Survival Guide for General Chemistry with Math Review and Proficiency Questions: How to Get an A,
3rd Edition

Charles H. Atwood

ISBN-13: 9781305629561 | ISBN-10: 1305629566

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 216 pages

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This survival guide is designed to help you solve problems you are likely to encounter in your General Chemistry course. Understand the thought process needed to tackle some of these problems by dissecting them into manageable chunks. Build the confidence you need to master your course with three levels of proficiency questions: A, B, and minimal. Available for packaging with any CENGAGE textbook or available separately for a minimal cost at CENGAGEbrain.com.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Charles H. Atwood received his BS degree in chemistry from Millsaps College and his PhD in nuclear chemistry from Florida State University. His postdoctoral research was conducted at the Australian National University. A temporary appointment at the University of Georgia was followed by a ten-year stay at Mercer University, where Dr. Atwood developed a series of papers on teaching nuclear topics in the chemistry curriculum. In 1995, he joined the faculty of the University of Georgia’s chemistry department and was named Coordinator of Freshman Chemistry in 1997. At the University of Georgia, Dr. Atwood developed significant use of instructional technology in the freshman chemistry program, including pioneering computerized testing. In 2011 Dr. Atwood accepted the Ronald and Eileen Ragsdale Professor of Chemical Education position at the University of Utah. Over the last ten years, his research group has studied the use of item response theory to analyze student performance on assessments, with the ultimate goal of improving student learning and performance. He is the author of two other successful SURVIVAL GUIDES. His hobbies include astronomy, traveling, and bicycle riding.

  • Integration of the homework problems from OWLv2, so as students work through the text they are prompted to work independently on problems for further preparation.
  • Greater emphasis on addressing the shift in general chemistry teaching from plug-and-chug problem solving to a conceptual focus on understanding problems.
  • Relevant content and coverage. You’ll find numerous explanations to questions students typically ask when going over homework or preparing for a test.
  • Realistic voice. This guide is written in a way an instructor would speak to a student during an office hour to dispel confusion and guide students to a better understanding of chemistry.
  • Let no student fall behind. This survival guide is will help those anonymous students in a large class appreciate how to solve common problems encountered in general chemistry classes.

Table of Contents

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Module 1: Metric System, Dimensional Analysis, Significant Figures, and Density.
Module 2: Understanding Chemical Formulas.
Module 3: Chemical Nomenclature.
Module 4: The Mole Concept.
Module 5: Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry.
Module 6: Types of Chemical Reactions.
Module 7: Electronic Structure of Atoms.
Module 8: Chemical Periodicity.
Module 9: Chemical Bonding.
Module 10: Molecular Shapes.
Module 11: Hybridization and Polarity of Molecules.
Module 12: Acids and Bases.
Module 13: States of Matter.
Module 14: Solutions.
Module 15: Heat Transfer, Calorimetry, and Thermodynamics.
Module 16: Chemical Kinetics.
Module 17: Gas Phase Equilibria.
Module 18: Aqueous Equilibria.
Module 19: Electrochemistry.
Module 20: Nuclear Chemistry.
Math Review.

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The Guide to Surviving General Chemistry

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