College Physics: Reasoning and Relationships,
2nd Edition

Nicholas Giordano

ISBN-13: 9781305075993 | ISBN-10: 1305075994

Copyright 2015

| Published 2014

| 1208 pages

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Nicholas J. Giordano is the James Huber Distinguished Professor of Physics and Head of the Department of Physics at Purdue University. In 2003, he was named Teacher of the Year for the state of Indiana and was also awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching at Purdue. Giordano earned his Ph.D. at Yale University and is a respected researcher in the field of nanoscience.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction.
2. Motion, Forces, and Newton's Laws.
3. Forces and Motion in One Dimension.
4. Forces and Motion in Two and Three Dimensions.
5. Circular Motion and Gravitation.
6. Work and Energy.
7. Momentum, Impulse, and Collisions.
8. Rotational Motion.
9. Energy and Momentum of Rotational Motion.
10. Fluids.
11. Harmonic Motion and Elasticity.
12. Waves.
13. Sound.
14. Temperature and Heat.
15. Gases and Kinetic Theory.
16. Thermodynamics.
17. Electric Forces and Fields.
18. Electric Potential.
19. Electric Currents and Circuits.
20. Magnetic Fields and Forces.
21. Magnetic Induction.
22. Alternating-Current Circuits and Machines.
23. Electromagnetic Waves.
24. Geometrical Optics.
25. Wave Optics.
26. Applications of Optics.
27. Relativity.
28. Quantum Theory.
29. Atomic Theory.
30. Nuclear Physics.
31. Physics in the 21st Century.

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Student Companion with Problem Solve for Giordano's College Physics, Volume 2, 2nd

The Student Companion and Problem-Solving Guide is written with the same emphasis on reasoning and relationships as the main text, with some additional content to help students prepare for the MCAT exam. Key Features include Summary of Key Concepts and Problem Solving Strategies, Frequently Asked Questions, Selection of End-of-Chapter Answers and Solutions, Additional Worked Examples and Capstone Problems, and MCAT Review Problems and Solutions.

College Physics: Reasoning and Relationships, 2nd: Teacher Resource Guide for AP® Program


College Physics: Reasoning and Relationships, 2nd: Fast Track to a 5 AP® Test Preparation Workbook


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