Mis ,
10th Edition

Hossein Bidgoli

ISBN-13: 9780357418697 | ISBN-10: 0357418697

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 358 pages

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Learn the principles of MIS as you explore the latest developments and industry trends with MIS 10. This practically focused approach helps you master foundational MIS concepts that will guide your career. You examine the latest topics, such as cloud computing, AR/VR, quantum computing and blockchain, with the most current MIS title on the market. Have you ever wondered what you would have done as a company leader in a critical moment? With this edition's MindTap digital experience, you can strengthen your decision-making skills with "YouDecide" -- new interactive case studies that bridge technology and business strategy and position you as the decision maker. You can also examine possible career paths with new career connection videos. Delve deeper into key course concepts with new concept videos and foundational case studies. In addition, MindTap's RSS feeds alert you to the latest advancements and trends for a stronger focus on today's real business world.

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Meet the Authors

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Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., is professor of Management Information Systems at California State University. Dr. Bidgoli helped set up the first PC Lab in the United States and served as its initial director. He is the author of 45 textbooks, 27 manuals and more than 60 technical articles and papers on various aspects of computer applications, information systems and network security, e-commerce and decision support systems published and presented throughout the world. Dr. Bidgoli also serves as the editor-in-chief of THE HANDBOOK OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, THE INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA, THE HANDBOOK OF INFORMATION SECURITY, THE HANDBOOK OF COMPUTER NETWORKS and THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS was a recipient of one of the Library Journal’s Best Reference Sources for 2002. THE INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA was a recipient of one of the 2004 PSP Awards (Professional and Scholarly Publishing) by Association of American Publishers.

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  • YOU MAKE THE DECISION ACTIVITIES PLACE STUDENTS IN POSITION AS KEY DECISION MAKERS. These new branching scenario activities within MindTap for MIS 10 allow learners to apply their knowledge to novel business cases where they are positioned as the decision maker. The students make a series of decisions and see instant results. MindTap indicates if the decisions achieved an optimal or sub-optimal outcome, which provides the students with immediate feedback on their choices.
  • NEW CAREER AND CONCEPT VIDEOS IN MINDTAP FURTHER EXPLORE KEY LEARNINGS AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. These engaging new videos enable learners to dig deeper into potential career paths and take foundational course content to the next level of application and understanding.
  • NEW BRANCHING SCENARIOS PLACE STUDENTS IN POSITION AS KEY DECISION MAKERS. These new Branching Scenarios within MindTap for MIS 10 allow learners to apply their knowledge to novel business cases where they are positioned as the decision maker. The students make a series of decisions and see instant results. MindTap indicates if the decisions achieved an optimal or sub-optimal outcome, which provides the students with immediate feedback on their choices.
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  • KEY TOPICS ALIGN WITH AASCB STANDARDS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. This edition clearly labels key content with corresponding AASCB standards so you know that you are addressing the most current requirements. Case studies, information boxes and pertinent content are all clearly identified with current AASCB standards.
  • CONCISE, COMPLETE MODULES PRESENT INFORMATION IN AN APPEALING, READER-FRIENDLY FORMAT. Succinct, yet comprehensive, modules break meaningful content into manageable segments. These modules offer a reader-friendly format that encourages students to read the information -- all without minimizing coverage for your course.
  • CURRENT COVERAGE EXPLORES AND EXPLAINS THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND RECENT MIS DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS. The author carefully examines the technology behind recent business cases and developments that students are familiar with, but likely do not understand, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. Coverage also examines 5G and its business applications as well as the use of VR in today's workplace.
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Table of Contents

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1. Information Systems in Business.
2. Computers and Their Business Applications.
3. Data and Business Intelligence.
4. Personal, Legal, Ethical, and Organizational Issues.
5. Protecting Information Resources.
6. Data Communication: Delivering Information Anywhere and Anytime.
7. A Connected World.
8. E-Commerce.
9. Global Information Systems.
10. Building Successful Information Systems.
11. Enterprise Systems.
12. Supporting Decisions and Processes.
13. Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
14. Emerging Trends, Technologies, and Applications.

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