Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use of Reason in Everyday Life,
13th Edition

Frank Boardman, Nancy M. Cavender, Howard Kahane

ISBN-13: 9781305956025 | ISBN-10: 1305956028

Copyright 2018

| Published 2017

| 416 pages

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LOGIC AND CONTEMPORARY RHETORIC: THE USE OF REASON IN EVERYDAY LIFE, 13th Edition, introduces you to sound reasoning using current, relevant, and stimulating examples in a witty and invigorating writing style. Combining examples from television, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and our nation's political dialogue, this classic text brings the concepts to life and puts critical-thinking skills into a context that you will retain and use throughout your life.

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Meet the Authors

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Frank Boardman is a visiting assistant professor at Dickinson College. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2016.

Nancy M. Cavender is Professor Emeritus at the College of Marin.

Howard Kahane received a master's degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He was a professor of philosophy at Bernard M. Baruch college in New York and is considered one of the founders of the critical-thinking movement, an approach to logic that makes it less abstract and more practical as a tool for analyzing political and social issues.

  • Scores of new exercises and assignments for argumentative essays, class discussions, and debates help students develop their critical-thinking and reasoning skills.
  • The authors provide extensive analysis of media bias and privacy issues in the digital age as consumers shift from print journalism to online news sources.
  • Topics new to this edition include New Media, Cyberculture and Public Discourse, and Argument and Rhetoric in Fiction.
  • This edition includes dozens of updated examples of fallacies, manipulative language, and political ads that have flooded the airwaves and websites.
  • A variety of topics engage students of all levels, including the distortion of the news in mass media, psychological impediments to cogent reasoning, use of language to manipulate and persuade, and instruction in analyzing and writing arguments.
  • Chapter-opening learning objectives provide students with an instructional framework to better understand the subject matter.
  • Exercises and summaries at the end of each chapter help students focus on central issues and apply the concepts explained in each chapter.
  • A bibliography and list of periodicals annotated for content and bias are included at the end of the book as references for further research.
  • A glossary provides a handy reference tool.
  • Sections on political language, the evolution of the meaning of certain words, and media bias present innovative and current approaches to the study of critical thinking.

Table of Contents

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1. Good and Bad Reasoning.
2. More on Deduction and Induction.
3. Fallacies: Questionable Premises.
4. Fallacies: Invalid Inferences.
5. Fallacies: Misusing Induction.
6. Psychological Impediments to Cogent Reasoning: Shooting Ourselves in the Foot.
7. Language.
8. Evaluating Extended Arguments.
9. Writing Cogent (and Persuasive) Essays.
10. Advertising: Selling the Product.
11. Managing the News.
12. New Media, Cyberculture and Public Discourse.
13. Argument and Rhetoric in Fiction.
Appendix: More on Cogent Reasoning.
Answers to Starred Exercise Items.
Annotated List of Periodicals.

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