American Government and Politics Today, Brief,
11th Edition

Steffen W. Schmidt, Mack C. Shelley II, Barbara A. Bardes

ISBN-13: 9780357459065 | ISBN-10: 0357459067

Copyright 2022

| Published 2021

| 432 pages

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Issues like COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, massive unemployment, trade wars and cyberattacks add to the complexity of the U.S. political system. Schmidt/Shelley/Bardes' AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY, BRIEF, 11th edition, helps you make sense of it all while learning to be an informed citizen and active participant in the political process. A colorful, engaging design, up-to-date political news and analysis, and affordable price make this an ideal resource to explain the key aspects of the U.S. government and its fascinating political system and how they impact your life -- now and in the future. Extremely reader-friendly, the book has been praised for its brevity, balanced coverage and clarity. Offering anywhere, anytime digital learning solutions, MindTap provides an online platform for interactive learning.

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Meet the Authors

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Steffen W. Schmidt is the Lucken Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Iowa State University. He has published 14 books and over 130 articles in scholarly journals and major newspapers. His numerous teaching honors include the Amoco Award for Lifetime Career Achievement in Teaching and Teacher of the Year. He is a pioneer in the use of web-based and real-time video courses, a founding member of the American Political Science Association's computers and multimedia section and a founding member of the USSTRATCOM academic alliance. Known as "Dr. Politics" for his extensive commentary on U.S. politics in both American and international media, he comments on CNN en Español and Univision as well as CTV Canada Cable TV. Dr. Schmidt grew up in Colombia, South America, and studied in Colombia, Switzerland, the United States and France. He received a B.A. from Rollins College and a Ph.D. in public law and government from Columbia University, New York. Dr. Schmidt is on Facebook (SteffenWSchmidt) and Twitter (DrPolitics).

Mack C. Shelley II is a professor of political science and statistics at Iowa State University, where he arrived in 1979. Currently chair of the department of political science, he conducts policy research in a number of areas funded by grants and contracts. From 1993 to 2002, he served as elected co-editor of POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL. In addition, Dr. Shelley has published numerous articles, books and monographs on public policy, including THE PERMANENT MAJORITY: THE CONSERVATIVE COALITION IN THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS; BIOTECHNOLOGY AND THE RESEARCH ENTERPRISE: A GUIDE TO THE LITERATURE (with William F. Woodman and Brian J. Reichel); AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY: THE CONTEMPORARY AGENDA (with Steven G. Koven and Bert E. Swanson); and QUALITY RESEARCH IN LITERACY AND SCIENCE EDUCATION: INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES AND GOLD STANDARDS (with Larry Yore and Brian Hand). He received his bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington, D.C., and both his master’s degree in economics and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Barbara A. Bardes is professor emerita of political science at the University of Cincinnati. She served as a faculty member in political science and dean of Mundelein College at Loyola University of Chicago. In 1993, she was appointed dean of the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash, serving until 2003. She returned to the political science department, where she held the position of graduate director before retiring. In addition to writing articles on public and foreign policy and women and politics, Dr. Bardes co-authored DECLARATIONS OF INDEPENDENCE: WOMEN AND POLITICAL POWER IN 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN NOVELS; THINKING ABOUT PUBLIC POLICY: A PROBLEM-SOLVING APPROACH; PUBLIC OPINION: MEASURING THE AMERICAN MIND; and AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY. She received her B.A. and M.A. from Kent State University and her Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati.

  • More reader-friendly than ever, the 11th edition features a captivating new four-color design that appeals to today's learners, helping them engage more deeply with chapter material. It also makes the book's charts and graphs more impactful.
  • Thoroughly updated, Part IV, "Policymaking" covers the Republicans' struggle to replace the Affordable Care Act and also highlights Trump's transactional foreign policy and trade issues with China and Europe.
  • InterAct features direct students to web activities that encourage informed, active citizenship where they are now.
  • Learning outcomes open every chapter and correlate with each major section, giving students a road map to the book's key concepts. Full-page quizzes at the end of each chapter -- also correlated to the learning outcomes -- reinforce concepts, helping students maximize their study time and course success.
  • "Making a Difference" boxes at the end of each chapter promote student participation by exploring the questions "Why Should You Care?" and "What Can You Do?" while providing additional online resources that help students further explore important issues.
  • "At Issue" boxes turn the spotlight on current events and controversies and then conclude with "For Critical Analysis" questions that spark lively discussion and deeper reflection on the material.

Table of Contents

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1. The Democratic Republic.
2. Forging a New Government: The Constitution.
3. Federalism.
4. Civil Liberties.
5. Civil Rights.
6. Public Opinion, Political Socialization, and the Media.
7. Interest Groups and Political Parties.
8. Campaigns and Elections.
9. Congress.
10. The President.
11. The Executive Branch.
12. The Courts.
13. Domestic and Economic Policy.
14. Foreign Policy.
Appendix A: The Declaration of Independence.
Appendix B: The Constitution of the United States.
Appendix C: Federalist Papers No. 10 and No. 51.

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This condensed version of American Government and Politics Today presents the fundamental components of the American political system while retaining the larger edition's focus on inspiring students to become active, informed citizens.

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Cengage Testing, powered by Cognero® for Schmidt/Shelley/Bardes's American Government and Politics Today, Brief

This condensed version of American Government and Politics Today presents the fundamental components of the American political system while retaining the larger edition's focus on inspiring students to become active, informed citizens.

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