Fiscal Administration,
10th Edition

John Mikesell

ISBN-13: 9781305953680 | ISBN-10: 1305953681

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| Published 2017

| 720 pages

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FISCAL ADMINISTRATION, Tenth Edition, gives you the power to understand public finances as a participant who can put the process together, not just as a bystander. With U.S. federal, state, and local budgets, financial reports, and other documents, you can see how policymakers and administrators operate and learn skills needed to function in those systems. Chapters illustrate concepts and issues with case studies from the private and nonprofit sector as well as from government finance.

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Meet the Authors

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John L. Mikesell received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois. He is chancellor's professor of public and environmental affairs at Indiana University-Bloomington. His work on government finance and taxation has appeared in journals such as National Tax Journal; Public Budgeting and Finance (for which he serves as editor-in-chief); Public Finance Quarterly; Southern Economic Journal; Public Administration Review; Public Choice; International Journal of Public Administration; and Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management. Dr. Mikesell is co-author of Sales Taxation, State and Local Structure and Administration (Urban Institute Press). His distinguished career includes serving as chief fiscal economist on the USAID Barents Group/KPMG Peat Marwick fiscal reform project with the Government of Ukraine (1995) and as director for assistance in intergovernmental fiscal relations with the USAID Georgia State University Consortium Russian fiscal reform project (1998–99). He directed U.S. Department of State supported public administration partnerships involving institutions in the U.S. and Russia, and he has worked on fiscal studies for several states, including New York, Minnesota, Indiana, and Hawaii; as consultant on World Bank missions to several countries; and as a senior research fellow, Peking University–Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy in Beijing. Dr. Mikesell received the 2002 Wildavsky Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement in Public Budgeting and Finance from the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management.

  • Several sidebars and cases have been added to give the text even more practical relevancy.
  • The 10th edition reorganizes the chapters on budgeting to put both chapters on developing skills and methods before chapters on federal and state-local budget practices.
  • Updates include in-depth analysis of the recent federal budgets, fiscal crises and bankruptcies of state and local governments, debt market issues; extended analysis of measuring fiscal health with comprehensive annual financial report data; pension problems of state and local governments; and the latest tax data available.
  • Chapter-ending "Questions and Exercises" challenge students with both quantitative and qualitative solutions to fiscal problems drawn from federal, state, and local government levels.
  • FISCAL ADMINISTRATION, Tenth Edition, covers the full scope of financial operations, including the budget process, revenue policy and administration, intergovernmental fiscal relations, and debt administration, with clarity and authority. It provides in-depth analysis and develops the skills that the student will need to become an active participant in public finances. It starts the development of financial specialists and provides the basics needed for any public manager.
  • "Sidebars" provide insights into the operation of finance that go beyond the ordinary textbook coverage.
  • "Cases for Discussion" present real-world contemporary cases that encourage students to think critically about how government finance works. Each case includes questions that prompt students to analyze and debate fiscal applications in the public sector.

Table of Contents

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1. Fundamental Principles of Public Finance.
2. The Logic of the Budget Process.
3. Budget Methods and Practices.
4. Federal Budget Structures and Institutions.
5. State and Local Governments.
6. Budget Classifications, Systems, and Reform: Trying to Make Better Choices.
7. Capital Budgeting, Time Value of Money, and Cost-Benefit Analysis: Process, Structure, and Basic Tools.
8. Taxation: Criteria for Evaluating Revenue Options.
9. Major Tax Structures: Income Taxes.
10. Major Tax Structures: Taxes on Goods and Services.
11. Major Tax Structures: Property Taxes.
12. Revenue from User Fees, User Charges, and Sales by Public Monopolies.
13. Revenue Forecasts, Revenue Estimates, and Tax Expenditure Budgets.
14. Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Diversity and Coordination.
15. Debt Administration.

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