3-2-1 Code It! 2022 Edition,
10th Edition

Michelle Green

ISBN-13: 9780357621226
Copyright 2023 | Published
928 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Master the skills needed for medical coding today with Green's best-selling 3-2-1 CODE IT!, 2022 EDITION. Updated each year to reflect the most recent code and guideline changes, this easy-to-use medical coding guide is ideal if you are just beginning medical coding. Updates incorporate the latest changes to ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT® and HCPCS Level II coding sets and guide you in using the CDC's ICD-10-CM search tool website. This well-organized, intuitive approach begins with diagnosis coding before guiding you through coding procedures and services. Separate chapters differentiate inpatient and outpatient coding as well as general and specific coding guidelines. Memorable examples, clearly defined terms and hundreds of updated printed and digital practice activities help you master concepts. You also work with computer-assisted coding cases and professional tools as you prepare for professional coding credentials. MindTap digital resources further equip you for coding success.


1. Overview of Coding.
2. Introduction to ICD-10-CM Coding and Conventions.
3. ICD-10-CM Chapter-Specific Coding Guidelines: ICD-10-CM Chapters 1–10.
4. ICD-10-CM Chapter-Specific Coding Guidelines: ICD-10-CM Chapters 11–22.
5. ICD-10-CM Physician Office and Outpatient Coding.
6. Introduction to ICD-10-PCS Coding, Conventions, and Section Coding Guidelines.
7. ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Hospital Inpatient Coding.
8. HCPCS Level II Coding.
9. Introduction to CPT Coding.
10. CPT Evaluation and Management.
11. CPT Anesthesia
12. CPT Surgery I.
13. CPT Surgery II.
14. CPT Surgery III.
15. CPT Surgery IV.
16. CPT Surgery V.
17. CPT Radiology.
18. CPT Pathology and Laboratory.
19. CPT Medicine.
20. Insurance and Reimbursement.

  • Michelle Green

    Michelle Green has been a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the health information technology department at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, New York, since 2017. Ms. Green held the position of SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the physical and life sciences department at the State University of New York, College of Technology for more than 30 years. An active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Ms. Green has been recognized both for her excellence in teaching and for her significant contributions to the health information management profession. She has earned numerous awards, including the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Alfred State College’s Alumni Association Teacher of the Year, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and AHIMA’s FORE Triumph Educator Award. Ms. Green is a registered health information administrator (RHIA), a fellow of the American Health Information Management Association (FAHIMA) and a certified procedural coder (CPC). She earned an M.P.S. degree from Alfred University and a B.S. from Daemen College. Ms. Green has authored three popular textbooks related to coding, revenue management and health information management.

  • ANNUAL UPDATES OF THE TEXT, MINDTAP DIGITAL SUPPORT AND SUPPLEMENTS ENSURE THE LATEST, ACCURATE CONTENT. This best-selling text and all of the resources within the support package, including MindTap digital solution, are updated every year to ensure all content reflects the latest changes to ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT® and HCPCS level II code sets as well as coding conventions and guidelines.

  • COMPLETE PACKAGE OFFERS HUNDREDS OF PRINTED AND DIGITAL PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES. The print textbook in combination with the fully integrated digital MindTap solution provides hundreds of coding practice assessments and exercises as well as real-world examples and coding reviews. Thorough updates each year ensure all components incorporate the most recent ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT® and HCPCS level II codes.

  • UPDATED, REORGANIZED AND STREAMLINED CONTENT CLEARLY GUIDES STUDENTS THROUGH CHANGES TO CODES AND GUIDELINES. In response to user feedback, early content on ICD-10-PCS is removed in this edition and ICD-10-CM content on coding, conventions and specific guidelines now appears near the beginning of the book in renamed and reorganized Chapters 2 through 5.

