Electronic Variable Speed Drives,
4th Edition

Michael E. Brumbach, Jeffrey A. Clade

ISBN-13: 9781133134046 | ISBN-10: 1133134041

Copyright 2018

| Published 2017

| 272 pages

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Gain a thorough understanding of today's electronic variable speed drives with this one-of-a-kind practical guide. ELECTRONIC VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES, 4E provides the information essential for mastering DC and inverter drive technology. Using a logical structure, this book introduces fundamental drive circuits before presenting more complex drive circuits. This new edition highlights the most current technology advances for drives. The authors use their extensive industry and teaching experience to present theory in a clear, straightforward manner with the emphasis you need on both troubleshooting and maintenance. New hands-on activities provide additional practice using the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 70, while numerous waveform schematics guide you through operating different types of drives and interpreting their circuitry. Specific chapters focus on digital regenerative DC drives and frequency inverters as well as mechanical and electrical installation, set-up, tuning, programming, operating, and troubleshooting of each drive.

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Meet the Authors

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Michael E. Brumbach is the retired (after 28 years of service) associate dean of the Industrial and Engineering Technologies Division at York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He holds an associate degree in electronics technology. In addition to this book, Mr. Brumbach has co-authored ELECTRONIC VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES and INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE.

Jeffrey A. Clade is the Department Chair for the Industrial Maintenance Department at York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He holds an associate degree in Industrial Maintenance Technology. He is also a licensed Master Electrical Contractor in South Carolina. He has co-authored INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE.

  • NEW COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS IN THE FIELD TODAY. Readers become familiar with the most recent developments in the field and are prepared to work with the latest technology.
  • ADDITIONAL HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES PROVIDE IMPORTANT PRACTICE USING THE ALLEN-BRADLEY POWERFLEX 70 DRIVE. Several new hands-on activities direct current and future professionals in installation, initialization, and more complex drive wiring and programming using the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 70.
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  • APPENDIX PROVIDES REFRESHER ON DC AND AC MOTOR THEORY. An optional refresher on DC and AC motor theory in the appendix provides thorough review for readers who need it. The appendix emphasizes solid-state devices as they relate to variable speed drive technology.
  • DEPTH OF COVERAGE IS IDEAL FOR BOTH NOVICE OR EXPEREINCED TECHNICIANS. This book skillfully advances from basic coverage that's ideal for the novice drive user and helpful as review for more advanced users to complex topics, such as set up and troubleshooting. The authors review basic electrical and motor theory and drive fundamentals before progressing to more involved control circuits and advanced materials.
  • ACTUAL MANUFACTURER'S SCHEMATICS PREPARE READERS FOR SUCCESS IN THE REAL WORLD. Readers work with real manufacturer's schematics as they progress through the book. This enables readers to easily transition the skills they are learning to success on the job.
  • CHAPTERS HIGHLIGHT DEVELOPING INDUSTRY TOPICS. Readers gain a thorough understanding of digital regenerative DC drives and frequency inverters as well as today's other emerging technologies. Additional manufacturer-specific information prepares readers to work with the latest advancements.
  • CLEAR, CONCISE EXPLANATIONS FOCUS ON ESSENTIAL INFORMATION. Explanations and theory are presented in a clear, concise, no-nonsense manner with very little use of formulas.
  • THOROUGH COVERAGE OF TROUBLESHOOTING EQUIPS READERS FOR CHALLENGES ON THE JOB. The authors cover troubleshooting techniques in detail. The book devotes an entire chapter to DC drive troubleshooting and AC drive troubleshooting.

Table of Contents

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1.Introduction to Variable Frequency Drives.
2.Review of Physical, Electrical, and Motor Terminolgy.
3.Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Basics.
Activity 3-1: VFD Familiarization.
4.VFD Installation.
5.VFD Programming.
Activity 5-1: Local/Remote Control.
Activity 5-2: Motor Magnetic Field Current.
Activity 5-3: Reversing Directions.
Activity 5-4: Acceleration and Deceleration.
Activity 5-5: Using the VFD's I/O.
Activity 5-6: Master/Slave.
Activity 5-7: Skip Frequencies.
Activity 5-8: S-Curves.
Activity 5-9: Braking.
Activity 5-10: Voltage Boost.
Activity 5-11: Operating Above Base Motor Speed.
6.VFD Troubleshooting and Maintenance.
Activity 6-1: I/O Waveforms.
Activity 6-2: Checking IGBT Modules.
7. DC Drives.

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Electronic Variable Speed Drives

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