapter concepts" activities; an after-word highlights important themes in rock at the beginning of the 21st century.
  • A "heritage" 2-CD set that includes not only 27 excerpts of pre-rock music, but also a decided majority of the musical examples discussed in the first half of the book.

Table of Contents

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Part 1: BECOMING ROCK: THE ROCK ERA, 1945-1975
1. Rock is…
2. Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1955
3. Rock and Roll
4. Rhythm and Blues, 1955-1960
5. On the Roads to Rock: From Girl Groups and Garage Bands to Folk and Surf Music
6. Bob Dylan and the Beatles
7. Black Music in the Sixties
8: Rock
9: San Francisco and the Diversity of Rock
10. Rock as Art
11. The Singer Songwriters
12. Black Popular Music in the Early Seventies
13. Classic Rock, 1975-1995
14. Reggae, Funk, and Disco: Views from the Outside
15. Punk and Its Aftermath
16. Alternatives: The New Syntheses of Rock’s Second Generation
17. New Sound of Pop in the Eighties
18. Electronica and Rap
Part IV: THE ROCK ERA, 1990-
19: First-generation Rock in the Twenty-first Century
20. Alternatives in the Twenty-first Century
21. The Sound World of Twenty-first Century Popular Music
Outro: Point/Counterpoint: Is the Rock Era Over?

Part Introduction (Reading) Introduction to the Rock Era for each one of four sections

Interactive Timeline of Rock and Roll History: Engages students for better understanding of the evolution of Rock and Roll music, starting in 1619 and covering Rock and Roll music history right into the 21st Century

Learning Objectives: Written specifically for the chapter reading and related to the customized assessments, focuses students on the intended learning outcomes

Chapter Reading including YouTube video links that easily link out directly from the MindTap reader

Music Video Glossary – Video glossary of key chapter terms to remember that defines and allows students to listen to the terms for a deeper understanding

Beat the Clock – Timed study game that includes music clips to study and learn key concepts

Spotify Playlist – All music referenced in the chapter available conveniently through links to Spotify Playlists

Listening Quiz – Auto-graded quiz with audio to help students with ear training
Interactive Timeline of the History of Rock and Roll

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