FOCUS on College and Career Success,
3rd Edition

Dr. Constance Staley, Dr. Steve Staley

ISBN-13: 9781337097185 | ISBN-10: 1337097187

Copyright 2018

| Published 2017

| 356 pages

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With increased attention to diversity, mindfulness, resilience, grit, productivity, financial literacy, alternative presentation e-tools, and new career planning strategies, the third edition of Staley and Staley's FOCUS ON COLLEGE AND CAREER SUCCESS recognizes the varied experiences you bring to the college classroom and guides you to build your motivation and increase your focus, driving your personal success in college -- and well beyond. Knowing how to succeed in college may seem like common sense, but this book teaches real skills you need, letting you avoid the painful trial-and-error experiences that so many students go through. It covers topics, tools, and techniques that will deliver results. All of the book's exercises are designed to help you learn more about yourself and focus on what you need to do to succeed, with learning tools that help you chart your progress. Did you know that your odds of successfully completing college increase after you take a college success course? That makes FOCUS ON COLLEGE AND CAREER SUCCESS a no-brainer.

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Meet the Authors

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Constance Staley is a Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, where she has directed the First-Year Seminar Program for nearly 25 of her 40 years in higher education. An award-winning teacher, Dr. Staley is the author of a multimedia training package for first-year seminar instructors, as well as the ground-breaking resource manual 50 Ways to Leave Your Lectern. A well-known name in FYE circles, Staley is a leader in faculty development nation-wide. During a three-year leave from the University of Colorado, Dr. Staley joined an East Coast Fortune 500 company to design and deliver its management and supervisory training. She also represented the university as a Fulbright Fellow, teaching in the former Soviet Union in 1996. Dr. Staley earned a B.A. in education from Ball State University, and an M.A. in linguistics and Ph.D. in communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is the author of Focus on College Success, Focus on Community College Success, and Focus on College Success Concise for Cengage Learning, and the co-author of Focus on College and Career Success with Steve Staley.

Dr. Steve Staley is Professor of English and Humanities at Colorado Technical University, where in 2001 he originated, taught, and directed CTU's College Success course. Dr. Staley graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Colorado. As Assistant Dean of Faculty and Professor of English at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Dr. Staley administered the Academy's successful Rhodes Scholarship program, directed faculty development, developed the First-Year Seminar "Interdisciplinary Education at the Academy" (IDEA) program, and originated a critically acclaimed course in "Physics and Literature." As a Professor of Strategy at the U.S. Naval War College, he also served as a Research Fellow with the United Nations International Peace Academy, authoring The United Nations and Naval Peacekeeping, and co-authoring with Dr. Constance Staley Communicating in Business and The Professions: The Inside Word. As Director of Advising at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Dr. Staley helped develop the school's new First-Year Seminar program. Following a one-year Fulbright Fellowship teaching in Kyrgyzstan, he has served CTU for over 20 years as Dean of Academics, Director of Faculty Development, and Director of General Education.

  • Increased content on three areas: financial literacy, alternative e-tools for presentations, and career planning.
  • Emphasis on Developing Soft Skills. Employers are increasingly concerned that some students are graduating from college without having learned important "soft skills" such as teamwork, leadership, professionalism, and vital communication abilities such as writing and presentation skills. This area is addressed powerfully and effectively with a chapter-by-chapter feature entitled "Soft Skills Are hard."
  • Up-to-date technology. The authors' engagement in the latest technologies comes through in their message to students.
  • Life Hacks. Life hacks are brief pointers, often technology-based, to save readers time and help them increase productivity. These short tips are placed in the margins for quick discovery.
  • Revised Reality Checks. FOCUS prompts students to discover personal meaning in what they're learning by completing "Readiness Checks" at the beginning of chapters and revised "Reality Checks" at the end.
  • The "Sharpen Your Focus" feature examines the most common reasons why college students lose focus. A short exercise in each chapter provides a solution for students to use in the real world to avoid those focus pitfalls.
  • This edition also provides students with the career skills that are essential to obtaining a job, such as interviewing, resume writing, and creating a job plan. The text also helps students narrow their major to align with their interests.
  • FOCUS ON COLLEGE AND CAREER SUCCESS explores the unique issues that career and technical college students face both inside and outside of the classroom, including juggling family, school, and work, and living/studying at home.
  • The "Challenge Case" highlights a student experiencing real-world challenges and opportunities, giving students the opportunity to relate to the chapter topics.
  • The "ONLINE TechKnow" feature highlights important skills that students should be aware of in a completely online or hybrid course. Special circumstances of the online learning environment are discussed in an easy-to-read, bulleted format, applying chapter-level skills to the online learning environment (e.g., navigating an online discussion board, creating meaningful relationships with instructors and peers, and online test-taking tips).
  • The text provides thorough coverage in all areas of study skills, with chapters covering time and money management, listening, note-taking, reading, studying, and test taking.

Table of Contents

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1. Getting the Right Start.
2. Building Dreams, Setting Goals.
3. Learning Styles and Studying.
4. Managing Your Time, Energy, and Money.
5. Thinking Critically and Creatively.
6. Learning Online.
7. Engaging, Listening, and Note-Taking in Class.
8. Reading, Writing, and Presenting.
9. Developing Memory, Taking Tests.
10. Building Relationships, Valuing Diversity.
11. Choosing a College Major and Career.
12. Creating Your Future.

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