Global Strategy,
5th Edition

Mike Peng

ISBN-13: 9780357512364 | ISBN-10: 0357512367

Copyright 2022

| Published 2021

| 562 pages

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The world’s best-selling global business strategy text, Peng's GLOBAL STRATEGY, 5E uses a reader-friendly approach to help you master principles of strategic management from a truly global perspective. This edition emphasizes strategy around the globe using evidence-driven explanations with the latest research. A conversational style emphasizes the story behind the stories, while encouraging discussion. Timely debates address strategic issues, such as globalization versus de-globalization, offshoring versus non-offshoring and social media freedom of speech versus censorship. You also examine building an antitrust case against Big Tech and reducing income inequality via corporate social responsibility (CSR). Lively strategy-in-action boxes and numerous cases -- including brief, to-the-point integrative cases written with today’s time-starved students in mind -- present current topics in every chapter.

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Meet the Authors

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Mike W. Peng is the Jindal Chair of Global Business Strategy at the Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas. He is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award winner and a Fellow of the Academy of International Business (AIB) and Asia Academy of Management (AAOM). Dr Peng holds a bachelor’s degree from Winona State University, Minnesota, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington, Seattle. Truly global in scope, Dr Peng’s research has investigated firm strategies in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North and South America. With more than 160 published articles and five books, he is one of the most prolific and influential scholars in global business. Used in over 40 countries, his textbooks are worldwide market leaders that have been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. He is one of only 101 scholars in economics and business listed among Highly Cited Researchers (based on Web of Science citations) in 2020 and has been on this distinguished list every year since 2014. Dr Peng has served on the editorial boards of AMJ, AMP, AMR, GSJ, JIBS, JMS, JWB, and SMJ; and served one term as Editor-in-Chief of the APJM. In recognition of his contributions, APJM named its best paper award the Mike Peng Best Paper Award. He has guest-edited special issues for JIBS and JMS, co-chaired an AIB/JIBS Frontiers conference in San Diego (2006) and chaired the Richard Farmer Best Dissertation Award Committee for the Washington conference (2012). He served as program chair for the biennial conference in Bali, Indonesia (2019), and is currently Vice President of AAOM.

  • STUDENTS LEARN THE NEWEST STRATEGIC BUSINESS TERMS AND CONCEPTS. This edition introduces today's newest global business terms, such as additive manufacturing/3D printing, artificial intelligence, blitzscaling and design thinking as well as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. In addition, students examine extraterritoriality, hybrid organization, pivot, servitization, shareholder democracy, socially responsible investment, socioemotional wealth and unicorns.
  • UPDATED BRIEF AND FOCUSED INTEGRATIVE CASES APPEAL TO TODAY'S TIME-STARVED STUDENTS. This edition leverages short and to-the-point Integrative Cases to support your case teaching. These Integrative Cases emphasize critical information while averaging 5-6 pages in length as opposed to traditional 15-20-page cases.
  • NEW CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS THE MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AND DEBATES. This edition helps students make sense of both recent developments and debates in the field, such as the COVID-19 coronavirus challenge, the deglobalization movement, the digital business model, the antitrust case against Big Tech and Brexit.
  • UPDATES HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST RESEARCH FROM THE AUTHOR AND WITHIN THE FIELD. This edition draws on leaders with the most contemporary global strategy research, such as R. D’Aveni on pan-industrials, R. Hoffman on blitzscaling, A. Lee on unicorns, T. Piketty on income inequality and D. Srinivasan and T. Wu on building an antitrust case against Big Tech. These works complement content that focuses on the author’s own cutting-edge research.
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  • THE MOST UP-TO-DATE COVERAGE ADDRESSES GLOBAL CHALLENGES AS RECENT AS COVID-19. Content offers the most current presentation among all competing textbooks, with copious coverage on how firms can strategically respond timely issues, such as the COVID-19 coronavirus challenge.
  • NUMEROUS DEBATES IN EACH CHAPTER REFLECT CURRENT RESEARCH AND NEW PRACTICES. Students remain engaged and actively participating as each chapter offers a number of captivating debates that draw on today's cutting-edge research and practice.
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  • MINDTAP DIGITAL ORGANIZATIONAL AND STUDY TOOLS HELP STUDENTS MANAGE STUDY AND REVIEW. Specially designed organizational and review tools throughout this edition guide your students in study and in better managing their limited time. MindTap allows them to complete assignments whenever and wherever they are ready to learn.
  • VARIETY OF RELEVANT CASES GUIDES READERS THROUGH EACH CHAPTER AND PROMPT INTENSE DISCUSSION. Each chapter opens with an engaging case and closes with an in-depth case. Three lively strategy-in-action boxes in every chapter prompt involvement. Some cases are written in a future tense—such as the closing case, "Is There an Antitrust Case against Big Tech?" and all are designed to generate intense classroom debates.
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Table of Contents

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Global Literacy Pre-Course Assessment.
Strategizing Around the Globe.
Managing Industry Competition.
Leveraging Resources and Capabilities.
Emphasizing Institutions, Cultures, and Ethics.
Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm.
Entering Foreign Markets.
Making Strategic Alliances and Networks Work.
Managing Competitive Dynamics.
Diversifying and Managing Acquisitions Globally.
Strategizing, Structuring, and Innovating Around the World.
Governing the Corporation Around the World.
Strategizing on Corporate Social Responsibility.
Integrative Cases.
Business Insights.
Group Project.
Global Literacy Post-Course Assessment.

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