Legal Environment,
6th Edition

Jeffrey F. Beatty, Susan S. Samuelson

ISBN-13: 9781305507487 | ISBN-10: 1305507487

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 936 pages

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Using an innovative storytelling style to bring cases and legal concepts to life, LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, 6E presents a full range of legal environment topics in a series of brief, quick-reading chapters. You see the relevance of legal issues to your own future career path with this book’s unique emphasis on the business applications for each chapter’s concepts. Expanded coverage highlights international law, employment discrimination and other legal topics of interest to you, including social media, technology, and cutting-edge intellectual property issues. Students who have used this book exclaim that it’s the best textbook from their college experience, they don’t want to stop reading and they had no idea business law could be so interesting. To further ensure your understanding, this new edition also offers access to MindTap, a fully online, highly personalized learning experience built on Cengage Learning content that addresses today’s legal environment.

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Meet the Authors

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Jeffrey F. Beatty earned his B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and J.D. from Boston University. He has practiced law at Greater Boston Legal Services, where he has represented indigent clients. Professor Beatty has earned The Metcalf Cup and Prize, Boston University’s highest teaching award. In addition to his legal research and writings, Professor Beatty has written both plays and television scripts that have been performed in Boston, London and Amsterdam.

Susan S. Samuelson earned her A.B. and J.D. from Harvard University. She has practiced corporate law with Choate, Hall and Stewart. Professor Samuelson has earned the Broderick Prize for excellence in teaching at the Questrom School. A highly respected legal professional, she has written numerous articles on legal issues for scholarly and popular journals, including the American Business Law Journal, Ohio State Law Journal, Boston University Law Review, Harvard Journal on Legislation, National Law Journal, Sloan Management Review, Inc. Magazine and Boston Magazine.

  • ENTIRE CHAPTER IS NOW DEVOTED TO EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION. Student are able to examine this issue of growing legal importance in detail.
  • NEW CASE QUESTIONS DEMONSTRATE USEFUL, PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. These new, meaningful Case Questions, added to the end-of-chapter material, help students apply chapter concepts to today’s real-world legal issues.
  • REWRITTEN INTERNATIONAL LAW CHAPTER CLEARLY INTRODUCES THE BASIC STRUCTURE AND IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL LAW. This chapter discusses: (1) how international law is created, (2) major treaties and other sources of international law, (3) the world’s different legal systems, (4) the application of U.S. law overseas, and (5) the enforceability of foreign laws and treaties in the United States.
  • INCREASED COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS TOPICS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST TO STUDENTS. Engage students with topics such as social media, technology, and cutting-edge intellectual property issues. This edition’s bankruptcy chapter now includes a new section on student loans. The crime chapter explores the application of constitutional standards of privacy to new technology, such as DNA tests, digital cameras, social media, cellphones, and computers. The consumer law chapter examines the legal issues raised when students spend money through direct debit, ATM cards, and prepaid debit cards.
  • NEW MINDTAP OFFERS STUDENTS A FULLY ONLINE, HIGHLY PERSONALIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Built around proven Cengage Learning content, MINDTAP combines learning tools -- such as readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments -- into a singular learning path that guides students through your course. You can personalize the experience by customizing content and learning tools. MINDTAP enables you to add our own content with apps that integrate into the MINDTAP framework seamlessly and work with leading learning management systems.
  • EXPANDED COVERAGE ADDRESSES CYBERLAW AND PRIVACY TOPICS. This edition’s important cyberlaw chapter now includes a thorough discussion of privacy both on and offline. This key information is essential for anyone who has ever connected to the Internet or has worried that private data could become public.
  • CONTINUALLY UPDATED COVERAGE ADDRESSES EVOLVING ISSUES. This book’s content is carefully revised to reflect todays and tomorrows changing landscape regarding international, domestic, social media, and online legal issues.
  • RESEARCH-BASED ETHICS CHAPTERFOCUSES ON ETHICAL RESULTS. Ethics is one of the toughest topics to teach –- often devolving into a discussion of students’ feelings. This chapter discusses various philosophical approaches and includes a section on Ethics Traps that emphasizes what cognitive research teaches about how people convince themselves to make the wrong decision. A discussion of the Giving Voice to Values curriculum shows students how to be effective in achieving the desired ethical result.
  • CONVERSATIONAL, ENTERTAINING WRITING STYLE ENGAGES READERS. This book’s signature student-friendly writing style incorporates entertaining stories, illustrations, and scenarios -- along with timely humor -- to deliver a lively presentation of legal material that truly engages today’s readers and helps them better retain what they learn.
  • HIGHLIGHTED KEY TERMS ENSURE UNDERSTANDING. These key terms in the margins help students focus on the most important concepts as they read.
  • EXCELLENT TEST PREPARATION FEATURES EQUIP STUDENTS FOR EXAMS. "Exam Strategy" and "Exam Review" features in every chapter offer opportunities for students to put what they learn into practice. These features guide students through the process of finding the correct answer. By review this process frequently, students become better prepared to answer exam questions.
  • CRITICAL THINKING FEATURES ENCOURAGE DEEPER THINKING. "You Be the Judge" and "Ethics" and other critical thinking features in each chapter prompt students to analyze as they read, which increases their synthesis of different concepts and sharpens their analytical skills.

Table of Contents

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UNIT I: The Legal Environment.
1. Introduction to Law.
2. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
3. Dispute Resolution.
4. Common Law, Statutory Law, and Administrative Law.
5. Constitutional Law.
6. Torts and Product Liability.
7. Cyberlaw and Privacy.
8. Crime.
9. International Law.
UNIT II: Contracts and the UCC.
10. Introduction to Contracts.
11. Legality, Consent, and Writing.
12. Performance Discharge, and Remedies.
13. Practical Contracts.
14. The UCC: Sales and Secured Transactions.
15. Negotiable Instruments.
16. Bankruptcy.
UNIT III: Agency and Employment Law.
17. Agency Law.
18. Employment and Labor Law.
19. Employment Discrimination.
UNIT IV: Business Organizations.
20. Starting a Business: LLCs and Other Options.
21. Corporations.
22. Securities Regulation.
UNIT V: Government Regulation and Property.
23. Antitrust.
24. Intellectual Property.
25. Property.
26. Consumer Protection.
27. Environmental Law.

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