Our Sexuality,
14th Edition

Robert L. Crooks, Karla Baur, Laura Widman

ISBN-13: 9780357360750
Copyright 2021 | Published
720 pages | List Price: USD $300.95

Are you sexually intelligent? You will be after reading Crooks/Baur/Widman's OUR SEXUALITY -- the most respected and authoritative college textbook on human sexuality. It's also the first to deliver cutting-edge and in-depth emphasis on the impact of politics on sexuality. The 14th Edition has been meticulously updated to reflect the most current research findings and psychosocial developments. Direct yet nonjudgmental, the text covers "our" sexuality in an accessible, straightforward manner as it explores the similarities of sexual and relationship matters across cross cultural boundaries and sexual orientation lines. With a focus on strengthening your self-awareness and sexual intelligence, the text is packed with exciting new research, personally relevant examples and practical information on sexual health. Also available: MindTap digital learning solution.


1. Perspectives on Sexuality.
2. Sex Research: Methods and Challenges.
3. Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology.
4. Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology.
5. Gender Issues.
6. Sexual Arousal and Response.
7. Love and Communication in Intimate Relationships.
8. Sexual Behaviors.
9. Sexual Orientations.
10. Contraception.
11. Conceiving Children: Process and Choice.
12. Sexuality During Childhood and Adolescence.
13. Sexuality and the Adult Years.
14. Sexual Difficulties and Solutions.
15. Sexually Transmitted Infections.
16. Atypical Sexual Behavior.
17. Sexual Coercion.
18. Sex for Sale.

  • Robert L. Crooks

    The integration of psychological, social and biological components of human sexuality in this text is facilitated by the authors' combined academic and professional backgrounds. With sadness we dedicate this 14th edition to Dr. Robert Crooks, who passed away at the end of the last revision. Dr. Crooks had a Ph.D. in Psychology. In addition to graduate training that stressed Clinical and Physiological Psychology, he had a considerable background in Sociology. His involvement with teaching human sexuality classes at the university, college and medical school levels spanned over two decades. Dr. Crooks and his wife, Sami Tucker, were involved in the establishment and implementation of HIV/AIDS intervention programs in two areas of Kenya. For more than a decade, their work with these projects included designing a research strategy for assessing behavior change, developing a peer educator-based educational strategy and conducting training sessions for Kenyan peer educator staff.

  • Karla Baur

    Karla Baur has retired as co-author after 13 editions. A licensed clinical social worker in private practice, she specializes in couples and sex therapy. In addition to providing clinical supervision, seminars and lectures for other mental health therapists and professional groups, Baur has taught human sexuality and female sexuality classes at Portland Community College, Portland State University and Clark College. At Oregon Health Sciences University, she taught a human sexuality course and coached medical students in taking sexual histories with patients. She was also involved in a six-week program in Kenya to train HIV/AIDS prevention peer educators. Certified as a sex educator, therapist and sex therapy supervisor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Baur has a master's degree in Social Work and her advanced academic work stressed clinical training.

  • Laura Widman

    Laura Widman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at North Carolina State University, where she has an active program of research focused on adolescent sexuality, with a particular interest in developing and testing technology-based programs to reduce HIV/STDs and improve the sexual health of youth. Dr. Widman has authored more than 50 manuscripts and book chapters, and she has presented her work to national and international audiences. After more than a decade of teaching undergraduate human sexuality courses using the OUR SEXUALITY textbook, Dr. Widman is delighted to be joining the authorship team to contribute to the 14th edition. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and postdoctoral training in HIV/STD prevention.

  • Updated with current research, this inclusive text covers "our" sexuality in an accessible, straightforward manner, with emphasis on the historical background and politics of human sexuality.

  • OUR SEXUALITY helps you increase your students' sexual intelligence. In Chapter 1, the authors introduce the first of four components included in their definition of sexual intelligence: knowing the critical role that politics play in sexual arenas. The other three components of sexual intelligence covered in the text include understanding oneself sexually, having interpersonal sexual skills and integrity, and knowing accurate scientific sexual information.

  • The text explores the similarities in the human experience of sexual and relationship matters that cross cultural boundaries and sexual orientation lines. Insightful "Author Files" features quote real people's experiences and attitudes, enabling students to discover that they're not so different from everyone else. In addition, Sexuality and Diversity sections are highlighted in every chapter.

  • The Sex and Politics sections in each chapter examine the issue of value judgments that become public policy and what this means to sexual knowledge and sexual choices. Examples include "The Power of Pro-Life Anti-Contraception Politics", "Antigay Harassment/Bullying of Teenagers", "Sex Research under Siege", "Abstinence Only Sex Ed", "Abortion Restrictions at the State Level” and “FOSTA-SESTA: The Politics of Sex Work”.

  • "Sexual Health" icons in the margins flag sexual health information within every chapter, while additional in-depth topics are found in special boxes, including "Genital Self-Exam for Women", "How to Examine Your Breasts", "Male Genital Self-Examination" and "Dealing with Sexual Assault".

  • Reflecting the latest developments, "Spotlight on Research" boxes present the most up-to-date research -- as well as research controversies -- from the field of sexuality.

  • Critical Thinking questions integrated throughout encourage students to stop, think and apply knowledge and experience while developing their personal perspective of sexuality.

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