Positive Child Guidance,
9th Edition

Darla Ferris Miller

ISBN-13: 9780357625309 | ISBN-10: 0357625307

Copyright 2023

| Published 2022

| 400 pages

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Updated with critical advances in research along with new NAEYC standards, Miller's POSITIVE CHILD GUIDANCE, 9th Edition, equips you with practical skills to guide, support and cope with a wide range of child behaviors. For a learning environment to thrive, it must be safe, individual rights must be respected and learners must accept responsibility for their actions. The author outlines workable steps for creating a cooperative, respectful community of children and adults, with special emphasis on social justice, cultural sensitivity and developmentally appropriate practice. This book provides insight into children's struggle to understand their own emerging needs and feelings while learning to meet adult expectations. You'll find a wealth of practical, effective and flexible guidance strategies based on principles of straightforward communication, respect and assertiveness.

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Meet the Authors

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Darla Ferris Miller holds a doctorate in early childhood education, Texas and Mississippi teaching credentials, and American Montessori Society credentials for both Early Childhood and Infant and Toddler. She was a vice president, a division chair and a professor at North Harris College. Dr. Miller also has served in a wide range of roles within the field of child care and development -- as an early childhood teacher, program director and consultant -- and has taught children from preschool through middle school. Additionally, she has provided infant/toddler development training in seven countries.

  • "WHAT DO YOU THINK?" BOXES: Featured midway through each chapter and correlated to the learning objectives, "What Do You Think?" boxes encourage open-ended critical thinking and reflection as students progress through each chapter. Special icons draw learners' attention to behavior and social justice issues.
  • CURRENT COVERAGE OF MISBEHAVIOR PREVENTION: Early childhood programs can play an important role in addressing the underlying needs that are essential for positive child development. Positive guidance as presented in this book is based on meeting children's basic underlying needs to develop their internal capacity to live healthfully, to respect others and to be responsible for their actions.
  • UP-TO-DATE BRAIN FACTS: Thoroughly updated, Brain Facts boxes equip students with current neurological findings that affect our understanding of how children learn as well as offer insight on how early child educators can most effectively guide them.
  • UPDATED WEB-BASED RESOURCES: Each chapter includes recommended websites relevant to the topics being discussed, giving students trustworthy resources to continue exploring key concepts.
  • NEW NAEYC STANDARDS COVERAGE: Emphasis on the new NAEYC standards includes a chapter-opening list that helps students quickly find coverage of key standards, while NAEYC and DAP icons identify standards-related content throughout the book, and NAEYC standards correlation charts help students make connections between what they are learning in the text and the standards.
  • PRACTICAL APPLICATION EMPHASIS: Every chapter has at least one Practical Application Case study that demonstrates important concepts addressed in the chapter. In addition, numerous examples designated throughout the text help students understand how they can apply their new competences in real-world situations.
  • MARGINAL KEY TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: To support student learning, key terms and their definitions appear in the text margins adjacent to boldface key terms where they first appear in the text. A list of the key terms appears at the end of each chapter and a comprehensive glossary appears at the end of the book. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTATIONS: Throughout the text, relevant quotes from well-known philosophers, educators, and writers illuminate the content and inspire students.
  • CLARIFICATION OF THE ROLE OF BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: While extrinsic motivation -- using tokens, prizes and praise as reinforcement -- can be effective in specific kinds of situations, it can seriously undermine intrinsic motivation if used incorrectly. The book provides insightful guidelines for supporting intrinsic motivation and using extrinsic motivators wisely.
  • Colorful Design and Larger Trim Size: This edition is a full-color text with an appealing interior design and larger trim size to help enhance student learning.
  • MARGINAL KEY TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: Ensuring thorough student understanding, key terms and their definitions appear in the text margins adjacent to boldface key terms where they first appear in the text. A list of key terms appears at the end of each chapter and a comprehensive glossary is included at the end of the book.
  • ENLIGHTENING QUOTATIONS: Throughout the text, relevant quotes from well-known philosophers, educators and writers illuminate the content and inspire students.

Table of Contents

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1. Why Guidance Matters.
2. Historical Perspectives and Guidance Theories.
3. Understanding Children's Behavior.
4. How to Observe Children.
5. Serving Culturally Diverse Children and Families.
6. Understanding Children with Ability Differences.
7. Designing Developmentally Appropriate Environments Inside and Out.
8. Building Relationships through Positive Communication.
9. Fundamental Causes of Positive and Negative Behavior.
10. Effective Guidance Interventions.
11. Mistaken Goals, Motivation, and Mindfulness.

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