Principles of Information Systems,
14th Edition

Ralph Stair, George Reynolds

ISBN-13: 9780357112410 | ISBN-10: 0357112415

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 758 pages

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Develop an understanding of the core principles of information systems (IS) and how these principles make a difference in today’s business environment with Stair/Reynolds' PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 14E. Completely reorganized for clarity and focus, this fresh new edition provides engaging new chapter opening cases and a new chapter on AI and automation. You explore the challenges and risks of cybercrime, hacking, internet of things, and artificial intelligence as you examine the latest IS research and learn from memorable examples. You can even maximize your employability as you learn how to use IS to increase profits and reduce costs in organizations. You study the latest in big data, business intelligence, cloud computing, e-commerce, enterprise systems, mobile computing, strategic planning, and systems development. Powerful tools, such as new ConceptClip videos and You Make the Decision interactive cases in this edition’s MindTap digital resources help you further your success.

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Meet the Authors

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Ralph Stair has taught information systems at many universities throughout his academic career, including Florida State University, the University of New Orleans, the University of Washington and the University of Oregon. He earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from Purdue University, an M.B.A. from Tulane University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. A well-respected author, esteemed researcher and leading educator, he has published numerous articles and popular textbooks, including SUCCEEDING WITH TECHNOLOGY, PROGRAMMING IN BASIC, and more.

George Reynolds taught information systems at the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University (Ohio), Miami University (Ohio), the College of Mount St. Joseph, and Strayer University. Professor Reynolds authored more than two dozen popular textbooks addressing various aspects of today’s information technology and business.

