Anatomy & Physiology for Health Professions,
1st Edition

Jonathan Bubb, Jr.

ISBN-13: 9780357649176 | ISBN-10: 0357649176

Copyright 2021

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| 900 pages

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Meet the Authors

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Jonathan Bubb Jr., MS, MSM, MPH, NRP is an avid intellect who has devoted much of his career to education and medicine. As a long time paramedic, Jonathan has learned the importance of clinical anatomy & physiology and now seeks to teach others the same. When Jonathan is not teaching, researching, or working in the field of medicine he spends his time with family, planning a future with his fiancé Amy, and enjoying the outdoors with their dogs; Maddie, Joey, Jack & Jetta.

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Table of Contents

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Module 1: Tissues of the Human Body.
Module 2: The Integumentary System.
Module 3: The Skeletal System.
Module 4: Joints of the Human Body.
Module 5: The Muscular System.
Module 6: The Nervous System.
Module 7: The Endocrine System.
Module 8: The Blood.
Module 9: The Cardiovascular System.
Module 10: The Respiratory System.
Module 11: The Lymphatic System.
Module 12: The Immune System.
Module 13: The Gastrointestinal System.
Module 14: Human Nutrition.
Module 15: The Renal System.
Module 16: Water, Electrolyte, and pH Homeostasis.
Module 17: The Reproductive System.
Module 18: Pregnancy and Childbirth.

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