The Road to the White House 2020 (with Appendix),
11th Edition

Stephen J. Wayne

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Copyright 2020

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| 32 pages

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If voters are to make intelligent judgments, they need information about the qualities of the candidates, the policies they propose, and the partisan labels they wear. Does our presidential electoral system encourage the most qualified candidates to run? Does it force them to discuss the most important issues, present feasible policy solutions, and talk candidly with the American people? Will the election results accurately reflect the opinions, interests, and needs of the population as a whole? This book addresses these questions in a straight-forward, jargon-free manner. It will provide you with a background on presidential elections and a guide to the 2020 election. The book contains case studies of campaign strategies, descriptive boxes on contemporary election issues, and easy to read tables and figures. In doing so, it illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of electoral democracy in the U.S.in general and presidential elections in particular. You'll also get insights on changes that have revolutionized contemporary electoral politics in the 21st. century: the flood of money, the ideological polarization of American parties, the digital revolution, foreign interference, and issues relating to the eligibility of voters, the conduct of elections, and the integrity of the voting process itself.

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Meet the Authors

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Stephen Wayne is an Emeritus Professor of Government at Georgetown University. He is a Washington insider who has written many books and articles on the presidency and presidential elections. A frequent source for journalists covering American politics, he often appears on television and radio news programs, conducts seminars for senior federal executives and international visitors, and lectures at many universities in the United States and abroad.

  • New analysis includes the confluence of partisan, ideological and identity politics and the influence of these factors on turnout and voting behavior.
  • All-new coverage is devoted to the increasing use of digital technology and its impact.
  • A widely respected Washington insider, Dr. Wayne insightfully compares traditional news coverage with campaign-directed online, on ground and rally events.
  • The problems of contemporary polling are examined in detail.
  • The text thoroughly explores the relationship between money and electoral success in 2016 and 2018.
  • Completely up to date, Wayne's THE ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 2020 includes detailed coverage of the 2016 presidential election, including topics such as fraudulent voting claims and foreign interference--issues that continued to grab headlines long after Election Day.
  • Expanded coverage gives students an up-close view of party elites vs. citizen activists in the battle for control of the nomination.
  • The clash between conventional and unconventional campaigning is vividly illustrated using examples from the 2016 presidential nominations and election.
  • Helping students see the full story, the text takes a close look at the 2016 election, the transition that followed and its impact on the Trump Administration and the presidency overall.
  • End-of-chapter exercises suggest additional opportunities for students to dive deeper into the issues presented in the chapter, whether through online research projects or personal involvement with the political process.
  • Giving students hands-on experience sharpening their critical thinking skills, case studies explore recent presidential nomination and election campaign strategies, the demise of public funding, the growth and sophistication of digital campaigning and more.
  • Encouraging further student exploration of chapter concepts, "Where on the Web?" features provide lists of relevant websites, while "Selected Readings" in each chapter have been updated to include the most recent political science, participant and journal literature.
  • Dr. Wayne explores the continuities and changes in the electoral environment, the nomination process and the conduct of the general election. He also examines the composition of the American electorate and the differing strategies candidates have used to solidify their partisan coalitions as well as influence the increasing proportion of Independent voters.
  • Thoroughly updated, this edition integrates and illustrates new information on campaign finance, parties, presidential campaigning in the primaries and general election, news media coverage, the use of social media by the candidates as well as forecasting, polling, election analysis and the effect of elections on governance.
  • With its neutral focus on how the presidential election system works, its accessibility to a wide range of students and its up-to-the-minute coverage of the art and science of presidential elections, THE ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE has been the leading text in its field since it was first published. It is solely authored and solely researched. The 2020 edition, which builds on and revises previous editions, reflects the author’s fascination with and passion for presidential electoral politics.
  • Offering additional insight to further student understanding of the political process, boxed features include engaging coverage of rules for state caucuses and primaries, the importance of the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, major polling glitches from 1936 to the present, the problems with polling today, and why Trump won and Clinton lost the general election in 2016.

Table of Contents

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1. Presidential Selection: A Historical Overview
2. Campaign Finance
3. The Political Environment
4. Party Rules and Their Impact
5. Campaigning for the Nomination
6. The Post-Primary Campaign
7. Strategy, Tactics, and Operation
8. Media Politics
9. Understanding Presidential Elections
10. Reforming the Electoral System
The Mueller Report (If Available)
Results of Presidential Elections, 1900–2016

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The Road to the White House 2020 (with Appendix)

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