Law and Ethics in the Business Environment,
9th Edition

Terry Halbert, Elaine Ingulli

ISBN-13: 9781305972490 | ISBN-10: 130597249x

Copyright 2018

| Published 2017

| 416 pages

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Climate change. Telematic surveillance. The gig economy. Transgender rights at work. Food security. Native advertising. Now you can take a closer look at the hot topics impacting business law and ethics today as you examine real applications in the thought-provoking LAW AND ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, 9E. This edition dives into current controversies and makes classroom discussion with your instructor and peers come alive. Content prompts you to carefully consider recent, important court cases, while readings challenge you to think critically about contemporary legal and ethical dilemmas. Interactive assignments, such as role play, mock trials, and negotiation exercises, sharpen your ability to tackle tough problems and communicate effectively.

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Meet the Authors

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Terry Halbert, J.D. is Professor of Legal Studies at Temple University's Fox School of Business & Management. Her research and teaching is interdisciplinary, focusing on business ethics, law and public policy. From 2005-10, as Temple University Director of General Education, Professor Halbert coordinated the transformation of Temple’s undergraduate core curriculum to emphasize experiential learning in Philadelphia and best teaching practice. She has developed courses on tobacco and on gambling, in which students look at each industry through the lenses of history, economics, race/class/gender, law, literature and film. In 1999, Professor Halbert was awarded Great Teacher of the Year, a university-wide honor.

Elaine Ingulli, J.D., LLM is Professor of Business Law Emerita at Richard A. Stockton College of New Jersey and a member of the Pennsylvania and New York Bars. Professor Ingulli has taught courses in business law, the legal and ethical environment, and computer law and ethics, as well as interdisciplinary courses in sex discrimination and labor studies. She is the author of numerous journal articles and a cofounder of the Feminist Legal Studies Section of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. Ms. Ingulli is active in women's and environmental issues. She earned her JD from Hofstra University and her LLM from Temple University.

  • NEW DIGITAL PACKAGE HELPS YOU ASSESS AND GUIDE STUDENTS LEARNING. Chapter review and multiple-choice questions with remediation for incorrect answers ensure students have absorbed the assigned reading and are prepared to participate in class. Relevant video segments provoke and extend discussion, while hypothetical questions with remedial support test higher order understanding as students apply concepts and definitions to new scenarios. Short-answer essay questions explore critical thinking at a more advanced level with an outline of expected responses.
  • NEW DIGITAL PACK PROVIDES ADDITIONAL CLASS RESOURCES FOR YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS. New digital content provides four sets of test banks with answers ranging from simple recall multiple-choice questions to tests of higher order thinking, including hypothetical applications and short essays.
  • HOT NEW TOPICS ADDRESS DEVELOPING ISSUES. Students examine the Volkswagen diesel pollution scandal, hidden marketing through Facebook, telematic surveillance at Amazon, as well as affirmative action for transgendered employees. Readers also review laws th
  • INTERACTIVE DESIGN KEEPS STUDENTS ENGAGED AND ACTIVELY LEARNING. Students put newly-acquired skills into practice with the text's chapter problems and Internet-based assignments. Students work with many interactive projects, such as role plays, mock trial
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY FOCUS CONNECTS ETHICAL CONTENT TO OTHER DISCIPLINES. Each chapter presents a theme, such as the New Economy, or Marketing, or Whistleblowing, and opens with a key legal case. Content then explores the legal background of the topic, while
  • CASES AND READINGS HIGHLIGHT MULTIPLE, DIVERSE VIEWPOINTS. To stimulate debate and to sharpen critical thinking skills, readers and cases present issues from different stakeholder perspectives. To a great extent the ethical focus in this edition emphasize
  • NEW CHAPTER EMPHASIZES THE NEW ECONOMY. This chapter explores the legal and ethics issues in the so-called gig economy and highlights insightful interviews with millennials.

Table of Contents

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1. Law, Ethics, Business: An Introduction.
2. The New Economy: Revisioning Work.
3. Whistleblowing: Conflicting Loyalties.
4. Privacy: Technology, Surveillance and Freedom.
5. Diversity: Equity and Justice for All.
6. Health and Safety: Workers Rights as Human Rights.
7. Environmental Sustainability: Law and Fairness.
8. Marketing: Technology, Choice, & Manipulation.
9. Product Liability: Allocating Risk & Responsibility.
10. Intellectual Property: Ownership, Creativity, and Innovation
Appendix A: How to Read and Brief a Case.
Appendix B: Major Sources of U.S. Law.
Appendix C: Evaluating Internet Sources.
Appendix D: Stakeholder Ethics Role Play.
Appendix E: Negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Appendix F: Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Appendix G: Mock Legislative Hearing.
Appendix H: Debate.

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