  • NEW PARTS III, IV AND V INCLUDE NEW AND REORGANIZED CONTENT FOR CLEARER PRESENTATION. This edition's new Part III, ICD-10-CM Outpatient and Physician Office Coding, moves this key information earlier in the book. A new Part IV on ICD-10-PCS coding system includes rewritten content on ICD-10-PCS coding, conventions and section coding guidelines as well as many more procedure statements for coding practice. A new Part V covering ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS inpatient hospital coding contains this information earlier than it appeared in the previous edition.

  • UPDATED CODING ASSIGNMENTS, EXAMPLES, EXERCISES AND REVIEWS IN THE TEXT REFLECT THE MOST RECENT CODES. These updated examples and practice include the latest ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT and HCPCS level II codes with updated answer keys in the Solution and Answer Guide. All revised instructor resources now reflect the latest codes, including updated PowerPoint slides and digital Test Bank available online.

  • EVERY CHAPTER INCORPORATES THE LATEST CHANGES TO MEDICAL CODES. Carefully revised content within each chapter highlights the latest ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT® and HCPCS level II codes and coding guidelines. This includes content about single-path coding (Ch.1); proposed CPT 2023 changes for selecting E/M codes related to remaining subsections, as a result of implemented changes for selecting CPT 2021 Office or other outpatient services codes (Ch. 10); and updates in insurance and reimbursement, specifically in the End-Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System (ESRD PPS) (Ch. 20).

  • ENCODERPRO.COM SOFTWARE AND CODING SCENARIOS PROVIDE HANDS-ON PRACTICE ONLINE WITHIN MINDTAP. The professional coding tool, Encoder Pro.com, is available as a 30-day trial at no cost. This edition includes coding scenarios with answer keys. Students also work with computer-assisted coding (CAC) cases in MindTap that use actual CAC software screen shots.

  • INTERESTING EXAMPLES, NOTES AND REAL-WORLD CODING SCENARIOS BUILD CONFIDENCE. These learning features are specifically designed to replicate a medical coding environment to help increase reader expertise and reinforce critical coding guidelines.

  • CONVENIENT TABLES ORGANIZE CODING CONCEPTS AND RULES IN AN QUICK-REFERENCE FORMAT. These handy tables throughout this printed edition provide instant access to the most important concepts and rules for immediate review and long-term reference.

  • FOCUS ON CODING CAREERS EQUIPS READERS TO ADVANCE PROFESSIONALLY. The first chapter in this edition provides a useful career overview with corresponding exercises in the textbook and assignments in the workbook. Readers gain insights into beginning their coding careers and learn how to become actively involved in professional associations and online forums.

  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE CLEARLY PRESENTS BOTH INPATIENT AND OUTPATIENT CODING INFORMATION IN ONE RESOURCE. This all-in-one coding textbook devotes a full chapter to outpatient coding (Ch. 5) and another to inpatient coding (Ch. 7). Chapter 6 now contains content about ICD-10-PCS coding. In addition, the author provides key coverage of insurance and reimbursement as well as coding conventions, official coding guidelines and coding of procedures and services.

  • NUMEROUS ACTIVITIES AND ASSESSMENTS PROVIDE IMPORTANT PRACTICE AND ONGOING OPPORTUNITIES TO EVALUATE MASTERY. Activities are available to support and reinforce each coding concept and code set. Helpful assessment tools further ensure student comprehension.

  • STREAMLINED CONTENT WITHIN CHAPTERS SEPARATES GENERAL AND SPECIFIC ICD-10-CM GUIDELINES. To facilitate instruction and student learning, general coding guidelines for ICD-10-CM appear in Chapter 2. Official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines are covered in two separate chapters to keep the content for each chapter focused and clear for readers.

  • NUMEROUS, MEMORABLE EXAMPLES REINFORCE UNDERSTANDING OF KEY CONCEPTS AND GUIDELINES. Contemporary, real examples integrated throughout each chapter strengthen students' mastery and retention of current coding concepts, general coding guidelines and chapter-specific coding guidelines.

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