Electrical Wiring Commercial,
17th Edition

Phil Simmons, Ray C. Mullin

ISBN-13: 9780357137697 | ISBN-10: 0357137698

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 640 pages

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Completely revised and updated to reflect the 2020 National Electrical Code® (NEC®), ELECTRICAL WIRING COMMERCIAL, Seventeenth Edition, offers the most current coverage available. This reader-friendly, trusted resource is filled with vibrant, full-color illustrations and photographs, bringing even difficult concepts to life and making complex material easier to understand. In addition to updates based on the 2020 NEC, the Seventeenth Edition features information on important new developments in electrical design and installation, an increased emphasis on green technologies and safety in the workplace, providing ample coverage of topics you will likely encounter as a working professional in this dynamic field. Providing uniquely practical preparation for real-world success, the text includes a full set of blueprints that walk you through designing and installing an electrical installation compliant with the latest edition of the NEC.

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Meet the Authors

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Phil Simmons is the founder of Simmons Electrical Services, where he consults on the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) and other codes. He also writes, edits, illustrates and produces technical publications, and he previously provided plan review of electrical construction documents and inspection of complex electrical installations. In addition to developing training programs related to electrical codes and safety, Mr. Simmons has presented on these subjects at numerous seminars and conferences for universities, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), the U.S. Department of Defense and private clients. The author and illustrator of numerous textbooks on electrical topics, he has consulted on several lawsuits involving electrical injury and property damage. Mr. Simmons serves NFPA on Code Making Panel 5 of the NEC Committee (grounding and bonding), and he previously served on several other Code Making Panels, the NFPA Standards Council, the NEC Technical Correlating Committee, the IAEI and Underwriters Laboratories. He is a retired member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Ray C. Mullin is a former electrical instructor for the Wisconsin Schools of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education. Prior to his retirement, he served as district manager, regional manager, regional vice president and ultimately director technical liaison for a major electrical manufacturer. He also served on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code Making Panel 4 of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®). A former journeyman and supervisor for residential, commercial and industrial installations, Mr. Mullin has taught electrical apprentice and journeyman courses, conducted numerous technical and code seminars, written many articles for electrical trade publications and consulted for electrical equipment manufacturers on legal issues. He is also a former member of the Executive Board of the Western Section of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and NFPA, Electrical Section. Mr. Mullin attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee School of Engineering, and Colorado State University.

  • The authors have carefully updated the text to reflect the new 2020 National Electrical Code® (NEC®), giving readers current, accurate information on the industry standards they will encounter as working professionals.
  • Green technologies in electrical design and installation are highlighted throughout the text, drawing attention to these increasingly important aspects of modern electrical wiring.
  • A convenient Crisscross Code Index allows readers to quickly and easily reference specific content and identify relevant code requirements.
  • The text features both metric and English measurements to allow for learners of all backgrounds to apply key concepts universally.
  • Up-to-date illustrations, real-world examples, and cutting-edge coverage have made ELECTRICAL WIRING COMMERCIAL, a highly popular, widely trusted resource for generations of students and professionals.
  • Full-color drawings, diagrams, illustrations, and product photographs help bring key chapter concepts to life, add clarity to explanations, and improve understanding of course concepts.
  • A wealth of practical, real-world examples reinforces key calculations and concepts throughout the text, making it easier for readers to see the practical applications of chapter material.

Table of Contents

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1. Commercial Building Plans and Specifications.
2. Reading Electrical Working Drawings--Entry Level.
3. General Requirements for Conductors.
4. Branch Circuits.
5. Switches and Receptacles.
6. Wiring Methods.
7. Motor and Appliance Circuits.
8. Feeder Installation and Load Calculation.
9. Special Systems.
10. Working Drawings--Upper Level.
11. Special Circuits (Owner's Circuits).
12. Panelboard Selection and Installation.
13. The Electric Service and Grounding.
14. Lamps and Ballasts for Lighting.
15. Luminaires.
16. Emergency, Legally Required Standby, and Optional Standby Power Systems.
17. Overcurrent Protection: Fuses and Circuit Breakers.
18. Short-Circuit Calculations and Coordination of Overcurrent Protective Devices.
19. Equipment and Conductor Short-Circuit Protection.
20. Low-Voltage Remote Control.
21. The Cooling System.
22. Commercial Utility-Interactive Photovoltaic Systems.
Appendix A: Electrical Specifications.
Appendix B: Useful Formulas.
Appendix C: NEMA Enclosures Types.
Appendix D: Outdoor Air Temperatures for Selected U.S. Cities.
Appendix E: Metric System of Measurement.
Appendix F: Glossary.
Appendix G: Electrical Symbols.
Appendix H: Conduit Bending Guide.
Code Index.
Subject Index.
Plans for a Commercial Building (Attached to the Inside Back Cover).
Sheet A1: Plot Plan, East Elevation, West Elevation.
Sheet A2: Architectural Floor Plan: Basement.
Sheet A3: Architectural Floor Plan: First Floor.
Sheet A4: Architectural Floor Plan: Second Floor.
Sheet A5: Elevations: North and South.
Sheet A6: Sections: Longitudinal, Transverse.
Sheet E1: Electrical Working Drawing: Basement.
Sheet E2: Electrical Working Drawing: Entry Level.
Sheet E3: Second Floor Electrical Plan.
Sheet E4: Panelboard & Service Schedules, One-Line Diag.

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Blueprints for Simmons/Mullin's Electrical Wiring Commercial

A full set of blueprints compliant with the 2020 National Electrical Code® will walk you through designing and installing a realistic electrical project. Many homework exercises are linked to these prints to give you practice reading and interpreting construction drawings.

Electrical Wiring Commercial (Book Only)

Electrical Wiring Commercial (Book Only)

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