Empowerment Series: Foundations of Social Policy,
6th Edition

Amanda S. Barusch

ISBN-13: 9781305943247
Copyright 2018 | Published
576 pages | List Price: USD $173.95
ISBN: 9781305943247

Reflecting the idea that social justice is a primary mission of the social work profession, this text provides a thorough grounding in policy analysis -- with coverage of policy practice and a unique emphasis on the human dilemmas inherent in the pursuit of social justice. Aligned with current standards and core competencies, FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIAL POLICY, 6th Edition introduces you to philosophical perspectives on what constitutes social justice, and identifies values and assumptions reflected in contemporary policy debates. Students have said they like how this book deepens their understanding of current developments, including topics straight from the headlines. The book also introduces you to people whose lives are influenced by U.S. policies, as well as to those who have shaped the policies.

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1. Social Justice and Social Workers.
2. The Government's Role.
3. Policy Analysis and Policy Practice.
4. The Social Security Act.
5. Poverty and Inequality.
6. Health.
7. Mental Illness.
8. Disability.
9. Crime and Criminal Justice
10. People of Color.
11. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Individuals.
12. Children.
13. Women.
13. Older Adults.
14. Working Americans.

  • Amanda S. Barusch

    A self-proclaimed news junkie/policy wonk, Amanda Barusch is fascinated (and sometimes horrified) by U.S politics and policies. For two decades, updating this book has enabled her to monitor the intricate shifts and major sea changes in America's pursuit of social justice. A native of California, Dr. Barusch completed her B.A. at Reed College, her M.S.W. and Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and her M.F.A. in creative writing at the University of Utah. Her primary research and teaching interests are in the fields of social policy and aging. She has investigated topics ranging from interpersonal relations to international policy comparisons. She has published articles in leading North American journals, seven books, and numerous poems and short stories. Dr. Barusch joined the faculty at the University of Utah College of Social Work in 1985, where she has served as Associate Dean. She was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Gerontological Social Work for six years, and is on the editorial board of several international journals. She is a fellow in the Gerontological Society of America. She also holds a Professorial appointment at the University of Otago in New Zealand, where she can be found when winter reaches the northern hemisphere.

  • This edition reflects major sea changes that have taken place in U.S. policy. A new chapter on crime and criminal justice addresses the reform proposals on the table. There's also new discussion of two historic developments: marriage equality and the 2016 election.

  • The sixth edition covers recent changes best characterized as "shifts" in policy and its context. Updated content includes expanded treatment of inequality (trends, causes, and consequences) and of trafficking as a labor issue; an introduction to "social impact bonding," a new incarnation of privatization also known as "Pay for Success"; discussion of the legalization of marijuana; and material on debates regarding the rights of sex workers.

  • A new exploration of bias in the media also offers guidance on how students can recognize and deal with it.

  • This edition is available with MindTap®, a digital teaching and learning solution that guides students through the course by combining the complete textbook with interactive multimedia, activities, assessments, and learning tools. Instructors can rearrange and add content to personalize their MindTap course, and easily track students' progress with real-time analytics. In addition, MindTap integrates seamlessly with any learning management system.

  • The text incorporates content related to the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE); the material is highlighted throughout the text by an icon. In addition, end-of-chapter Competency No

  • Compelling case studies illustrate concepts and aid student understanding of policies and programs. The cases focus on a variety of successful advocacy initiatives in the United States to provide a broader view of important trends affecting both social po

  • The author's thoughtful presentation and analysis of international contexts, which includes comparative information and discussion of pertinent issues such as globalization and governance, gives students a broad basis for developing a more complete and nu

  • The text maintains a pragmatic approach in addition to rigorous and thorough theoretical content informed by advocates and practitioners throughout the country, providing students with essential practical preparation for success in their careers.

  • Learning aids and resources in every chapter, including Closing Reflections, Think About It discussion questions to encourage critical thinking, and references to interactive web-based exercises, help students comprehend and apply the course content. Addi

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