Paragraphs and Essays: With Integrated Readings,
13th Edition

Lee Brandon, Kelly Brandon

ISBN-13: 9781305654181 | ISBN-10: 1305654188

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 608 pages

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Did you know that reading and writing skills are connected? They are, and you'll learn the hows and whys in this book. PARAGRAPHS AND ESSAYS WITH INTEGRATED READINGS offers "tell-show" instruction, many examples of good professional and student writing to serve as models for your own work, and interesting and relevant reading-based topics and prompts related to multiple course areas and careers. The reading-based writing presented in this book provides clear guidance experience in critical thinking that enables you to write competently across the disciplines and transition smoothly to the next level of the English program. The technology package includes MindTap, an interactive, online learning experience -- built on the text’s content -- that guides you through the course.

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Meet the Authors

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Lee Brandon is the author of twelve college English textbooks with Cengage Learning, including the best-selling series, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond with Integrated Readings, and Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings and the highly successful At a Glance series. He has served as chair of the English Department at Mt. San Antonio College, where he taught for more than thirty years and occasionally still teaches. Few authors are as active in the promotion of their books as Lee Brandon, who regularly visits schools across the country and presents at professional conferences. Lee also has to his credit poems and short stories in magazines; songs recorded and in sheet music; a best-selling musical play for elementary school students (in print with Lorenz Music); a play produced by a college drama department; a published Ford Foundation grant project; a chapbook of ballads about his youth, Oklahoma, My Sweet Sorrow; a chapbook of ballads about his experience teaching for ten years in a high-security California women's prison, Butterflies on Barbwire; and newspaper articles about travel, adventures, and whimsical experiences.

Kelly Brandon is a partner in the father-son writing team for two best-selling series, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond with Integrated Readings and Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings, as well as the At a Glance books. He is a tenured professor of English at Santa Ana College, where he has taught for twenty-four years. His B.A. is from the University of California at Los Angeles and his M.A. is from the University of California at Santa Barbara. For recreation he does bodybuilding, backpacks, plays the clarinet, drives his fully restored 1953 yellow and white Chevrolet Bel Air, listens to music, and reads eclectically and voraciously.

  • Aplia's Grade It Now technology allows students to make multiple unique attempts of specific exercises to help reinforce concepts. Through Aplia's user-friendly grading and performance interface, you are able to quickly and easily track both individual and class-wide student performance, as well as generate and download detailed reports about your students.
  • The thirteenth edition includes a variety of new high-interest paragraph-length and essay-length readings, including "Teacher's protest of tasteless T-shirt creates a teachable moment", "Job candidates get tripped up by Facebook", "Types of Rioters", "The Messy Are in Self Denial", and "Indian Mascots -- you're out". There are also new comprehension and critical thinking questions, new image-based exercises, and new reading-based writing assignments. Reading-based topics include reading-specific topics, general topics, cross-curricular topics, and career-related topics.
  • For the first time, a custom-made Aplia online learning solution accompanies the text. This interactive homework tool helps students master the concepts that matter most. Each Aplia problem set corresponds to a textbook chapter, allowing students to practice the skills they've just learned in a real-world context. Brandon's unique CLUESS and CGPS revision and editing processes are featured prominently. Scaffolded questions guide students from easily understandable topics to more complicated ideas, and a variety of question types keep the problems fresh and engaging.
  • The technology package also includes a MindTap course. Built on the book's content, this fully online, personalized learning experience combines an interactive ebook, additional readings, flashcards, activities, assessments, and more into a learning path that guides students through their course. Instructors can customize the content and learning tools with their own content via apps that integrate into the MindTap framework.
  • Reading-based writing assignments require students to read a source, write an analytical reply, and give credit to the originator(s) for borrowed words and ideas. It can take the form of a summary, a reaction, or a two-part response (to help students learn the difference between a summary and a reaction). Reading-based writing can be used throughout the semester text or mixed with other assignments. It has been especially successful in helping students move from the developmental English program to freshman composition and beyond.
  • Career-related writing explores topics and situations that apply directly to the world of work. These examples are included in five chapters in Part III; for example, a descriptive narrative becomes an incident report and an argument becomes a formal proposal. Further, the opening page of each reading chapter (7–15) explains how the mode can be used in cross-curricular and career-related writing.
  • Each of the chapters in Part III includes a student paragraph and a student essay (one of which is presented with all stages), as well as a Writing Process Worksheet (also available online) that guides students in the stages of writing, with emphasis on revision and editing.
  • The MLA Guide is presented in Chapter 16 and its use is demonstrated with examples of documented student essays in ten chapters and in a research paper organized around ten steps. In addition, the text includes a full handbook of grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, as well as a brief guide for ESL students -- all of which enhance students' understanding of basic writing.
  • Chapter 6, "Reading for Thinking, Discussion, and Writing," stresses the importance of reading to the writing process, and the text includes more than seventy readings that are carefully balanced for culture and gender.
  • The Aplia Diagnostic Assessment identifies specific strengths and weaknesses, allowing students to focus on the concepts that they most need to address. Students work through concepts step-by-step, first practicing the fundamentals, and then targeting critical thinking skills through exercises that ask them to demonstrate their understanding in context.
  • Inside the front cover, the Self-Evaluation Chart provides a form for students to note comments they have received from instructors, which can then be keyed to relevant parts of the textbook.

Table of Contents

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Thematic Contents.
Student Overview.
1. The Writing Process: Stage One.
2. The Writing Process: Stage Two.
3. The Writing Process: Stage Three.
4. Writing the Paragraph.
5. Writing the Essay.
6. Reading for Thinking, Discussion, and Writing.
7. Descriptive Narration: Moving Through Space and Time.
8. Exemplification: Writing with Examples.
9. Analysis by Division: Examining the Parts.
10. Process Analysis.
11. Cause and Effect: Determining Reasons and Outcomes.
12. Classification.
13. Comparison and Contrast: Showing Similarities and Differences.
14. Definition: Clarifying Terms.
15. Writing to Persuade.
16. Writing the Research.
17. Handbook: Writing Effective Sentences.

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Instructor's Web Site (with Instructor's Manual and Test Bank) for Brandon/Brandon's Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings

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