Natural Hazards and Disasters,
5th Edition

Donald Hyndman, David Hyndman

ISBN-13: 9781305581692 | ISBN-10: 1305581695

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 576 pages

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Succeed in your course with NATURAL HAZARDS AND DISASTERS, 5e. The authors provide easy-to-understand coverage of the geological processes that underlie disasters, explore the impact these processes have on humans and vice versa, and analyze strategies for mitigating these hazards’ physical and financial harm. From timely information on recent natural disasters in the United States and around the world to insights on earthquakes associated with fracking, this fascinating book provides the up-to-date information you need to analyze potential hazards and take the steps necessary to survive a natural disaster.

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Meet the Authors

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Donald Hyndman is an emeritus professor in the Department of Geology at the University of Montana, where he has taught courses in natural hazards, regional geology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, volcanology, and advanced igneous petrology. He continues to lecture on natural hazards. Donald is co-originator and coauthor of six books in the Roadside Geology series and one on the geology of the Pacific Northwest, and he has also written a textbook on Igneous Petrology. His B.S. in Geological Engineering is from the University of British Columbia, and his Ph.D. in Geology is from the University of California Berkeley. He has received the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Distinguished Scholar Award, both given by the University of Montana.

David Hyndman is Donald's son, and a young star in the geological sciences. He is a full professor at Michigan State University, after earning his PhD from Stanford University in 1995. In 2002 he received the Darcy Distinguished Lecturer award, the top award that a hydrogeologist may receive in his or her field. He has won several teaching awards at MSU as well, and is actively involved in the Interactive Studies 203 course at MSU, one of the largest enrollment earth sciences courses in the country.

  • EXPANDED COVERAGE of key topics includes information on the polar vortex and new insights on earthquakes associated with fracking.
  • NEW SURVIVAL GUIDES highlight information to keep in mind when preparing for or encountering a significant natural hazard.
  • COVERAGE OF NEW DISASTERS includes: earthquakes in Nepal and Napa; the Oso landslide; the Moore, OK tornado and the California drought; flash floods near Denver; Hurricane Sandy; wildfires in Colorado and Arizona; and the Chelyabinsk meteor in Russia.
  • GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE is now presented in two chapters to accommodate new findings.
  • CASES IN POINT bring to life real examples of recent disasters, with questions to engage students in the issues.
  • BY THE NUMBERS boxes present quantitative aspects of the concepts explained in the book, offering instructors the flexibility to incorporate more or less of this material according to their preferences.
  • CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS at the end of each chapter help students apply concepts from the chapter to difficult real-life situations.
  • CRITICAL VIEW features ask students to use what they have learned in the chapters to analyze potential hazards in photographs of real situations.

Table of Contents

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1. Natural Hazards and Disasters.
2. Plate Tectonics and Physical Hazards.
3. Earthquakes and Their Causes.
4. Earthquake Predictions, Forecasts, and Mitigation.
5. Tsunami.
6. Volcanoes: Tectonic Environments and Eruptions.
7. Volcanoes: Hazards and Mitigation.
8. Landslides and Other Downslope Movements.
9. Sinkholes, Land Subsidence, and Swelling Soils.
10. Weather, Thunderstorms, and Tornadoes.
11. Climate Change: Processes and History
12. Climate Change: Impacts and Mitigation
13. Streams and Flood Processes.
14. Floods and Human Interactions.
15. Waves, Beaches, and Coastal Erosion.
16. Hurricanes and Nor’easters.
17. Wildfires.
18. Asteroids and Comet Impacts.

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