Microeconomics: A Contemporary Introduction,
11th Edition

William A. McEachern

ISBN-13: 9781305505537 | ISBN-10: 1305505530

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 528 pages

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Gain a strong understanding of microeconomic principles with hundreds of lively examples found in McEachern's MICROECONOMICS: A CONTEMPORARY INTRODUCTION, 11E. This book draws on what you already have observed through your life experiences to help explain microeconomic concepts, choices, institutions, and events. Interesting printed and online case studies, the latest research findings, and focused examples offer genuine insight into how microeconomic principles work in today's world. A friendly writing style is enhanced by learning features that make the material clear and more direct. Understandable graphs and exhibits include captions that summarize key points, color-coded curves, and helpful labels for clarification. More challenging graphs in the book are built one step at a time using new Progression Graphs software. Powerful learning tools, such as online Aplia® and MindTap, further improve your understanding of microeconomics and its relevance to your success.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. William A. McEachern began teaching large sections of economic principles shortly after joining the University of Connecticut. Several years later he began offering teaching workshops around the country. The University of Connecticut Alumni Association conferred on him its Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award in 2000. He earlier won the Association's award for Distinguished Public Service. Dr. McEachern has published books and monographs on public finance, public policy, and industrial organization, including MANAGERIAL CONTROL AND PERFORMANCE (D.C. Heath and Company). His research has also appeared in edited volumes, such as READINGS IN PUBLIC CHOICE ECONOMICS (University of Michigan Press), INTERNATIONAL HANDBOOK ON TEACHING AND LEARNING ECONOMICS (Edward Elgar Publishing), and RETHINKING ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES (Irwin Publishing), He has also published in a variety of refereed journals, including Economic Inquiry, National Tax Journal, Quarterly Review of Economic and Business, Journal of Industrial Economics, Kyklos, Econ Journal Watch, and Public Choice. His principles of economics textbooks have been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia, and have been adapted for Australia and for India. He is the founding editor of THE TEACHING ECONOMIST, a newsletter that for a quarter of a century has focused on teaching economics at the college level. Dr. McEachern has advised federal, state, and local governments on policy matters and has been quoted in media such as the New York Times, Times of London, Wall Street Journal USA Today and Reader's Digest. He, earned an undergraduate degree with honors from College of the Holy Cross, served three years as a U.S. Army officer, and earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia.

  • OVERARCHING THEME HIGHLIGHTS THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY IN ALL ASPECTS OF ECONOMIC LIFE. From Spotify or the price elasticity of e-books to smart apps for tracking fitness and nutrition or the effect of the Internet on labor productivity, this edition discusses how technological developments directly impact production, employment, sales, and consumption.
  • NEW TOPICS INTRODUCE FRESH MICROECONOMICS PERSPECTIVES. Students examine how some not-for-profit hospitals employ more people than some major corporations (Ch. 3) how easy online price comparisons have made demand more price sensitive (Ch. 5); and how strong brand loyalty even passes across family generations (Ch. 10).; They also study why labor unions have failed in high-tech industries (Ch. 12) and how developing economies present challenges for franchise operators, such as KFC (Ch. 33).
  • THE MOST RECENT EXAMPLES AND RELEVANT, SUPPORTING RESEARCH KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED. To help your students better understand microeconomic concepts, updates to examples and research published since the previous edition went to press are presented in simple, clear language. All examples keep microeconomic material engaging and relevant to your students' lives. Brief definitions, section titles, exhibit titles, and captions are direct and to the point to keep students' attention.
  • NEW PROGRESSION GRAPHS ONLINE SOFTWARE HELPS CLARIFY UNDERSTANDING. Students can now build the more challenging graphs in the book one step at a time using the book's new online software, Progression Graphs.
  • EMPHASIS ON TODAY'S MOST RECENT RESEARCH REINFORCES KEY ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES. This edition draws on recent research to stimulate your students' interest, to reinforce economic principles, and, in a few cases, to offer an alternative perspective. The edition cites and discusses more than 150 studies published after the previous edition went to press. The author has selected these studies from his review of more than a thousand relevant publications.
  • "CHECKPOINT QUESTIONS" HELP ASSESS RECALL. After each major section, your students are asked a key "Checkpoint Question" to help evaluate how well they recall and understand what they just read.
  • END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS ARE CLEARLY IDENTIFIED BY CHAPTER CONCEPTS. These questions and problems that correspond with major concepts give you flexibility for easier assignments while helping students find the specific material they need to review if a question or problem gives them difficulty.
  • MCEACHERN LEADS BY EXAMPLE. The author introduces each microeconomic idea by using common everyday student experiences to bridge the gap between what students already know and the unfamiliar world of economics.
  • MINDTAP® OFFERS A PERSONALIZED TEACHING EXPERIENCE THAT GUIDES STUDENTS IN ANALYZING, APPLYING, AND IMPROVING THINKING. Measure skills and outcomes with ease. Personalized teaching becomes yours through a Learning Path built with key student objectives and your syllabus in mind. Control what students see and when they see it. Relevant readings, multimedia, and activities take students from basic knowledge to analysis and application. Analytics and reports provide a snapshot of class progress, time in course, engagement and completion rates.
  • "TO REVIEW" ENSURES STUDENT COMPREHENSION. These helpful sections sum up lengthy concepts. Brief one-sentence questions, inserted into the flow of the text, make certain that students comprehend the microeconomics concepts they're studying and are ready to continue through the material.
  • BOOK IS FULLY INTEGRATED WITH APLIA®, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ONLINE PRODUCT FOR ECONOMICS. Aplia® offers interactive tools to help better prepare microeconomics students. For you, the instructor, Aplia® provides access to high-quality, auto-graded assignments that ensure your students put forth effort on a regular basis throughout the term.
  • CLEAR, COLOR-CODED GRAPHS ENHANCE UNDERSTANDING. Special care has been taken to ensure all graphics are understandable with curves that are systematically color-coded to enhance student understanding.

Table of Contents

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1. The Art and Science of Economic Analysis.
2. Some Tools of Economic Analysis.
3. Economic Decision Makers.
4. Demand and Supply Analysis.
5. Elasticity of Demand and Supply.
6. Consumer Choice and Demand.
7. Production and Cost in the Firm.
8. Perfect Competition.
9. Monopoly.
10. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly.
11. Resource Markets.
12. Labor Markets and Labor Unions.
13. Capital, Interest, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Finance.
14. Transaction Costs, Asymmetric Information, and Behavioral Economics.
15. Economic Regulation and Antitrust Policy.
16. Public Goods and Public Choice.
17. Externalities and the Environment.
18. Poverty and Redistribution.
19. International Trade.
20. International Finance.
21. Economic Development.

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