Safety-Scale Laboratory Experiments for Chemistry for Today,
9th Edition

Spencer L. Seager, Michael R. Slabaugh, Maren S. Hansen

ISBN-13: 9781305968554 | ISBN-10: 1305968557

Copyright 2018

| Published 2017

| 544 pages

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Succeed in your chemistry course using this lab manual's unique blend of laboratory skills and exercises that effectively illustrate concepts from the main text, CHEMISTRY FOR TODAY: GENERAL, ORGANIC, AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 8th and 9th Editions. The book's 15 general chemistry and 20 organic/biochemistry safety-scale laboratory experiments use small quantities of chemicals and emphasize safety and proper disposal of materials. 'Safety-scale' is the authors' own term for describing the amount of chemicals each lab experiment requires -- less than macroscale quantities, which are expensive and hazardous, and more than microscale quantities, which are difficult to work with and require special equipment.

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Meet the Authors

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Spencer L. Seager retired from Weber State University in 2013 after serving for 52 years as a faculty member of the chemistry department. He served as department chairman from 1969 until 1993 and taught general and physical chemistry at the university. Dr. Seager was also active in projects designed to help improve chemistry and other science education in local elementary schools. He received his B.S. in chemistry and Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Utah. He currently serves as an adjunct professor at Weber State and the University of South Dakota, where he teaches online courses in general chemistry, elementary organic chemistry, and elementary biochemistry.

Maren S. Hansen is a science teacher at West High School, where she teaches honors biology. She has also taught AP biology and biology in the International Baccalaureate Program. She received her B.A. and master of education degrees from Weber State University. Professor Hansen's professional interests have focused upon helping students participate in Science Olympiad and Science Fair. Her other interests include adventure travel, mountain hiking, gardening, and the company of friends and family. She hopes to share her love of science with her two children.

  • ACCURATE AND CLASS-TESTED. Includes 15 general chemistry and 20 organic/biochemistry safety-scale laboratory experiments -- all thoroughly class-tested -- that effectively illustrate the main text's key concepts.
  • UPDATED to use the standard treatment for counting trailing zeros when determining significant figures.
  • A KEY CONCEPT FOCUS: The manual's blend of laboratory skills and exercises illustrate key concepts from the main textbook.
  • FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT. The manual is three-hole punched and features perforated pages, making it easy for students to hand in lab reports and answers to pre- and post-lab questions and exercises upon instructor request.
  • BUILT-IN PEDAGOGY: Pre-lab questions prepare students for each lab, and end-of-experiment questions assess student understanding.

Table of Contents

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Experiment 1 Measurements and Significant Figures.
Experiment 2 The Use of Chemical Balances.
Experiment 3 The Use of Volumetric Ware and the Determination of Density.
Experiment 4 Physical and Chemical Changes.
Experiment 5 Separations and Analysis.
Experiment 6 Classification of Chemical Reactions.
Experiment 7 Analysis Using Decomposition Reactions.
Experiment 8 Gas Laws.
Experiment 9 Solution Formation and Characteristics.
Experiment 10 Colligative Properties of Solutions.
Experiment 11 Reaction Rates and Equilibrium.
Experiment 12 Acids, Bases, Salts, and Buffers 167.
Experiment 13 Analysis of Vinegar.
Experiment 14 Determination of Ka for Weak Acids.
Experiment 15 The Acidic Hydrogens of Acids.
Experiment 16 The Use of Melting Points in the Identification of Organic Compounds.
Experiment 17 Isolation and Purification of an Organic Compound.
Experiment 18 Hydrocarbons.
Experiment 19 Reactions of Alcohols and Phenols.
Experiment 20 Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones.
Experiment 21 Reactions of Carboxylic Acids, Amines, and Amides.
Experiment 22 The Synthesis of Aspirin and Other Esters.
Experiment 23 Identifying Functional Groups in Unknowns.
Experiment 24 Synthetic Polymers.
Experiment 25 Dyes, Inks, and Food Colorings.
Experiment 26 A Study of Carbohydrates.
Experiment 27 Preparation of Soap By Lipid Saponification.
Experiment 28 Isolation of Natural Products: Trimyristin and Cholesterol.
Experiment 29 Amino Acids and Proteins.
Experiment 30 Enzymes: Nature’s Catalysts.
Experiment 31 Factors That Influence Enzyme Activity.
Experiment 32 Vitamin C Content of Foods, Part I: Assigned Samples.
Experiment 33 Vitamin C Content of Foods, Part II: Samples from Home.
Experiment 34 Extraction of DNA from Wheat Germ.
Experiment 35 Detection of Minerals in Breakfast Cereals.
Appendix A Graphs and Graphing.
Appendix B Equipment, Chemicals, Reagents, and Supplies.
Appendix C Table of Atomic Weights and Numbers.

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Safety-Scale Laboratory Experiments for Chemistry for Today

  • ISBN-10: 1305968557
  • ISBN-13: 9781305968554

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