  • NEW “YOU DECIDE” INTERACTIVE CASES IN MINDTAP GIVE STUDENTS EXPERIENCE MAKING DECISIONS IN CAREER-ORIENTED, BRANCHING SCENARIOS. Learners develop the critical-thinking and decision-making skills needed to succeed in today’s business environment as scenarios provide a framework to practice skills and knowledge. Cases are based on real-world examples but adapted to make them more accessible and detailed.
  • NEW Career and concept videos in MindTap enable learners to dig deeper into potential career paths and foundational course content.
  • "IS IN ACTION?" NEW CHAPTER OPENERS PROVIDE INTRIGUING EXAMPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS MAKING AN IMPACT IN BUSINESS TODAY. Each chapter begins with a fascinating opening case about a real-world business scenario related to the subject matter in the chapter. These cases pique the readers' interest, show the importance of what they are learning and motivate students to read further.
  • NEW CHAPTER ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND AUTOMATION PREPARES STUDENTS TO WORK WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES. Students study the latest developments in machine learning, natural language process and robotics. They gain invaluable skills with this timely coverage of these technologies, their business applications, and the ethical concerns surrounding them.
  • YOU MAKE THE DECISION ACTIVITIES PLACE STUDENTS IN POSITION AS KEY DECISION MAKERS. These new branching scenario activities within MindTap for Principles of Information Systems allow learners to apply their knowledge to novel business cases where they are positioned as the decision maker. The students make a series of decisions and see instant results. MindTap indicates if the decisions achieved an optimal or sub-optimal outcome, which provides the students with immediate feedback on their choices.
  • NEW CONCEPTCLIP VIDEOS AND CANDID CAREER VIDEOS BRING IS CONCEPTS TO LIFE IN TODAY'S BUSINESS CONTEXT. Fresh, new ConceptClip videos illuminate challenging IS concepts to help learners succeed in business today. Candid Career videos let learners hear directly from diverse professionals working in a variety of IS fields to demonstrate the range of opportunities students can pursue in future careers.
  • CLASSIC CASES APPEAR ON BOOK’S COMPANION WEBSITE FOR YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE. Several cases from the previous edition of this text are available on the book’s companion website to provide you with an even greater selection of real-world cases. Cases feature small, medium, and large businesses as well as non-profit organizations from around the world.
  • END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES OFFER A RICH VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES. An extensive and robust set of practice opportunities keeps students actively learning and applying newfound skills. Options at the end of each chapter include a Self-Assessment Test, Review and Discussion Questions, Business-Driven Decision-Making Exercises, Teamwork and Collaboration Activities, and Career Exercises.
  • PRINCIPLES OF TODAY'S INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IS) AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES CLEARLY GUIDE STUDENT LEARNING. This edition offers a completely reorganized, fresh approach with content focused on learning objectives. Each chapter begins with a set of IS principles that provides specific direction and guidance in decision making. One or more learning objectives are identified for each principle to help lead the learning process. The revised learning objectives for this edition offer clear, measurable direction with revised content and assessments to ensure alignment with the objectives.
  • CASE STUDIES EXPLORE PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR DILEMMAS IN REAL-WORLD ORGANIZATIONS. This edition's unique cases follow real companies or organizations facing a problem or concept discussed in the chapter and provide a wealth of practical information for students. You can assign these cases for homework or use them to prompt lively class discussion. One case is included in the end of chapter exercises and a second, updated case is available in MindTap digital resources and on the Instructor Companion Site.
  • ACTUAL CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES REINFORCE PRINCIPLES USING FAMILIAR ORGANIZATIONS. Each chapter offers at least two dozen new examples that highlight today’s real businesses and non-profit organizations applying the principles and concepts presented in this edition. These real-world examples are relatable and engaging to today’s learners and work with this edition’s updated coverage to equip students with the IS and business skills they need for success as workers, managers, decision makers, and leaders.
  • THE SAM APP IN MINDTAP ALLOWS YOU TO FURTHER YOUR STUDENTS' PROFICIENCY IN MICROSOFT® OFFICE SKILLS APPLICATIONS AS PART OF YOUR COURSE. This app provides access to SAM, an interactive online learning environment, designed to help students master Microsoft® Office and computer concepts essential to academic and career success. Students observe, practice, and train, then apply their skills live in the application. All Office 2019 Trainings, Exams and Projects are available in this edition’s MindTap.
  • MINDTAP ONLINE COURSE MANAGEMENT ENABLES YOU TO MEASURE STUDENT SKILLS AND OUTCOMES WITH EASE. This edition's MindTap powerful digital learning resources include new ConceptClip videos and interactive cases. MindTap personalizes instruction with a customizable Learning Path that highlights key student objectives and gives you the ability to control and add to the content your students see. Analytics and reports provide a snapshot of class progress, time in course, engagement, and completion rates.
  • SUMMARIES LINK TO AND REINFORCE KEY IS PRINCIPLES. Each chapter concludes with a detailed summary. To ensure comprehension, each updated section of the summary connects directly to a specific critical IS principle.
  • MEANINGFUL CRITICAL-THINKING EXERCISES PROMPT ACTIVE LEARNING. These brief cases raise technical, organizational, behavioral, legal, and ethical issues that test the reader’s grasp of the material. Exercises cause the reader to analyze and evaluate, rather than simply remembering facts, promoting active learning. A critical-thinking exercise appears at the end of each major section, providing three to six exercises per chapter to assign for homework or to use in class discussion. All critical-thinking exercises are tagged to AACSB skill areas.
  • USEFUL TEST BANK OFFERS A VARIETY OF PROVEN QUESTIONS TO TEST STUDENTS’ COMPREHENSION. This edition’s updated and enriched test bank features a breadth of both low-level and moderate-level questions to help you more accurately assess each student's knowledge.

Table of Contents

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Information Systems in Business and Society.
1. Information Systems: People, Technology, Processes, and Structure.
2. Secure Information Systems.
3. Corporate and Individual Accountability: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues.
Technology Infrastructure.
4. Hardware and Software.
5. Database Systems and Management.
6. Business Intelligence: Big Data and Analytics.
7. Networks: An Interconnected World.
8. Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.
Business Information Systems.
9. E-commerce.
10. Enterprise Systems.
11. Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
Planning, Implementing, and Managing Information Systems.
12. Strategic Planning and Project Management.
13. System Acquisition and Development.

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