Your Career: How To Make It Happen,
9th Edition

Lauri Harwood, Lisa M.D. Owens, Crystal Kadakia

ISBN-13: 9781305494831 | ISBN-10: 1305494830

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 336 pages

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A best-selling, indispensable resource, YOUR CAREER: HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, 9E helps you move from "job seeker" to "job finder." Packed with innovative resources you can use now and throughout your career, this step-by-step guide helps you find and keep the ideal job. This book introduces a manageable process for marketing yourself to prospective employers. Each chapter provides practical tips you can apply to your unique goals. Clear instruction guides you through self-assessment, employer research, self-marketing, networking, writing a market-driven resume, and interviewing. Practical assignments and a technology-driven focus connect you directly with the business community and employers. You build a strong foundation for current and future job searches as YOUR CAREER, 9E introduces the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace, reach your career potential, and stand out as a strong candidate for jobs in your ideal career field.

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Meet the Authors

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Lauri Harwood is a widely respected consultant and trainer. Her extensive experience includes 15 years of developing corporate training for Procter & Gamble. She is an instructor at Miami University in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the owner of Vandalay Group, Inc., she serves as a writer, instructional designer, and program/project manager. Her degrees include a bachelor of arts in English literature (University of Cincinnati) and a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication (Miami University).

Lisa M.D. Owens spent a decade in the engineering field before becoming a full-time corporate training manager at Procter & Gamble, where she created P&G's first online global training, several training programs for global new hires and the first online internal job posting system for a Fortune 100 company -- for more than 80,000 employees at more than 200 sites around the world. She also served as a key adviser for training developed for P&G interviewers who went to college and university campuses to make the first cut on who might be a future employee. Now retired from P&G, Owens founded Training Design Strategies LLC (TDS) so she can continue to equip the doers and the movers of the world to achieve their goals through the help of powerful training, for which she provides the design strategies. She has served on the advisory board for Ohio University's instructional design certificate program, the Executive Advisory Board for The Association for Talent Development, Greater Cincinnati Chapter (GC-ATD) and CorpU's Leaders-As-Teachers Executive Council. Her publications include DESIGING FOR MODERN LEARNING (2020, co-author), LEADERS AS TEACHERS ACTION GUIDE (2014, co-author), LO START-UP DI UNA CORPORATE UNIVERSITY (Italian) and LEADERS TRAINING IN LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE magazine (2005). Owens earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (1977) and a Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati (1995).

Crystal Kadakia is a two-time TEDx speaker, organizational consultant and bestselling author known for transforming the toughest workplace changes into exciting possibilities for our digital world. After six years at Procter & Gamble, she began her consulting firm, where she tackles transforming the status quo and bridging gaps among people in the workplace. She brings organizations into the digital age, reimagining people strategies with clients in areas such as career development, learning culture, inclusion, leadership development and employee engagement. Past clients include General Mills, Southern Company, Monster.com, Sierra Club and other organizations. Through keynote addresses and her bestselling book, THE MILLENNIAL MYTH: TRANSFORMING MISUNDERSTANDING INTO WORKPLACE BREAKTHROUGHS (Berrett-Koehler, 2017), Kadakia has changed the story around the generation gap for thousands over the past decade. Along with supporting clients, her next project is a deep study of living and leading in the digital age, including practices that help people create connection, emerge from burnout and balance the role of technology in their day-to-day lives. Kadakia is honored to be a Power 30 Under 30, CLO Learning in Practice and ATD One to Watch award recipient. She earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a master’s in organization development. Originally from Austin, Texas, she is now based in Atlanta with husband Jeremy, where they love immersing in nature and cultural experiences.

