A Brief Orientation to Counseling: Professional Identity, History, and Standards,
2nd Edition

Edward S. Neukrug

ISBN-13: 9781305669055 | ISBN-10: 1305669053

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 240 pages

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A BRIEF ORIENTATION TO COUNSELING provides the unique knowledge and skills you need as you begin your journey toward building an identity as a professional counselor. Neukrug clearly and concisely addresses 13 critical areas related to Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice that will form the foundation for your success in practice. Along the way, he provides real-world advice, vignettes to reflect upon, experiential activities, and case studies that will help you prepare for a career in the helping professions.

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Meet the Authors

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Edward S. Neukrug is the Professor of Counseling at Old Dominion University, Dr. Ed Neukrug has made a substantial impact on the fields of counseling and human services. An author of 11 books and dozens of articles and chapters in books, his works have been read by thousands of counseling and human services students and professionals. A leader in several counseling and human services associations, he has helped steer the fields toward the future. In addition, Dr. Neukrug was the architect of the original ethics code of the National Association of Human Services (NOHS) and served in a variety of capacities for professional associations. He has several open-access, free websites which focus on learning of counseling theories, understanding one’s view of human nature, testing and assessment, and more. His commitment to, and work in, the counseling and human services professions has been unwavering. Dr. Neukrug has received numerous awards for his work, including twice receiving the President’s award from NOHS and recently receiving the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Fellows designation. You can view his works, open access websites, and accomplishments at www.counselingbooksetc.com and atwww.odu.edu/~eneukrug..

  • Although the whole book is revised, the chapters on current issues and ethics have particularly been updated to keep up with current trends, the new ACA ethics code, and CACREP's 2016 Standards concerning Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice.
  • Peppered throughout the book are revised vignettes, experiential activities, and newly developed case studies to enhance student learning.
  • A glossary, which covers all of the major terms highlighted throughout the text, has been added to this edition to facilitate student learning.
  • An afterword helps students prepare for their futures in the profession as it pertains to job searches and selection, graduate school, and other professional activities.
  • A BRIEF ORIENTATION TO COUNSELING is unique in that it is concise and brief, yet offers an overview of one of the key areas in counseling -- professional and ethical issues. Organized into three sections -- professional identity, history and current trends, and standards -- the chapters address such topics as what is counseling and who is the counselor?, professional associations in counseling and related fields, characteristics of the effective counselor, accreditation, credentialing, ethics, and multicultural and social justice issues.
  • Vignettes, experiential activities, and case studies pique student interest and illustrate counseling roles, strategies, and practices.

Table of Contents

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1. What Is Counseling and Who Is the Counselor.
2. Professional Associations in Counseling and Related Fields.
3. Characteristics of the Effective Counselor.
4. Predecessors to the Counseling Profession: From Antiquity to Early Social Work, Psychology, and Psychiatry.
5. History of the Counseling Profession.
6. Current Issues and Future Trends in the Counseling Profession.
7. Accreditation in Counseling and Related Fields.
8. Credentialing in Counseling and Related Fields.
9. Ethics in Counseling.
10. Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Work: The Fourth and Fifth Forces.
Afterword: Applying to Graduate School and Finding a Job.

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