Organized Crime,
11th Edition

Howard Abadinsky

ISBN-13: 9781305633711 | ISBN-10: 1305633717

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 480 pages

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ORGANIZED CRIME examines how criminal groups are organized; the widening of their business activities; and the statutes, agencies, and techniques used to combat organized crime. Updated throughout, the eleventh edition reflects the decline of the American Mafia, its importance dwindling as new criminal organizations emerge. The text also explains how criminal organizations operating on a global scale have become more sophisticated and more threatening, and examines additional crime groups that have been added to the pantheon we refer to as organized crime.

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Howard Abadinsky is professor of criminal justice at St. John's University. A graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York, he has an MSW from Fordham University and a PhD in sociology from New York University. Prior to entering academia, he was a New York State Parole Officer and Senior Parole Officer and a Cook County, Illinois, Deputy Sheriff/Inspector. He was a consultant to the President's Commission on Organized Crime and founder of the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime. Dr. Abadinsky is the author of several books, including THE CRIMINAL ELITE: ORGANIZED AND PROFESSIONAL CRIME; PROBATION AND PAROLE: THEORY AND PRACTICE; and LAW, COURTS, AND JUSTICE IN AMERICA.

  • Six chapters examine organized crime in key areas of the world -- the United States, Italy and Albania, Colombia and Mexico, Russia and the former Soviet Union, Asia, and Africa -- highlighting local influences that create similarities and distinctions between criminal organizations
  • The book contains cutting edge material on the phenomenon of organized crime, including an examination of similarities and differences between organized crime and terrorism.
  • The number of chapters has been reduced from fifteen to fourteen, and information in each has been updated. To help streamline the content, the extensive historical review of politics and organized crime in the nineteenth and early twentieth century has been eliminated.
  • Each chapter opens with learning objectives and ends with an extensive "bullet-point" summary and comprehensive review questions.
  • Without sensationalism or "dumbing down" material, ORGANIZED CRIME provides accurate, engaging, and student-friendly insight into a growing and ever-changing phenomenon that threatens global security.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Organized Crime.
2. Explanations for Organized Crime.
3. United States.
4. Italy and Albania.
5. Colombia and Mexico.
6. Russia and the Former Soviet Union.
7. Asia.
8. Africa.
9. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.
10. Organized Crime: "Goods and Services".
11. Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking.
12. Organized Crime in Labor, Business, and Money Laundering.
13. Organized Crime Statutes.
14. Investigating and Prosecuting Organized Crime.

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