Data Communication and Computer Networks: A Business User's Approach,
9th Edition

Jill West

ISBN-13: 9780357504406 | ISBN-10: 0357504402

Copyright 2022

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| 456 pages

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Whether you are preparing for a career as a business manager, computer programmer or system designer, or you simply want to be an informed home computer user, West's DATA COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUTER NETWORKS, 9th Edition provides an understanding of the essential features, operations and limitations of today's computer networks. You learn about systems both on premises and in the cloud as the author balances technical concepts with practical, everyday issues. Updates address the latest developments and practices in cloud business principles and security techniques, software-defined networking, 5G, the Internet of Things, data analytics and supporting remote workforces. This edition also covers the CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials+ exam to help you prepare for this vendor-neutral, business-oriented cloud computing certification. Hands-on learning features and thought-provoking content also guide you through virtual networking technologies, industry convergence and wired and wireless LAN technologies.

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Meet the Authors

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Jill West, a C.I.S. instructor at Georgia Northwestern Technical College, brings a unique cross-section of experience in business, writing and education to the development of her innovative educational materials. She has taught multiple ages and content areas using a flipped classroom approach, distance learning and hybrid teaching. Ms. West was particularly instrumental in piloting a flipped classroom program for learning support courses at North Georgia Technical College. In addition, she has provided educational counseling. She regularly presents at regional and national conferences and international webinars, frequently offering CompTIA certifications for students and train-the-trainer sessions for instructors. Ms. West and her husband, Mike, live in northwest Georgia with three children at home and one away in college.

  • New color photos and figures bring complex concepts to life.
  • NEW HANDS-ON TECHNICAL PROJECTS PROVIDE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. New technical projects in this edition provide step-by-step instructions that guide students in applying and working with each chapter’s concepts. Students use free tools such as Packet Tracer, Wireshark and the AWS management console.
  • Reorganization of content improves scaffolding of concepts, making the material easier for students to learn and remember.
  • NEW CONTENT EXAMINES A CLOUD-NATIVE APPROACH TO NEW SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT. This editions thorough presentation of a cloud-native approach to new system development shows how to blend on-premises and cloud technology to support a hybrid environment.
  • NEW COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE PREPARES STUDENTS FOR COMPTIA’S CLOUD ESSENTIALS+ CERTIFICATION. This edition now helps your students prepare to earn this respected industry qualification. Complete and current coverage presents content that corresponds with the objectives for CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials+ exam. Students leave your course well prepared for this popular vendor-neutral, business-oriented, cloud computing certification.
  • “REMEMBER THIS…” INSTALLMENTS DIRECT STUDENTS TO CONSIDER CONCEPTS WITHIN A LARGER CONTEXT. These interesting learning features encourage readers to thinking about how the principles they've just studied fit into the "big picture." Students do this for each section before progressing to the next section.
  • "OUTSIDE THE BOX" EXERCISES EXTEND LEARNING BEYOND THE CHAPTER'S PRINTED CONCEPTS. These special exercises, embedded throughout each chapter, challenge students to explore ideas beyond those explicitly outlined in the chapter. This broadens students' professional skills, while sharpening their critical thinking.
  • “SELF-CHECK” QUESTIONS HELP STUDENTS DEVELOP METACOGNITION SKILLS. This proven, self-guided review ensures students understand the material while encouraging higher-order thinking skills. Solutions for this self-guided review appear in an appendix.
  • UPDATED DISCUSSION PROMPTS AND GRADING RUBRICS ENCOURAGE EFFECTIVE LIFELONG LEARNING HABITS. Thought-provoking discussion prompts throughout this edition, as well as easy-to-follow grading rubrics, encourage students to reflect on their learning progress. These proven features help you foster and support the development of positive lifelong learning habits.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Computer Networks and Data Communications.
2. Conducted and Radiated Media.
3. Fundamentals of Data and Signals.
4. Connections and Errors.
5. Wired and Wireless Local Area Networks.
6. Network Systems, Services, and Software.
7. Beyond the Local Area Network.
8. Risk, Security, and Compliance.
9. Wide Area Networks.
10. Connecting Networks.
11. Network Design and Management.
12. Business Principles in the Cloud.

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