Modern Motorcycle Technology,
3rd Edition

Edward Abdo

ISBN-13: 9780357671108 | ISBN-10: 0357671104

Copyright 2017

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| 544 pages

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MODERN MOTORCYCLE TECHNOLOGY, Third Edition, provides an in-depth, visually rich guide to the internal and external workings of today’s motorcycles. The book begins with an overview of motorcycle technology, including the history of the motorcycle and the current state of the industry. Coverage then progresses to safety measures, engine operation, internal combustion engines (two-stroke and four-stroke), electrical fundamentals, motorcycle maintenance, and troubleshooting. Thoroughly updated, the Third Edition includes the latest motorcycle models and technology from today’s top manufacturers, as well as additional material on topics such as fuel injection, suspension systems, and electronics. The text is accompanied by a hands-on Student Skill Guide. Now better than ever, this trusted guide is ideal for anyone seeking the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s motorcycle technology field.

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Meet the Authors

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Ed Abdo has been actively involved with working on all types of engines for over 40 years. He has received extensive factory training from all of the major engine and motorcycle manufacturers and has worked as a Technician, Service Manager, and Service and Parts Director. Mr. Abdo’s experience in training includes over eight years as an Instructor, Chief Instructor, and Curriculum Development Manager. He also spent 10 years with American Honda—including seven as the Assistant Manager of Service Education in Honda’s Motorcycle Division, overseeing dealer training for the United States and worldwide training of distributors for products built in the USA. Currently, Mr. Abdo has his own service and repair shop in his hometown of Springville, New York.

  • The Third Edition has been thoroughly updated with current, technically accurate information on modern technology from leading motorcycle manufacturers, making this trusted resource ideal for students preparing to enter today’s motorcycle technology field.
  • New and revised coverage of key topics throughout the text includes additional material on fuel management systems and engine technology, as well as fully updated information on the latest offerings in today’s suspension systems, ensuring students will have the depth and breadth of knowledge to succeed in their chosen careers.
  • A new, complete instructor resources package includes a variety of valuable electronic tools to help you plan and deliver an effective course, including chapter presentations in PowerPoint®, chapter test banks powered by Cognero®, and an image gallery that includes electronic images from the text.
  • The text’s vast collection of vivid, full-color images is now even larger and better, with dozens of updated illustrations and all-new photographs that make it easier than ever for visual learners to grasp key concepts quickly and confidently apply what they learn.
  • Chapters devoted specifically to maintenance and troubleshooting build on previous material and provide a solid foundation to help students apply their knowledge and skills to diagnose, repair, and service motorcycles.
  • To complement the author’s industry expertise and clear, concise writing style, nearly 1,000 full-color photos, useful diagrams, and detailed illustrations help bring key concepts to life and provide outstanding support for visual learners.
  • The ancillary Student Skill Guide provides students with hands-on activities to help them put theory into practice and hone essential real-world skills.
  • Summaries and review questions at the end of each chapter highlight and reinforce critical information, allowing students to assess their learning and focus on key areas for further study.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Modern Motorcycle Technology.
2. Safety First.
3. Tools.
4. Measuring Systems, Fasteners, and Thread Repair.
5. Introduction to Basic Engine Operation and Configurations.
6. Internal Combustion Engines.
7. Lubrication and Cooling Systems.
8. Fuel and Engine Management Systems.
9. Drives, Clutches, and Transmissions.
10. Two-Stroke Engine Top-End Inspection.
11. Two-Stroke Engine Lower-End Inspection.
12. Four-Stroke Engine Top-End Inspection.
13. Four-Stroke Engine Lower-End Inspection.
14. Electrical Fundamentals.
15. Motorcycle Charging Systems and DC Circuits.
16. Ignition and Electric Starting Systems.
17. Frames and Suspension.
18. Brakes, Wheels, and Tires.
19. Motorcycle Maintenance and Emission Controls.
20. Motorcycle Troubleshooting.

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