Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals and Applications,
2nd Edition

Beth Vanhorn, Robert Clark, PhD

ISBN-13: 9781305499218 | ISBN-10: 1305499212

Copyright 2022

| Published 2021

| 896 pages

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Vanhorn's VETERINARY ASSISTING: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, 2ND EDITION, equips you with the knowledge and skills you need for success in real-world practice. Offering step-by-step explanations, the text begins with the basics of veterinary medical terminology and office procedures before advancing to more advanced skills, such as anatomy, restraint, nursing care, radiology and surgical assisting. Comprehensive coverage of animal production and management includes companion, large and exotic animals, while a separate section focuses on general anatomy and physiology of each body system -- along with related disease processes. Clinical scenarios vividly illustrate exactly how chapter concepts apply on the job. Also available, the MindTap digital solution propels you from memorization to mastery with its flexible anywhere, anytime learning tools.

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Meet the Authors

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Beth Vanhorn, AS, is a certified veterinary technician with more than 20 years of professional experience. When hired by the Dauphin County Technical School in 2005, she hit the ground running by outlining a curriculum for the Veterinary Assistant Program. In addition, she is the instructor for its NAVTA/AVA-accredited Adult Education Veterinary Assistant Program. Since 2012, she also has served as a full-time Practice Manager and CVT in a Banfield Pet Hospital.

Dr. Robert Clark is an Administrative Director for Dauphin County Technical School (DCTS), and the developer of the school’s urban agricultural program. Upon realizing that there was no industry-recognized credential for veterinary assistants, he worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) to lay the groundwork for this innovative program that could answer the need for credentialing.

  • Thorough, comprehensive and completely up to date, Vanhorn's VETERINARY ASSISTING: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, Second Edition, is designed in accordance with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA) model curriculum for veterinary assistants.
  • The Second Edition provides a wealth of easy-to-use resources and tools for the veterinary assistant instructor in a variety of programs, including animal science, FFA, 4-H, secondary and adult education.
  • Ideal for high school and adult education programs alike, this valuable teaching resource equips students with details on tasks performed by veterinary assistants as well as other members of the veterinary health care team.
  • Helping you maximize your course prep time, online instructor supplements include an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint presentations and a test bank.
  • The text's expansive coverage includes all aspects of veterinary career fields, including small animal, large animal and exotic animal sections under one complete cover.
  • Taking a competency-based approach, the text presents all skills in a student-friendly, step-by-step format to ensure thorough understanding.
  • An entire section on animal production and management covers companion, large and exotic animals.
  • Its far-reaching coverage includes all skill areas -- from office to clinical procedures.
  • The online companion website includes exercises and handouts that can be used as additional assignments.

Table of Contents

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1. Veterinary Medical Terminology and Abbreviations.
2. Medical Records.
3. Scheduling Appointments and Computer Applications.
4. Veterinary Careers.
5. Communication and Client Relations.
6. Veterinary Ethics and Legal Issues.
7. Veterinary Safety and Aseptic Techniques.
8. Dog Breed Identification and Production Management.
9. Cat Breed Identification and Production Management.
10. Avian Breed Identification and Production Management.
11. Pocket Pet Identification and Production Management.
12. Rabbit Breed Identification and Production Management.
13. Reptile and Amphibian Identification and Production Management.
14. Ornamental Fish and Aquaculture Identification and Production Management.
15. Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Identification and Production Management.
16. Laboratory and Animal Research Identification and Production Management.
17. Beef and Dairy Cattle Breed Identification and Production Management.
18. Equine and Draft Breed Identification and Production Management.
19. Swine Breed Identification and Production Management.
20. Sheep Breed Identification and Production Management.
21. Goat Breed Identification and Production Management.
22. Poultry Breed Identification and Production Management.
23. The Structure of Living Things.
24. The Musculoskeletal System.
25. The Digestive System.
26. The Circulatory System.
27. The Respiratory System.
28. The Endocrine System.
29. The Renal System.
30. The Reproductive System.
31. The Immune System.
32. The Nervous System.
33. The Sensory System.
34. Animal Nutrition.
35. Microbiology and Parasitology as Disease Processes.
36. Basic Veterinary Restraint and Handling Procedures.
37. Physical Examination Procedures and Patient History.
38. Veterinary Assistant Procedures.
39. Laboratory Procedures.
40. Radiology and Imaging Procedures.
41. Pharmacy Procedures.
42. Surgical Assisting Procedures.

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