Voyages in World History, Volume I,
4th Edition

Valerie Hansen, Ken Curtis

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Copyright 2023

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| 560 pages

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Discover how history is made up of the captivating stories of interesting people with Hansen/Curtis' VOYAGES IN WORLD HISTORY, 4E. Every chapter in this updated edition centers on the story of a different historic traveler while reinforcing a central theme -- the constant movement of people, goods and ideas throughout the world. The fascinating voyages of merchants, poets, rulers, explorers, soldiers, missionaries or scholars provide the framework for each chapter. New discussion questions and features prompt you to carefully consider and debate what you are reading. New inserts and special features demonstrate how information connects across chapters, societies and time periods. You learn about people, places and events that are crucial to understanding the global context of world history. MindTap digital resources are available with learning tools such as interactive maps. This edition is available as a complete volume or split into VOLUME 1: TO 1600 and VOLUME 2: SINCE 1500.

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Meet the Authors

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Valerie Hansen received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987. She is Stanley Woodward Professor of History at Yale University, where she teaches courses on East Asian history, especially pre-modern China and Silk Road history. Her most recent books include THE OPEN EMPIRE: A HISTORY OF CHINA TO 1600, THE SILK ROAD: A NEW HISTORY WITH DOCUMENTS and THE YEAR 1000: WHEN EXPLORERS CONNECTED THE WORLD AND GLOBALIZATION BEGAN. As co-author of VOYAGES IN WORLD HISTORY, Dr. Hansen has written this edition's Chapters 1–15.

Kenneth R. Curtis received his Ph.D. in African and comparative world history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on colonial to postcolonial transitions in East Africa, with a particular focus on the coffee economy of Tanzania. He is a professor of history and liberal studies at California State University, Long Beach. He teaches world history at the introductory level, in special courses designed for future middle and high school teachers and in graduate seminars. He has worked to advance the teaching of world history at the collegiate and secondary levels in collaboration with the World History Association, the California History/Social Science Project and the College Board's Advanced Placement World History course.

  • UPDATED, ENGAGING CAPTIONS PROMPT MEANINGFUL DISCUSSIONS. This edition's visually appealing maps and illustrations offer captions that now feature thought-provoking discussion questions to foster classroom participation and dialogue.
  • "VOYAGES" FEATURES VISUALLY COMBINE TEXT, MAPS AND ILLUSTRATIONS. This blend of narrative text with supporting visuals is designed to prompt student discussion and reinforce retention. The authors have created compelling stories that encourage students to remember each traveler’s experiences as they would remember a friend's experiences. This approach leads students into understanding differing societies in the past.
  • CONSISTENT, INTERESTING NARRATIVE SECTIONS IN EACH CHAPTER EMPHASIZE THE LARGER CONTEXT OF HISTORY. Ongoing narrative portions and multiple paragraphs in every chapter are clearly marked as "Context & Connections" sections that highlight how the information students are reading is important in the context of world history. In addition, a final chapter close reminds students how the material compares to information in other chapters.
  • END-OF-CHAPTER "CONTEXT AND CONNECTIONS" FEATURES COMPLEMENT NEW INSERTS WITHIN THE CHAPTER NARRATIVE. These end-of-chapter sections highlight additional essays and timelines that help students visualize the information in the chapter as part of a bigger depiction of history on a global scale.
  • PROVEN, STUDENT-FRIENDLY LEARNING FEATURES GUIDE STUDENTS IN READING AND REVIEW. Each chapter offers a chapter outline, focus questions as well as bolded key terms. The authors also integrate on-page glossaries and pronunciation guides to assist students in better understanding the events within each chapter.
  • HELPFUL FEATURES HIGHLIGHT HOW TO UNDERSTAND AND USE PRIMARY SOURCES. This edition's "Movement of Ideas Through Primary Sources" and "Visual Evidence in Primary Sources" features teach students how to analyze historical evidence that appears in textual and visual sources. In addition, "World History in Today‘s World" essays show students how historical developments relate to current issues.

Table of Contents

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1. The Peopling of the World, to 4000 B.C.E.
2. The First Complex Societies in the Eastern Mediterranean, ca. 4000–550 B.C.E.
3. Ancient India and the Rise of Buddhism, 2600 B.C.E.–100 C.E.
4. Blueprint for Empire: China, 1200 B.C.E.–220 C.E.
5. The Americas and the Islands of the Pacific, to 1200 C.E.
6. New Empires in Iran and Greece, 2000 B.C.E.–651 C.E.
7. The Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity, 509 B.C.E.–476 C.E.
8. The Silk Routes: Hindu and Buddhist States and Societies in Asia, 100–1000.
9. Islamic Empires of Western Asia and Africa, 600–1258.
10. The Multiple Centers of Europe, 500–1000.
11. Expanding Trade Networks in Africa and India, 1000–1500.
12. China‘s Commercial Revolution, ca. 900–1276.
13. Europe‘s Commercial Revolution, 1000–1400.
14. The Mongols and Their Successors, 1200–1500.
15. Maritime Expansion in the Atlantic World, 1400–1600.
16. Maritime Expansion in Afro-Eurasia, 1500–1700.

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Voyages in World History, Volume I

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