  • ENTIRE BOOK IS NOW RESTRUCTURED AND REORGANIZED. The authors have reworked content to provide a more logical flow and fewer, more focused learning outcomes. The five phases of the Job Search Journey (formerly The Job Search Cycle) correlate to the five sections of the book and are reorganized to offer a more logical progression. Phase One highlights starting the job search journey. Phase Two emphasizes creating an effective resume while Phase Three discusses cover letters and job applications. Phase Four shows how to ace the job interview and Phase Five covers post-interview career management.
  • MINDTAP® FOR YOUR CAREER OFFERS A PERSONALIZED TEACHING EXPERIENCE TO GUIDE STUDENTS IN ANALYZING, APPLYING, AND ELEVATING THINKING. You can measure skills and promote better outcomes with ease. This online learning solution combines readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments into a single Learning Path that guides student through the curriculum. You can customize the presentation of these learning tools and even seamlessly introducing your own content. MindTap® for Your Career integrates with Pathbrite, giving students access to electronic portfolios during and after your course.
  • NEW "REAL WORLD SCENARIOS" PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO CHAPTER CONCEPTS. Each chapter now includes one or two scenarios that highlight real-world situations and pose thought-provoking questions. These scenarios prompt dynamic class or group discussion that personalizes the learning experience.
  • THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE JOB SEARCH IS UPDATED AND EMPHASIZED. "You, Online" features, now in every chapter, connect the book to career-related social media resources. Activities guide students in creating a LinkedIn profile, presenting a professional online image to prospective employers, and more. The completely rewritten social media appendix, "Succeeding in the Job Search Journey Using Social Media," illustrates the latest developments in networking, job searching, job application and interviews using the latest online tools, websites and apps.
  • CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO PAUSE AND REFLECT. These powerful questions at the end of each chapter encourage students to examine the chapter’s learning outcomes and evaluate how they can most effectively use those outcomes in their personal job search processes.
  • "CAUTION:" OFFERS INSIGHTS AND TIPS FOR AVOIDING COMMON PITFALLS AND ACHIEVING GOALS. Formerly titled "Watch Out!", this feature builds on the experiences of other professionals to alert students to behaviors they should avoid or to demonstrate how to plan ahead for effective career results.
  • "TRIAL RUN" INTERACTIVE, ROLE-PLAY ACTIVITIES at the end of each chapter model the desired outcomes of the chapter. Each activity requires peer or self-evaluation.
  • PROFESSIONAL PROFILES FEATURE REAL PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT CAREER MANAGEMENT AND JOB SEARCH ISSUES. Offering intriguing insight into current career and business issues, profiles throughout this edition feature five experts -- such as an HR manager and college career center director -- as well as five people with whom students can immediately identify, including a young job seeker, a new hire, and a mid-career job seeker.
  • STUDENTS CREATE THEIR PERSONAL BRAND MARKETING STATEMENT. This book encourages readers to develop, hone and implement a personal brand marketing statement as well as a 30-second commercial to emphasize their positive attributes and qualifications for jobs.
  • STUDENTS CREATE AND MAINTAIN CAREER PORTFOLIOS. Through practical, hands-on application, students organize information about themselves and the job search in draft portfolios, as well as employer-ready resumes, cover letters, and more in final Master Career Portfolios. These tools help motivate students to seriously pursue their job search journey now and throughout their entire careers.
  • MORE THAN 50 CAREER ACTION WORKSHEETS HELP STUDENTS APPLY CHAPTER CONTENT AND PERSONALIZE ADVICE. Use these flexible worksheets individually or in groups, in class or as homework. Guided assessments prompt students to consider their preferences, personal traits, and other topics. These worksheets help students build their resumes and other job search tools, and find jobs that represent a good fit for them and further their desired career paths.
  • LEARNING OUTCOMES CORRESPOND TO CHAPTER WORKSHEETS, QUESTIONS AND ACTIVITIES. Learning outcomes at the beginning of the chapter relate to end-of-chapter materials and each main chapter heading.

Table of Contents

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1. The Job Search Process.
2. Know Yourself to Market Yourself.
3. Picture Yourself in the Workplace.
4. Plan Your Resume.
5. Write Your Resume.
6. Find Job Openings.
7. Write Job Applications.
8. Write Effective, Tailored Cover Letters.
9. Know the Interview Essentials.
10. Prepare for Your Interview.
11. Interview Like a Pro.
Part V: Connect, Accept, and Succeed.
12. Stay Connected with Prospective Employers.
13. Dealing with Disappointment.
14. Take Charge of Your Career.
Appendix: Succeeding In The Job Search Journey Using Social Media.

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