CompTIA CySA+ Guide to Cybersecurity Analyst (CS0-002),
2nd Edition

Mark Ciampa

ISBN-13: 9780357678091 | ISBN-10: 0357678095

Copyright 2022

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| 976 pages

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Develop the advanced cybersecurity knowledge and skills for success on the latest CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst certification exam (CySA+ CS0-002) with Ciampa's COMPTIA CYSA+ GUIDE TO CYBERSECURITY ANALYST (CS0-002), 2nd Edition. Updated, "stair-stepped" content builds on material you've previously mastered as you learn to analyze and interpret threat intelligence data, identify and address both external and internal vulnerabilities and respond effectively to cyber incidents. Each module opens with an actual, recent cybersecurity event that provides context for the information that follows. Quick review questions help test your understanding as you progress through content that completely maps to the latest CySA+ CS0-002 certification. MindTap digital resources offer additional tools to boost understanding and performance. Each module culminates with hands-on Live Virtual Machine Labs that allow you to troubleshoot, practice, explore and try different solutions in a safe, sandbox environment.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Mark Ciampa is a professor of information systems in the Gordon Ford College of Business at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Prior to this current role, he served as an associate professor and the director of academic computing at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, Tennessee, for 20 years. Dr. Ciampa has worked in the IT industry as a computer consultant for businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. He has published more than 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has written more than 25 technology textbooks, including COMPTIA CYSA+ GUIDE TO CYBERSECURITY ANALYST; SECURITY+ GUIDE TO NETWORK SECURITY FUNDAMENTALS; SECURITY AWARENESS: APPLYING PRACTICAL SECURITY IN YOUR WORLD; CWNA GUIDE TO WIRELESS LANS and GUIDE TO WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS. Dr. Ciampa holds a Ph.D. in technology management with a specialization in digital communication systems from Indiana State University and has certifications in security and healthcare.

  • NEW HANDS-ON CASE PROJECTS DELVE DEEPER INTO CRITICAL CYBERSECURITY TOPICS. Completely new case projects at the end of each module guide the learner through a "deeper dive" into the critical topics within each module.
  • NEW "ON THE JOB" CASE PROJECTS INTRODUCE TASKS, PROCEDURES AND SKILLS FROM TODAY'S PROFESSIONAL WORLD. A new case project at the end of each module, based on insights from practicing professionals, highlights a real project ideal for preparing today's cybersecurity professional.
  • UPDATED CONTENT CORRESPONDS DIRECTLY WITH THE LATEST CYSA+ CS0-002 CERTIFICATION. Author Mark Ciampa applies his extensive professional and academic experience to organize and update all content to clearly map to the most recent CySA+ CS0-002 exam and certification requirements.
  • NEW MODULE UNITS AND REORGANIZED CONTENT CORRESPOND DIRECTLY TO TODAY'S CYBERSECURITY LATEST REQUIREMENTS AND NEEDS. This edition's new modules with an all-new sequencing of the information efficiently prepares learners for certification as well as the most recent needs in control, monitoring, compliance and incident response.
  • UPDATED MODULE OPENERS HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST CYBERSECURITY ATTACKS AND DEFENSES FROM TODAY'S HEADLINES. Students see the relevance and importance of the skills they are mastering as each module opener describes an actual cybersecurity attack or defense drawn from current events.
  • "CYBERSECURITY NOW" OPENERS INTRODUCE EACH MODULE. These engaging new module opening scenarios capture the reader's attention with an actual cybersecurity event that relates to that module's content. These openers provide a foundation and context for the information that follows while also introducing methods used within the latest attacks and defenses
  • “Two Rights and a Wrong” self-assessments that give learners the opportunities to quickly assess their understanding of the topics
  • All CS0-002 exam topics fully defined
  • Each exam sub-domain is linked to Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • COMPLETELY REVISED COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS THE LATEST CYBERSECURITY ATTACKS AND DEFENSES. Students learn about the most recent techniques and counter-techniques used in cybersecurity today with updates and expanded coverage of both attacks and defenses.
  • All new virtual machine labs that help learners refine the hands-on skills needed to master today’s cybersecurity toolset
  • ALL CONTENT CORRESPONDS FULLY TO THE LATEST COMPTIA CYSA+ CERTIFICATION EXAM CS0-002. This edition's content, divided into four parts, completely map to the four domains from the latest CompTIA CySA+ Exam to most effectively prepare today's learners.

Table of Contents

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1. Enterprise threats and vulnerabilities
2. Utilizing threat data and intelligence sources
3. Vulnerability management
4. Cloud computing and assessment tools
5. Infrastructure controls
6. Software and hardware assurance best practices
7. Data analysis (3.1)
8. Advanced monitoring
9. Cyber Incident Planning and Procedures
10. Reacting to a Cyber Incident: Indicators and Forensics
11. Organizational risk management
12. Data privacy and protection

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