Literature and the Child,
9th Edition

Lee Galda, Lauren A. Liang, Bernice E. Cullinan

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Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 560 pages

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LITERATURE AND THE CHILD, 9th Edition, offers thorough, concise coverage of the formats and genres of children’s literature and principles for the use of children’s literature in the classroom. Beautifully written and illustrated discussions illuminate specific aspects of each format or genre, supported by information on the latest quality works appropriate for children in nursery school through middle school. A stunning design includes interior illustrations by Lauren Stringer, an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. Each genre chapter contains criteria for evaluating literary quality, equipping you with a resource to guide text selection in the classroom. Practical, research-based information about teaching appears throughout, including ideas you can apply to your own classroom and an emphasis on the importance of selecting complex texts. This book will help you better understand how to select texts that best serve your curriculum goals and the needs and interests of your students.

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Meet the Authors

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After teaching in elementary- and middle-school classrooms for a number of years, Lee Galda received her Ph.D. in English Education from New York University. She is the Marguerite Henry Professor of Children’s Literature, Emerita, at the University of Minnesota where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in children’s and young adult literature. Dr. Galda was a member of the International Literacy Association and the United States Board on Books for Young People, working on various committees related to literature. She was children’s books department editor for The Reading Teacher from 1989 to 1993; a member of the 2003 Newbery Committee; a member of the International Literacy Association Book Award Selection Committee for five years, co-chairing that committee in 2010−2011 and 2011−2012; and a member of the USBBY Bridge to Understanding Award Committee in 2008 through 2011, chairing that committee in 2011. She sat on the review boards of several professional journals and on the editorial boards of Children’s Literature in Education and Journal of Children’s Literature. Author of numerous articles, books, and book chapters about children’s literature and response, she was lead author of the first chapter on children’s literature appearing in the HANDBOOK OF READING RESEARCH (VOLUME III). In 2011, Dr. Galda received the International Literacy Association Arbuthnot Award for excellence in teaching children’s literature.

Lauren Aimonette Liang is an associate professor in the College of Education at the University of Utah. She teaches courses in children’s and young adult literature, including a course on international children’s literature, and was awarded the University of Utah’s Early Career Teaching Award in 2010. Dr. Liang’s research in children’s literature and comprehension has been published in journals such as READING RESEARCH QUARTERLY, JOURNAL OF CHILDREN’S LITERATURE, READING PSYCHOLOGY, and THE READING TEACHER, as well as in both professional and practitioner books. She serves on editorial boards and committees for the International Literacy Association, the American Library Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the United States Board of Books for Young People (USBBY), including serving on the leadership boards for both USBBY and the Children’s Literature Assembly. She was a long-time reviewer for The Horn Book Guide and other review publications. Dr. Liang has served on the International Literacy Association’s Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Awards committee since 2009, and has been chair of the award committee for the past four years.

Bernice E. Cullinan was known both nationally and internationally for her work in children’s literature. She wrote more than thirty books on literature for classroom teachers and librarians, including LITERATURE AND THE CHILD, POETRY LESSONS TO DAZZLE AND DELIGHT, and THREE VOICES: INVITATION TO POETRY ACROSS THE CURRICULUM. She authored a book for parents, READ TO ME: RAISING KIDS WHO LOVE TO READ. Dr. Cullinan was editor in chief of WORDSONG--the poetry imprint of Boyds Mills Press, a Highlights for Children Company--and collected poems written by the recipients of the National Council of Teachers of English Award for Poetry in A JAOF TINY STARS and subsequent volumes. She served as president of the International Literacy Association, was inducted into the Reading Hall of Fame and The Ohio State University Hall of Fame, and selected as the recipient of the Arbuthnot Award for Outstanding Teacher of Children’s Literature. Dr. Cullinan died in February of 2015.

  • Learning Objectives: The learning objectives correlated to the main sections in each chapter show students what they need to learn as they read, process, and understand the information in the chapter.
  • “Tech Support” Feature: Chapters 3 through 11 each have a new “Tech Support” feature that includes an idea for including technology with literature study. Featured technology includes mindmap generator Popplet, webquest creator Learnist, and multimedia biography tool Animoto.
  • Endpages: The front endpages include the criteria of excellence figures from throughout the book, assembled in one convenient location. The back endpages list the Children’s Literature Assembly’s document “The Value of Children’s Literature Courses within Teacher Education,” emphasizing the importance of children’s literature for preservice teachers.
  • “Dear Teacher” Feature: Chapters 3 through 12 include a new “Dear Teacher” feature in which the authors address common questions that teachers have about selecting literature for a particular classroom and genre. This feature demonstrates how practicing teachers want to use literature, the questions they have, and options they might consider, all within the context of a specific classroom. Topics include how to integrate more nonfiction in the classroom to meet current standards, use historical fiction to supplement thematic units, and generate student interest in poetry.
  • Current award-winning texts are highlighted in the “A Close Look At“ feature, providing an in-depth analysis of exemplary titles relevant to various genres and formats.
  • Chapter-ending, up-to-date booklists provide suggestions of additional exemplary texts and note a text’s recommended age level. Diverse texts are identified throughout.
  • Each chapter teaches students how to evaluate quality in various genres and formats by highlighting book selection criteria, including checklists for evaluating books from each of the genres.
  • This text provides practical suggestions for how to incorporate literature in the classroom through the “Teaching Idea“ and “Tech Support“ features. Teaching Ideas offer ideas for lessons using children’s literature, all linked to the Common Core English Language Arts Standards for kindergarten through grade eight. Tech Support focuses on emergent technologies that teachers can use to support literature exploration in the classroom.
  • The new “Dear Teacher” feature highlights common challenges teachers encounter in using children’s literature in their classroom and offers concrete solutions students can implement in their own classroom.

Table of Contents

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1. Children’s and Adolescent Literature.
2. Literature in the Lives of Young Readers.
3. Picturebooks as Visual Art.
4. Picturebooks Across Genres.
5. Nonfiction.
6. Folklore.
7. Fantastic Literature: Fantasy and Science Fiction.
8. Contemporary Realistic Fiction.
9. Historical Fiction.
10. Biography and Memoir.
11. Poetry and Verse.
12. Children’s Literature in the Classroom.
Appendix A: Selected Children’s and Adolescent Book Awards.
Appendix B: Resources.
Professional References.
Children’s Literature References.
Author and Title Index.
Subject Index.

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