International Politics: Power and Purpose in Global Affairs,
5th Edition

Paul D'Anieri

ISBN-13: 9780357136171 | ISBN-10: 0357136179

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 512 pages

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D'Anieri's INTERNATIONAL POLITICS: POWER AND PURPOSE IN GLOBAL AFFAIRS, 5th Edition, helps you make the connection between academic theories and real-world issues and events. Comparing international politics to a series of intellectual puzzles, the text emphasizes the importance of examining problems from multiple perspectives. Its unique focus on power and purpose involves both the goals that players have in international politics and the ways they have to achieve them. Detailed, up-to-date discussions cover populism and trade wars, critical international relations theory, international hierarchy, the impact of social media and bias, Brexit, U.S.-China trade conflict and much more. Thought-provoking case studies and features on history, policy and geography let you see the world from numerous perspectives while sharpening your critical thinking skills. Also available: MindTap.

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Meet the Authors

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Paul D'Anieri, a professor of political science at the University of California, Riverside, has taught international politics for over 25 years. His research focuses on foreign policy in the post-Soviet states -- especially on Ukraine-Russia relations. Dr. D'Anieri's most recent book is UKRAINE AND RUSSIA: FROM CIVILIZED DIVORCE TO UNCIVIL WAR (Cambridge University Press, 2020). He is also the author of ECONOMIC INTERDEPENDENCE IN UKRAINIAN-RUSSIAN RELATIONS; UNDERSTANDING UKRAINIAN POLITICS: POWER, POLITICS, AND INSTITUTIONAL DESIGN; and POLITICS AND SOCIETY IN UKRAINE. In addition, his articles have appeared in numerous academic journals and books on Eastern European politics. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1991.

  • A new list of additional resources is now included at the end of each chapter to inspire and guide students as they further explore chapter topics that pique their interest.
  • Updating its treatment of gender issues, the text now adopts nonbinary gender language.
  • Detailed coverage of new trends includes the rise of populism and trade wars, putting them in historical and theoretical perspective to ensure students gain a solid understanding of complex issues.
  • Reflecting the latest research and developments from the field, the 5th Edition includes new discussions of important topics such as critical international relations theory, international hierarchy and the impact of social media and bias.
  • Thoroughly revised and completely up to date, the 5th Edition of this popular text is packed with current examples from world events as well as important historical cases.
  • Many instructors cover civil war in their international relations courses. But while other IR books fail to provide substantial coverage of civil conflict, INTERNATIONAL POLITICS offers comprehensive coverage of this issue within the conflict chapters, illustrating how the international community becomes involved in civil conflicts and the impact of these conflicts on other states.
  • A case study approach makes the material more applied for students, giving them plenty of opportunities to put what they learn into practice.
  • Each chapter begins with numbered Learning Objectives and an outline to help students focus on key concepts and maximize their study time.
  • MindTap for International Relations offers a wealth of online content such as quizzes, videos, timelines and case studies to help learners with central course concepts.
  • Bringing chapter concepts to life, "The Historical Connection", "The Policy Connection" and "The Geography Connection" boxed features provide additional context, enabling students to view chapter topics from different perspectives, sharpen their critical thinking skills and improve their understanding of key concepts.
  • The 5th Edition also digs deep into recent issues such as Brexit, U.S.-China trade conflict and populism to show students how broad academic approaches help us understand these puzzles.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction: Problems and Questions in International Politics.
2. The Historical Evolution of International Politics.
3. Theories of International Relations: Realism and Liberalism.
4. Theories of International Relations: Economic Structuralism, Constructivism, and Feminism.
5. The State, Society, and Foreign Policy.
6. Bureaucracies, Groups, and Individuals in the Foreign Policy Process.
7. International Organizations and Transnational Actors.
8. International Insecurity and the Causes of War and Peace.
9. The Use of Force.
10. Fundamentals of International Political Economy.
11. The Globalization of Trade and Finance.
12. The Problem of Global Inequality.
13. International Law, Norms, and Human Rights.
14. The Global Environment and International Politics.
15. Conclusion: Power and Purpose in a Changing World.

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