An Invitation to Health,
20th Edition

Lisa Tunks

ISBN-13: 9780357728345 | ISBN-10: 0357728343

Copyright 2023

| Published 2022

| 624 pages

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Achieve a healthier lifestyle -- physically, emotionally, socially, and sexually -- with AN INVITATION TO HEALTH, 20th Edition. In addition to integrated, up-to-date coverage of the Covid 19 pandemic, you'll find new research on such topics as happiness and health, current statistics on life expectancy and death rates, mental health and anxiety, navigating social media, Dietary Guidelines, immunization, stress levels, safer sex practices, substance abuse, dubious diets and trendy foods, fitness monitors, vaping and cannabinoids. The book's active learning strategies offer a special focus on healthy living on a budget, taking preventive measures for healthier outcomes and implementing practical strategies that turn small changes into big benefits.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Lisa Tunks is a Health and Wellness Curriculum Design specialist who works with teaching professionals and editors to create student-centered curricula in an ever-changing learning environment. She has helped shape the landscape of teaching and learning excellence through effective accreditation and classroom practice both as a professor and administrator at Broward College. After over two decades of professional teaching in Florida, Dr. Tunks relocated to South Carolina where she focuses her professional energy teaching Public Health at Coastal Carolina University. Dr. Tunks holds a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science as well as a Doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Florida.

  • An expanded focus on diversity and inclusion throughout the book includes timely coverage of healthcare disparities, cardiovascular disease, sexuality and mental health.
  • New coverage of the impact of COVID-19 includes the latest information on coronaviruses and vaccines (Chapter 10), the impact of wearing masks (Chapter 7), as well as other pandemic-related topics, such as the effects of isolation, healthcare disparities, and the use of video conferencing.
  • The chapter on Sexuality Health now includes coverage of Pansexuality and Asexuality, an expanded discussion of bisexuality, and online resources for LGBTQ+ students. Terms and language have been updated in the discussions regarding gender, gender identity, and expression. In addition, an expanded discussion on Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ community has been added to Chapter 3.
  • Chapter 6 (now titled “Body Composition and Weight Management”) now emphasizes body composition and healthy body weight rather than BMI. The Physical Activity and Fitness chapter now includes coverage of FITT-VP, exercise addiction and skill-related fitness.
  • Chapter 18 (now titled Financial and Occupational Wellness) covers important topics such as choosing a major, life satisfaction within a chosen profession, and a range of financial topics including credit scores, investing, and creating a budget. This chapter replaces the previous chapter on Personal Safety.
  • In every chapter, candid and honest discussions engage and inform students. The authors draw on their decades of experience with students from a variety of cultures and educational backgrounds and their understanding of the modern health issues impacting college students today to connect with students.
  • Practical coverage of occupational and financial health -- topics often overlooked in personal wellness textbook -- shows students how to develop and maintain a healthy lifelong relationship with money. Topics include investing, credit and designing budgets.
  • The book's reader-friendly style and practical, action-oriented approach to everything from fitness and nutrition to stress management and healthy relationships help students take charge of their own health.
  • In-text learning aids include “Snapshot: On Campus Now” statistics; check-Ins that encourage students to reflect on the material; and chapter-based “Taking Charge of Your Health” checklists that allow them to track their own issues and make positive and lasting behavior changes.

Table of Contents

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1. Taking Charge of Your Health.
2. Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being.
3. Caring for Your Mind.
4: Stress Management.
5. Personal Nutrition.
6. Body Composition and Weight Management.
7. Physical Activity and Fitness.
8. Communicating and Connecting.
9. Sexual Health.
10. Reproductive Options.
11. Sexually Transmitted Infections.
12. Major Diseases.
13. Infectious Diseases.
14. Consumer Health.
15. Addictive Behaviors and Drugs.
16. Alcohol.
17. Tobacco and Nicotine Use.
18. Occupational and Financial Health.
19. A Healthier Environment.
20. A Lifetime of Health.

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