The Pharmacy Technician: A Comprehensive Approach,
4th Edition

Jahangir Moini

ISBN-13: 9780357371350 | ISBN-10: 0357371356

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 960 pages

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Master the latest knowledge and skills you need to work successfully with today's licensed pharmacists in a variety of clinical or retail settings. Moini's THE PHARMACY TECHNICIAN: A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH, 4E provides readings that explore the latest medical and pharmaceutical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations, and techniques. You examine critical topics, such as sterile compounding, record keeping, law, ethics, insurance, and billing. In addition, effective learning tools help you master medical and pharmaceutical terminology and avoid today's most common errors, all while strengthening your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition, MindTap online learning resources are available to immerse you in today's typical pharmacy setting for hands-on practice with virtual pharmacy activities. Designed for entry-level students, this edition is invaluable for experienced pharmacy technicians pursuing continuing education or for anyone preparing for national certification exams.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Moini is a retired Professor of Health and Science who most recently taught at Eastern Florida State College. He previously served as Director of Allied Health Programs at Everest University, where he initially established the Pharmacy Technician Program before becoming director. Prior to coming to the United States, Dr. Moini served an Assistant Professor at Tehran University Medical and Nursing School. An internationally published author of 38 allied health textbooks, Dr. Moini devotes himself to helping today's students successfully prepare for a variety of health-related careers.

  • THREE NEW APPENDICES OFFER HELPFUL INFORMATION FOR REFERENCE NOW AND ON THE JOB. Appendix A introduces today's most common pharmacy abbreviations and acronyms for those starting and continuing careers in pharmacy. In addition, Appendix F provides key information on various drug classes, and Appendix G lists today's most commonly refrigerated drugs.
  • TWO NEW CHAPTERS DETAIL TOPICS THAT ARE KEY TO SUCCESS AS A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN TODAY. This edition's new Chapter 5 demonstrates how to use today's pharmaceutical information and references most effectively. A new Chapter 6 introduces both prescriptions and processing in clinical or retail settings.
  • UPDATED, EXPANDED CHAPTERS BUILD UPON CURRENT CHALLENGES AND WORK IN TODAY'S PHARMACEUTICAL SETTINGS. This edition's Chapter 3 now walks readers through the latest pharmacy laws, ethical challenges, and guidelines for working with today's regulatory agencies. In addition, Chapter 15 details the importance of and best practices for aseptic technique and sterile compounding. An updated Chapter 18 discusses today's most common medication errors with techniques for increasing safety.
  • "MEDICATION ERROR ALERTS" DESCRIBE COMMON ERRORS IN PHARMACY PRACTICE TODAY. Found in every chapter, these special "Medical Error Alerts" increase readers' awareness of typical errors in today's pharmaceutical settings. Students learn how to avoid these common mistakes.
  • Points to Remember boxes reinforce key concepts and objectives of the chapters.
  • At end of each chapter, there are up-to-date Web Links that assist the reader in obtaining additional information online.
  • "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" FEATURE BOXES HIGHLIGHT COMMON CHALLENGES IN PHARMACEUTICAL WORK TODAY. These feature boxes highlight typical scenarios that pharmacy technicians may encounter on the job. This helps bridge the gap from classroom to practice while demonstrating the importance of what students are learning. Students gain confidence for a smoother transition to the workforce.
  • "POINTS TO REMEMBER" FEATURE BOXES REINFORCE KEY CONCEPTS. These learning features correspond with each chapter's learning objectives to draw special attention to the chapter's most critical subject matter.
  • There are Medical Terminology Review boxes that explain important terms, their meanings, and grammatical breakdowns.
  • In each chapter there are Medication Error Alerts that describe common errors occurring in pharmacy practice, to increase awareness of this critical topic.
  • SEVEN APPENDICES PROVIDE DETAILED REFERENCE INFORMATION. Filled with the latest materials, these helpful appendices provide quick reference for students now and ongoing information for practicing professionals. The appendixes are followed by a complete glossary and index for efficient reference. This edition also includes an answer key for checking chapter review questions.
  • COMPREHENSIVE, DETAILED COVERAGE PROVIDES CLEAR INTRODUCTION AS WELL AS IMPORTANT SPECIFICS FOR SUCCESS IN PHARMACY PRACTICE TODAY. More complete than any competitive product on the market, this edition's clear presentation begins with the basic of pharmacy practice before progressing to specifics in various pharmaceutical settings. Students study administrative skills in addition to the effects of medication on body systems. Eleven chapters focus on specific body systems and the therapeutic drugs for related diseases.
  • UP-TO-DATE WEB LINKS AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER CONNECT STUDENTS TO THE LATEST PHARMACEUTICAL INFORMATION. These updated Web Links at the conclusion of each chapter guide interested readers in learning more about the information discussed in the chapter through reliable, timely online resources.
  • “What Would You Do?” boxes highlight common scenarios that pharmacy technicians may encounter, helping to bridge the gap from classroom to practice, and aiding in a smoother transition to the workforce.
  • "MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY REVIEW" BOXES CLARIFY KEY TERMS. These helpful boxes, integrated at key locations throughout this edition, explain important terms, describe the meanings of terms, and even provide grammatical explanations of terms.

Table of Contents

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1. History of Pharmacy.
2. The Foundation of Pharmaceutical Care.
3. Pharmacy Law, Ethics, and Regulatory Agencies.
4. Communication with Patients and Customers.
5. Pharmaceutical Information and References.
6. Prescriptions and Processing.
7. Dosage Forms and Routes of Administration.
8. Measurement Systems.
9. Conversion and Calculations.
10. Safety in the Workplace.
11. Hospital Pharmacy.
12. Community Pharmacy.
13. Advanced Pharmacy.
14. Extemporaneous Prescription Compounding.
15. Aseptic Technique and Sterile Compounding.
16. Insurance and Billing.
17. Inventory Control and Management.
18. Medication Errors and Safety.
19. Drug Actions and Interactions.
20. Therapeutic Drugs for the Nervous System.
21. Therapeutic Drugs for the Musculoskeletal System.
22. Therapeutic Drugs for the Endocrine System.
23. Therapeutic Drugs for the Cardiovascular System.
24. Therapeutic Drugs for the Immune System.
25. Therapeutic Drugs for the Respiratory System.
26. Therapeutic Drugs for the Urinary System.
27. Therapeutic Drugs for the Digestive System.
28. Therapeutic Drugs for the Reproductive System.
29. Therapeutic Drugs for the Eyes, Ears, and Nose.
30. Therapeutic Drugs for the Integumentary System.
31. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Appendix A: Common Pharmacy Abbreviations and Acronyms.
Appendix B: Professional Organizations.
Appendix C: Professional Journals.
Appendix D: State Boards of Pharmacy.
Appendix E: Top Drugs by Prescriptions Dispensed.
Appendix F: Drug Classes.
Appendix G: Commonly Refrigerated Drugs.
Answer Key.

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