Criminal Investigation,
11th Edition

Kären M. Hess, Ph.D., Christine Hess Orthmann, M.S., Henry Lim Cho, M.A.

ISBN-13: 9781285862613 | ISBN-10: 1285862619

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 752 pages

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Easy to read and well-organized, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, 11th Edition delivers a practical, field-based approach to the modern investigative principles and practices you need to succeed in criminal justice. Demonstrating techniques and their many applications, the book introduces long-standing tools, practices, and policies alongside the latest innovations in technology and science to give you a broad perspective of criminal investigations today. Topics covered include D.N.A. science, terrorism and homeland security, cybercrime, crimes against children, forensics and physical evidence, investigative photography and sketching, identity theft, white-collar crime, ethics, and many others. Examples and case citations show how investigations affect the world around you. The MindTap that accompanies this text guides you through your course and includes video cases, career scenarios, visual summaries, and interactive labs that allow you to explore investigative techniques.

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Meet the Authors

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The late Kären Matison Hess, Ph.D., wrote extensively about law enforcement and criminal justice, gaining a prestigious reputation for the consistent pedagogical style around which she structured each textbook. Dr. Matison co-authored multiple editions of MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT, JUVENILE JUSTICE, INTRODUCTION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE and CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM in addition to CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. Many of the renowned strengths of Dr. Matison's practical presentation as well as her investigative insights remain hallmarks of this new edition.

Christine Hess Orthmann holds an M.S. in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati and has been writing about and researching various aspects of criminal justice for more than 20 years. A well-respected author of numerous Cengage Learning textbooks, Ms. Orthmann is a former reserve officer with the Rosemount (Minnesota) Police Department. She is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society of Criminology, the Text and Academic Authors Association and the National Criminal Justice Honor Society (Alpha Phi Sigma).

Henry Lim Cho holds an M.A. in human services with an emphasis in criminal justice leadership from Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota. He has worked in the field of criminal justice for more than 10 years and has held positions as a community service officer, police officer and detective. He has also worked in private security. He retired from the Rosemount (Minnesota) Police Department with the rank of sergeant. Sergeant Cho has experience as a use-of-force instructor and as a crime scene investigator. His professional memberships include the Text and Academic Authors Association, Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, International Association of Identification--Minnesota Chapter, Minnesota Sex Crimes Investigator Association, High Technology Crime Investigation Association, National White-Collar Crime Center and the Fraternal Order of Police. Sergeant Cho co-authored POLICE OPERATIONS and INTRODUCTION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE, and he has been published in the Minnesota Police Journal.

  • MindTap for Criminal Investigation, 11th Edition has met the Quality Matters Review Standards and is Quality Matters Certified. For more information, visit qualitymatters.org.
  • Cutting-Edge Content: Expansive new coverage includes the use of incident review and solvability factors as a critical step in managing criminal investigations; clearing a case; civil liability and reasons why failures occur in criminal investigations; using body cameras to document scenes and investigations; Brady/Giglio concerns; the increasing standard of proof required for stop vs. search/arrest vs. conviction; electronic data searches; cross-contamination of evidence; myths about criminal investigation; and many other topics.
  • MindTap® Online Learning Platform: The new MindTap® for Criminal Investigation, 11th Edition, offers customizable content, course analytics, an e-reader, and an applied learning experience –- all delivered within your current learning management system. With its rich array of media assets –- all tagged by learning objective and Bloom's Taxonomy level –- MindTap engages students, guides them toward mastery of basic concepts, and advances their critical thinking abilities.
  • Gripping Real-World Vignettes: Chapter openers have been updated with brand new vignettes that feature high profile, current stories from the world of criminal investigation.
  • Updated Art Program: New illustrations, tables, and photos bring the key concepts to life.
  • Reliable Material: Get comprehensive, authoritative coverage with CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, 11th Edition, which delivers the latest detailed updates on technology, statistics, laws, procedures and practices, and more.
  • Technology Innovations: Lead stimulating in-class discussions with these boxed features, which highlight the most recent advancements in criminal investigations. Topics include case management software, 3-D mapping of crime scenes, virtual autopsies using M.R.I. scanning, searchable video surveillance, and a new prototype method for detecting fingerprints with X-rays.
  • Best-Selling, Student-Friendly Format: Well-written, easy to read, and offering a field-based perspective grounded in current research, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION is the book of choice for many criminal justice courses at any level.

Table of Contents

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1. Criminal Investigation: An Overview.
2. Documenting the Crime Scene: Note Taking, Photographing, and Sketching.
3. Writing Effective Reports.
4. Searches.
5. Forensics/Physical Evidence.
6. Obtaining Information and Intelligence.
7. Identifying and Arresting Suspects.
8. Death Investigations.
9. Assault, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Elder Abuse.
10. Sex Offenses.
11. Crimes Against Children.
12. Robbery.
13. Burglary.
14. Larceny/Theft, Fraud, and White-Collar Crime.
15. Motor Vehicle Theft.
16. Arson, Bombs, and Explosives.
17. Computer Crime.
18. A Dual Threat: Drug-Related Crime and Organized Crime.
19. Criminal Activities of Gangs and Other Dangerous Groups.
20. Terrorism and Homeland Security.
21. Preparing for and Presenting Cases in Court.
Appendix A: Patrol Crime Scene Management Checklist.
Appendix B: Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Case Review Solvability Chart.
Appendix C: Sudden In-Custody Death: An Investigator's Checklist.
Appendix D: Death Scene Checklist.
Appendix E: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Cold Case Solvability Criteria.
Appendix F: Sample Form for Reporting Bias Crime.
Author Index.
Subject Index.

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